17 Aug 2019
The Squad How to work at the ground level in Israel
in America

Its good that Tlaib didn’t go. Tell both of them not to go to Israel. And even if they go … tell them to take “an extensive security team” with them. Israel is notorious in abusing and killing those who are against them.

During one protest, an American citizen girl stood in front of a bulldozer … you know what the bulldozer guy did in Israel? He just mowed her down with the bulldozer. The girl died. The girl’s family reached the Embassy, the State Department and even tried to sue the bulldozer driver … it resulted in absolutely nothing. The killer was not even found guilty. No one helped the girl’s family get justice. She was an American citizen killed in broad daylight … right in front of everyone’s eyes … with witnesses … for no fault of hers … and the killer walked free. This is Israel.

Her name was Rachel Corrie

She was just 23 years old … a beautiful, loving and caring American citizen ... who loved to fight for what is right. And we lost her to these assholes.

Don’t take your American rights, American beliefs and American energy to Israel. Those guys follow a totally different ideology and thinking system. Americans are just sheep and cattle for them. Killing us is simply okay for them.

It is better if the Squad remains in America and makes as much noise as possible from within America. Going to Israel could be risky … anything can happen. And if they actually do go … tell them to take elaborate security measures and keep their visit and presence “media heavy”. The eyes of the world media will make them behave.

An alternate way of collecting on the ground information from Israel can be via “local anti-Zionists … who are Jews … living in Israel” … do a video conference with them and take a tour via a live video conference. Do all of your touring and questioning via the live video conference. It will not be as good as the actual tour … but it will be close enough. Most importantly you can do it safely from within your home in America. It will keep you safe and help you collect all the info that you need.

Make friends at the ground level and work through them. This would be a safer and better strategy. Try not to reveal your contact points at the ground level. They may be subject to pressure or abuse. “Jewish people” who speak against the Israeli Government are “spat upon” … this is the culture and control that the Israeli Government is maintaining in Israel. Jews themselves get spat upon in Israel … abused, beaten up, jailed and even killed. So forget about the treatment of Muslim or Christian Americans who are trying to collect ground level information.

Security tips.

  • Don’t go with common citizens … it will be difficult for common citizens to protect themselves
  • Instead, try to team up with Netanyahu’s political opponents. Political parties and political organizations will have their own security arrangements. See if the subject you want to explore … see if you can get similar minded political leaders from Israel. Work with them.
  • You can also try to team up with organizations working in Israel. It might be a human rights groups or civil rights groups … these organizations also have their own funding and security arrangements.
  • The third team that you can use are “religious organizations” like the True Torah Jews … these guys are also anti-government and they speak a lot against the Israeli Government. They have their own arrangements.

If you team up with political or human rights or religious groups from within Israel and then work through them … you will have a much more secure base and better support. Working totally on your own or via common citizens is strongly not advised. Work via organizations … it will help.

The good thing about collecting on the ground information in Israel is that … you will get a long list of trashy activities of the Israeli Government against their own Jewish citizens. These are the segments that you might want to explore:

  • Treatment of Black Israeli Jews in Israel. There have been many protests by them owing to the routine racism that they face … directly by the people as well as by political leaders and the government.
  • Treatment of religious groups like True Torah Jews and other Orthodox Jewish Groups. The government literally uses abusive force against them in their protests and demonstrations.
  • Treatment of refugees in Israel. The government treats them like animals and criminals.
  • Treatment of Christian and Muslim Israeli citizens. Even they face seclusion and racism by the government.
  • Treatment of American and other Christian tourists when they question anything in Israel.
  • Treatment towards Christian culture and practices in certain sections of Israel. How Christians are abused and ridiculed for singing Christmas carols openly on the streets. Yes, yes … all of this happens in Israel.
  • Jailing and killing of Israeli citizens who spoke against their government (Mordechai Vanunu)
  • Racist policies designed by the Israeli Government
  • Racist speeches and campaigns by elected officials

All of the above are just the tip of the iceberg. Work with human rights groups and expose this in America via live video conferences. You are already being given enormous media attention. The moment you start exploring these zones … it will give you mountains of content to hammer the Israeli Government with. You can use your political status and the media to change Israel.

  • It will help you expose the atrocious and racist policies of the Israeli Government
  • It will help you develop a base for your work within America
  • It will help you bring more leaders on your side in this issue
  • It will help you change the American Congress’s puppetry towards Israel
  • It will help you put a conscience among American leaders and the people
  • It will help you show the world Israel for what it is
  • It will help you change America and Israel for the better

It is good stuff … but always maintain security as the topmost priority. For the security also, hammer the Israeli Government in the media the moment anything bad happens to your associates on the ground level in Israel. Use the media as a security shield for your associates in Israel. It will help. Only the initial phase will be risky … but the moment you have the media on your side … then the Israeli Government becomes helpless … as the world is watching them. Later on, you can routinely hammer them and they will have no other option but to change.