15 Aug 2019
Three scenarios where Trump can win the White House again
in America

Being in the White House is all about standing up to the Establishment
This is one thing that many Presidential candidates don’t understand … “being in the White House is all about standing up to the Establishment” … if you can do this, then you have the White House. About 60-70% of the Democrats running to be President … who wanted to replace Trump … will lose their shot at the Presidency by next month. Why? Because they have no freaking idea of what is going on.

Scenario One – Trump stands up to the Establishment
If you see the current polls … then Warren is just one another candidate in the crowd. Despite being the best candidate who can break the Establishment … she still does not have the overwhelming lead or support. Why? She has absolutely no understanding of Establishment structures … or of how to design policies to break them … or of how to handle the current debt crisis.

And if you look at Trump’s polling with respect to Democrat candidates … it is predicted that he will lose to the majority of the leading Democrat candidates. When Trump ran for election … he was the leader of the pack with the highest ratings and polling. Now, it is being predicted that he will lose. Why? Because it is all about standing up the Establishment. And since Trump hasn’t done that yet … his chances of remaining in the White House are doubtful.

In this scenario … where Warren is not ready and Trump hasn’t made the right moves … both of the prime candidates are one among the crowd. They are competing neck to neck. This can change … Trump doesn’t have to be one among the crowd … he can get overwhelming support and be the leader of the pack all over again and get a sweeping victory.

Standing up to the Establishment is easy
Take the example of Ilhan Omar … who is she? She is a simple African immigrant … who is a House Rep. She is 100 times weaker in power when compared to Trump, who is the President of the United States. But look at her hammering of the Establishment and Israel … she went vocal and full swing against the Establishment … did anything bad happen to her?

  • Publicity. She made a lot of headlines … it only resulted in massive publicity for her.
  • Support. She got support from various public and political groups.
  • Campaign Donations. She got enormous amounts of donations and support for her campaign.

She stands there unshaken, unmoved, strong in her resolve and continues to move forward on her path. She is a simple African immigrant House Rep. Nothing negative happened to her and she got only positive support that is consolidating her career … to the extent that … this fresh blood who stands up for what is right … they are becoming the face of the Party.

You don’t have to do it like they are doing it. They are doing stuff with the knowledge that they have. You don’t to go full swing against the Establishment and Israel. You have to do it tactically using the law and with the creation of new systems.

The game is reversed on the Establishment
If you observe … the game has already been reversed on the Establishment. The once powerful Establishment that used to rattle political leaders and change countries … everything is being reversed on them. For example … during the past two Administrations … the Establishment used to use “terror events” to promote their agendas of war and mass spending. But now, all terror events have been vaporized … but instead “mass shootings” are being given massive publicity … and these mass shootings are being used to hammer the Establishment. The NRA is being hammered all across the country using these mass shootings. SM Groups have reversed the Establishment’s game on the Establishment itself. SM Networks function with or without the President’s cooperation.

This is not the time to be afraid … we already have the Establishment scared and cornered. To add to that … there is a very strong SM Group that protects and supports Trump. As per their argument:

  • Trump is already the new face of a people centric era
  • Trump has already launched Tariffs and American Energy
  • Trump already stands up to China and Europe in America’s favor
  • They are not very impressed by Warren’s policies that leaves the Establishment untouched and will create mountains of new debt
  • And they see Trump as the guy who has high potential of taking America into a new era

Trump is already far ahead in the game. To add to that …

  • Our policies are incredibly strong and feasible
  • You will be making real change that America needs … not just empty promises of career politicians
  • You will get a stunning lead ahead of the rest of the pack … which will help you win the Presidency again very easily

Based upon the progress that you have made … based upon the support that you already have from very strong SM Groups … and with the launch of stunning policies … it will be a very very easy win for you.

Scenario Two – Maintaining Biden in the lead
This is the scenario where Trump does not take the lead. He will remain stuck in marginal polls … of neck to neck competition … because he will not have anything fabulous to offer … and other Democrats will be clawing for the Presidency.

We suggested the SM Networks to bring Warren in the final rounds … so that she can get a National level of publicity … and even if she loses then the publicity will help her in the next election. But we were bothered about the backlash that Warren will face if she loses and requested the SM Networks to protect Warren from that backlash of losing to Trump.

But what the SM Networks say is that … “What you requested is nearly impossible … it will be very very difficult to do. Once you lose in the final rounds then you don’t get to be President ever again. Look at so many of the recent elections … the guy who lost in the final rounds never ran for President again. John Kerry ran against George Bush … Bush was the worst President in America’s history. But when Kerry lost to Bush … he never ran for President again. This is the norm.”

It is because of this reason that some strong SM Groups want Biden in the lead. Biden will be maintained in the lead only to lose to Trump. This is the second scenario where Trump can win his re-election.

Scenario Three – Miracle win even if Warren gets the nomination
There is a third scenario where Trump can get a victory even if Warren gets the nomination. This is when “Warren remains as not ready to be President” … when Warren does not learn what has to be done … her policies will take America into a $50 Trillion mess. The minimum debt that will be accumulated under Warren is $35 Trillion when she keeps the Establishment untouched … and all of her policies of free education, healthcare, massive spending on climate change, removal of student debt and so on … they will take America into a total $50 Trillion mess. Nobody wants a $50 Trillion mess under whoever’s name it is.

SM Networks are all about doing what is right for the country … it is not about rallying behind any candidate. They evaluate the candidate and the policies by “facts and numbers” … and as of today … Trump has the facts and numbers on his side. Though the chances are less … SM Groups might pull off a miracle win for Trump … mainly because Warren is not ready. This is the third scenario where Trump can get a victory.

The possibilities of success are different in each scenario.

  • The first scenario will give you an overwhelming victory … doesn’t matter who stands against you.
  • The second scenario becomes a neck to neck race … because Biden is not your competition but anti-Trumpism will be your competition.
  • The third scenario will be a miracle win … because that decision will not be about the candidate … but it will be about what is right for America

Its not that Warren does not have her own support groups … but the moment she enters the final rounds … then it becomes a do or die scenario for her Presidency. She either wins or gets eliminated from the Presidency for good. This is a concern even in Pro-Warren groups. And luckily it is opening options for your leadership.