16 Aug 2019
Not just possibilities but they are “lines of action”
in America

The positives and negatives that I talk about … are not just possibilities but they are lines of action. SM Networks are divided mainly because:

  • Trump didn’t break the Establishment and his Presidency is stagnating with debt piling up
  • Warren does not know anything and her policies will create even more mountains of debt

The lines of activities of Pro-Trump groups are different and the activities Pro-Warren groups are different. All of the groups collectively work on what is better for the country using facts and logic. “Facts and logic” unify the entire network.

Before Warren
Before Warren launched her campaign … the majority of the SM Groups were against Trump. His incompetence, inaction, suck up to the Establishment and massive spending enraged everyone … to the extent that the majority of the groups wanted jail for Trumps.

Warren Launches Campaign
We got alerts of “jail traps for Trump” where many SM Groups were okay with jail for Trumps. The traps were designed by the Establishment … but SM Groups were okay if Trump fell into those traps. Trump falling in jail traps is not good for America … as there is no appropriate replacement. It will only be a major catastrophe in the hands of other Republicans. For the good of the country, we had to save Trump.

When Warren launched her campaign, the many groups that were pissed off at Trump moved in favor of Warren … as they saw that she is far more courageous, much more righteous, great in fighting against the Bankers and very people centric. They saw that she is everything that Trump is not. She is the perfect replacement for an incompetent and scared Trump. Instead of focusing on jail for Trumps … they moved in favor of Warren because our argument was quite strong to protect Trumps from jail.

Warren still not ready
Its been more than 6 months that Warren has launched her campaign and she has not learnt anything. All of her policies will take America into a $50 Trillion debt crisis.

  • Seeing that Warren is not ready
  • That Trump is actually far ahead in the game
  • And that his policies will create new wealth and minimize the debt

A huge section of SM Groups are realizing Trump’s worth now.

  • They are seeing how Trump’s Presidency has evolved
  • How he has withstood all aggression and kept moving forward
  • How his policies work on creating new wealth for the country
  • How he is not creating any additional mountains of debt
  • How Trump is holding the fort perfectly well

Still pissed off at Trump
Yes, many groups are still pissed off at Trump because:

  • They see him as a traitor who flipped on the very purpose he was chosen for
  • Treats the Presidency like a trillion dollar lottery
  • Goes about blowing up trillions on the Establishment and himself
  • Doesn’t have the courage to fight for his people and country while everyone is burning in debt
  • His Presidency has been a total failure as far as the project is concerned
  • The billions worth free media coverage, pulling of votes and making him President … all of it were a total waste

But at this moment in time … it is not Trump who is helping Trump … it is the other candidates that are helping Trump. Logically all of the above arguments are right … but all of the other candidates are still far behind in the game … they have little or absolutely no understanding of what is going on and Trump is still much better than all of them in the current crisis. No one has learnt anything and no one is ready to lead … no one is ready to replace Trump.

Doesn’t matter how much you are pissed off at Trump’s inaction … if the other guys have not learnt anything and they are not ready to lead … then Trump automatically becomes the better candidate. Here, Trump is not helping Trump … it is the other candidates who are helping Trump.

Biden in the lead
It is because of this fact and logic that Biden is in the lead. It is not because Trump is doing something fantastic or that Biden is a great candidate. It is mainly because:

  • Trump’s Presidency has evolved to a great extent … thanks to Ivanka’s continuous follow up and guidance for her father.
  • Other candidates don’t understand the crisis and they are not ready to lead

The Major Concerns
The major concerns out there in SM Networks about Trump and Warren are:

  • Trump – Accountability. In the scenario where Warren will work with us … many SM Groups are planning a “phase of accountability” for Trump. Warren will easily win with the strategies and policies that we will give her … and then accountability for Trump’s inaction and massive spending will begin. They say that “the Presidency is not a trillion dollar lottery … and Trump kept blowing up trillions while his country and people were burning in debt … he has to pay and he has to answer”. There is overwhelming support for this move among all SM Groups. That’s why we are telling you … start doing good stuff … you have hardly one year at hand. These good works will help me protect you.
  • Warren – Losing in the final round. As far as Warren is concerned … even the Pro-Warren groups worry that she might lose in the final round with Trump. Everyone works via logic and facts … and as of today … Trump has the logic and numbers on his side. Creating multi-trillion dollar freebies when the country will be in $35 Trillion debt is not impressing any SM Group. SM Groups are all about the country and people … they are not about following any candidate. They might pull off a miracle win for Trump even if Warren is in the final rounds. And when you lose a Presidential election … the backlash is so severe that you never get a second chance. Even Pro-Warren groups don’t want this to happen. In order to protect Warren, the safest path is to keep Biden in the lead.

In this way, Trump can continue on his America First agenda … continue to realize American Energy and Tariffs to a greater extent … while Warren prepares to lead in 2024. At least, we won’t lose a great candidate.

There are ways to safeguard both candidates from their worst case scenarios. A strong advise to Trump will be … please do as many good works that you can … it will help you. A strong advise to Warren will be … please learn … it will help you.