14 Aug 2019
Biden’s lead is being maintained to help Trump and protect Warren
in America

Got an update from SM Groups about Biden’s lead … it seems that it is being maintained to help Trump and protect Warren by a Pro-Trump Group. What they say is … Presidential candidates that lose in the final rounds often do not get another shot at the Presidency.

  • Party Loss. Because once the candidate loses … it is not only the candidate that loses but it is the entire Party that loses. The loss backfires on the entire party.
  • Party Restructuring. And then a lot of party restructuring is done … right from changing policies, changing approach and even changing the candidates at key positions.

Recent Losses
If you look at the recent losses and their impact on their Party then it will clarify this issue.

  • John McCain. He lost to Obama and then never ran for President again.
  • Mitt Romney. Another guy loses to Obama and then never builds the courage to run again. The Party isolated Mitt Romney and he was tossed in one corner while a lot of restructuring was done.
  • Hillary Clinton. She lost to Trump and she was isolated to such an extent that her Party did not want her to make any public statements because it would adversely affect the Party’s image.

Forget about winning the second time … they faced so much criticism and isolation that they never even mustered up the courage to run for the second time. This is what happens when you enter the final rounds and then lose the election. There is enormous backfire on the Party and everyone puts the blame on you … and you are hammered and isolated to the highest extent possible. It has already happened since the past 3 elections.

Protecting Warren
What the Pro-Trump group says is that … Biden’s lead is more about protecting Warren than helping Trump. Everyone understands that Trump doesn’t have the courage to break the Establishment but Warren is not ready either. Putting Warren in the White House is like … allowing a high school student to perform surgery just because he topped high school. You don’t get to perform surgery just because you are the best candidate from high school … you need to go to the Medical College … learn medicine, get a degree, show that you can be the best doctor possible and then you get to perform surgery.

Putting a high school student in a surgery room just because he is a good student … will be a total disaster. We already put one high school student … Trump … in the surgery room … we already had a total mess to deal with … with all of his cranky ideas and policies. It took two years to rectify it and mold his Presidency. Why keep on repeating this cycle of blunders when we already have a candidate that is already reformed and holding the fort properly?

If Warren wins against Trump then its okay … but there is a strong Pro-Trump Group that can give a miracle win to Trump if Warren is not ready.

  • Backlash for Warren. In this case, Warren will lose and the same cycle of backlash, hammering, isolation and restructuring will be done with Warren.
  • May lose another chance. And this hammering and isolation is so severe that … let alone the Party making you a nominee again … candidates never even muster up the courage to run for a second time. Look at Hillary for example … she lost to Trump and her chances of being President are over.
  • We lose a great candidate. I know Warren is fantastic material but if she loses to Trump then we lose a great candidate for good. They say that … it will be very difficult to protect Warren from this backlash … it will be very difficult to maintain the trust of the Party for Warren to make her a nominee for a second time.
  • Warren 2024. The best route where Warren can get a second shot at the Presidency is by keeping Biden in the lead … giving him the nomination instead. Warren gets 4 more years to learn and prepare … and then she can run for President again in 2024.

That’s the argument out there to keep Biden in the lead. All Pro-Warren Groups want Warren in the final rounds … even we do … but there are strong SM Groups that are still not convinced with this idea. If a miracle win for Trump happens then we will lose Warren for good. It will be an enormous backlash for her. Trump is seen as incompetent, scared, inactive and not fit to lead at this moment in time by many groups. And if you lose to Trump then you will be seen as even worse … since the majority of the people hate Trump because of the anti-Trump propaganda … Warren will face even more backlash because she was the one who lost to Trump. This is a concern out there.