09 Aug 2019
New Leaders A lot of noise making and no results
in America

Getting a lot of complaints and concern from SM Networks about the “new leaders” selected into the Congress. They say that … “hey, we have brought fresh blood in the Congress as per your request and formulas … but these guys are doing nothing but making noise and providing no results”.

  • Some guys are bashing Israel but they also want to legalize marijuana all over the country
  • Some guys are launching ideas like “taxthehell.com”
  • Some guys have plans, plans and plans … they don’t know that the Establishment can take over both the House and the Senate … and all of their plans can come to a grinding halt
  • Some guys are saying “green, green, green” and in the name of green they are about to blow up trillions of taxpayer money

“We brought in fresh blood that is Establishment independent but their moves are either too extreme or in the wrong direction. We are not electing new people into the Congress for making noise and blunders. Please help.”

It’s a genuine concern from SM Networks … but they should relax … its too early to be concerned about it … mainly because:

  • Its Good. Its not just noise making … but it is good noise making. This noise making is designing the direction of the country.
  • The Past. Look what was happening in the previous two Administrations … we were just occupied with war, terror events and we were busy toppling regimes by demonizing their leaders. We were busy only with “death” … it was death for their people and death for our soldiers.
  • The Present. Now, look at current “noise making”. We are talking about free education, free healthcare, bringing all our troops back home, hammering Israel & the Establishment. This noise making has changed America’s direction.

All of this is because of:

  • Trump in the White House
  • Russia’s world leadership
  • Fresh blood in the Congress and
  • By managing the media, legals and intelligence in the country

The whole thing is a collective effort. Yes, I agree … sometimes the suggestions are extreme and sometimes the direction is wrong … but we are just a hairline away from changing all of that. We will train Warren and Warren will lead both of the houses collectively … everything will become sensible and in the right direction. And it is this fresh blood that is Establishment independent … this fresh blood will be the strongest supporter of the work in the Congress.

Don’t fret over the noise making … be patient and keep on pulling more and more Establishment independent fresh blood into the Congress … more, the better. In fact, when I train Warren … she will herself guide and train Democrats all across the House and Senate … and form a fantastic unified front. We will show them how to do it.

Warren’s rise is very slow
Yes, I know Warren’s rise is very slow. That’s mainly because … she doesn’t know how to address the current crisis … which is why she is not getting a phenomenal support that she should get. Her support is just 5 points plus or minus with other candidates … she is coming off as one sheep among the flock. That is not how to campaign. Examples will help.

  • 2008 Obama. If you see the 2008 Obama … the biggest crisis at that point was “politics of fear, hate and division”. Obama hit it right at the spot. Obama is a great speaker … he campaigned fantastically … to the extent that … in almost every rally he would bring the people on their feet chanting “Obama … Obama … Obama”. He moved the people and pulled the country on his side … he gave a crushing defeat to his opponent John McCain … how? He addressed the right crisis and campaigned in the right manner.
  • 2016 Trump. Trump is not a great speaker like Obama … but he is a media magnet owing to his own personal style … he pulls a lot of media attention. He used his style and the media … to hammer “Global Trade” where America is losing by the hundreds of billions. Trump got billions worth of free media coverage because he was talking about a major crisis that the country was facing. Trump showed that “these routine politicians won’t do shit … I will keep America First and fight against the world”. This helped Trump stand out of the crowd and get unusually high support.

This is where Warren is missing out.

  • No Central Crisis. There is no major central crisis that Warren is talking about. She has dozens and dozens of plans … so many that people don’t even know how many plans she has.
  • I, me and my. And her second biggest drawback is that … her campaign is filled with “I, me and my” … her Presidential campaign is more like a job application. “I am gonna do this … I will do that … I will fight for you … I will change this … vote for me … join me … choose me … my plan … my idea … my scheme … under my Presidency … under my Administration”. Lol.

Check her Twitter feed and you will know what I mean.

Never ever take Trump for granted
Warren is a great candidate … no doubt about that … she is fantastic material. But if you don’t have the best programs on the hardware then what is the use of a fantastic computer? Warren should keep these points about Trump in mind … these are his strongest points.

  • Tariffs. Trump is far ahead in the game and he is already addressing and campaigning against some of the largest exploitation systems setup by the Establishment. And Global Trade where America is losing by the hundreds of billions is one of them. Trump has already moved far ahead when it comes to tariffs.
  • American Energy. This is another major sector that Trump openly campaigns for and this sector can generate hundreds of billions of additional revenue for the country … if setup properly.
  • Swamp Drain. Trump has been kicking out Establishment puppets from the White House and legal departments by the dozens and scores. He has replaced dozens of judges everywhere.
  • America First. His America First campaign is very patriotic and pulls a lot of support.
  • SM Support. Because of the above key points … he has very strong SM Groups supporting him and his Presidency.
  • Media Magnet. To add to all of the above … Trump is a major media magnet … tens of thousands of people flock to him to listen to his speeches.

If you take this guy for granted then it will be the biggest mistake that you will make. Hillary made the same mistake and she is toast. The many things that were wrong or racist about the Trump Presidency have been halted or pushed back … his Presidency has evolved and right now he has only good things on the table. If you take him for granted … especially when you are one sheep in the flock … then the results can be surprising.

Rise and move beyond Trump
Warren needs to rise very quickly and move far beyond Trump. It is a must for you to understand the central crisis that plagues the country … not only you should understand … but you should be able to show the people the same and pull them on your side in this fight.

Quit marketing yourself … quit promoting yourself … quit trying to show that you are nice and lovely. People are not interested in how nice you are … but they are more interested in how nice things are going to be for them. Don’t be yourself … be the people … don’t be one person … be the country. Revise your speeches and approach accordingly.  The Presidency is not for you but it is for the people … the leadership is not for you but it is for the people. These are basic leadership traits that any good leader has. You are a good person … now you have to be a good leader.

Yes We Can
Obama’s campaign slogan was “yes we can”. All three words are fantastically positive and people centric. Yes … we … can. Do you see any “I, me or my” in this? Listen to Obama’s speeches from 2008 … and see how he became the people … how he became the country … and how he brought everyone on their feet in excitement … to the extent that they start chanting his name.

This is why people love Obama … his humility and how he connects with the people. Its not difficult to learn … its quite easy … you will get it with a little practice. You have the personality to pull it off.

Bernie, the fraud
This fraud also uses the same approach. The difference between Obama and Bernie is that … Bernie is a total fraud. If you want to see Bernie’s true colors … then all you need to do is … put him in a witch’s cloak and put a witch’s hat on him … and then, let him do the talking. He’s got the expressions … the hand movements … the eyes … the yelling and screaming … the wicked looks … the long list of lies … the smile … the grin … the guy perfectly fits in that cloak. Lol. Put him in a witch’s cloak and you will know exactly who is saying what.

I am happy that SM is pulling him down. It is better if Warren competes with a far more cleaner guy than Bernie in the Primaries.

Understanding the bigger picture helps
Warren should not expect victory only because everything in the media is anti-Trump. Understand the bigger picture … understand Trump’s plus points … understand where you are and how you have to move ahead of him … then winning will be easy.