07 Aug 2019
White Nationalists the Establishment using people to hammer people
in America

This is what you need to know about “White Supremacists”. I don’t endorse their violence or anyone’s violence … but these guys are very good in standing up to the Jewish Establishment. Stuff that our politicians don’t have the balls to do … these guys do it openly. This is the main reason why the Establishment is trying to turn the heat on them via mass shootings. It’s a double victory for them.

  • Firstly, they get to hammer a public group that is an open threat to their Establishment
  • Secondly, they get to move the focus away from the NRA and the weapons industry

This is a fantastic technique of using the people to hammer the people while keeping themselves safe. That’s why I am saying … keep the focus on the NRA … don’t get carried away with White Supremacy only because Dems want to hammer Trump.

Understand the usefulness of White Supremacy or White Nationalists or however you might define them.

  • Their violence is history … it was a long time ago. No one is hunting down blacks or Jews just because they are blacks or Jews. Connecting their past and the present is not justified. If we connect slavery with White people today, would it be justified?
  • Understand their contribution of boldly standing up to the Jewish Establishment. They are not afraid and they will proudly do it … unlike many many other people.
  • The Establishment crisis is the biggest crisis that America faces today. They will be helpful in creating awareness and noise about the biggest crisis that the country faces.
  • Understand their key role and don’t get used by the Establishment in silencing groups that are against the Establishment.
  • Of course, you can condemn any violence from their group … but you should also understand that they might be being framed … just like Muslims were being framed since the past 18 years … by blaming terrorist events on them.
  • Yes, you don’t have to embrace or endorse their ideology. But if they are peacefully fighting in favor of their country and people against a malicious Establishment … then it is good for the country.
  • They can be very helpful to work internally on speaking against the Establishment, its ideology and practices. It will help in the exposure and cleansing of Establishment malice in the country to some extent.

Not that our project relies on White Supremacists to move forward … but look at the stone cold silence and fear about the Establishment. If these guys are bold, strong and vocal on this issue … then let alone being against them … we should guide them, help them and encourage them … of how to keep their movement positive, constructive, non-racist and productive for the country. These guys are bold and they can definitely provide the voice.

Put them on the right track. This is America … everyone has the right to be heard … put them on a positive, legal and constructive track. It will help.