05 Aug 2019
Every mass shooting is an opportunity to hammer the NRA
in America

Heartfelt condolences to the families of the people who lost their lives in the unfortunate and sad events recently. May God bless their souls and keep them in His love and mercy … and bless their families with patience, love and support.

Just saying sorry does not help. The leaders of our country should wake up to this mass epidemic of gun violence plaguing the country. Yes, I know it is a challenge to create new laws and systems while the Establishment holds the monopoly in the country. But nonetheless, we can at least speak up … and condemn the root cause of this violence … and that is unchecked supply of assault weapons in our society. We can speak up and keep the pressure on the NRA.

The main culprits of this mass supply of weapons … the beneficiaries of this supply of weapons must be held accountable. Their business of murder must be exposed … their techniques of survival and control of politicians & regulations must be exposed. The lives that we have lost must not go in vain. Every mass shooting is an opportunity to expose and hammer the NRA.

When we maintain this exposure and pressure in public view … it will be much more easier to get sweeping support against the NRA and Defense companies in the coming phases.

However, blaming Trump for mass shooting is beyond crazy. Turning the attention towards White Nationalism helps the NRA. Democrats must not be so blinded in their chase for the White House that they resort to blaming Trump for everything. This will actually back fire. The American people are not stupid. They know exactly who is who … and who is saying what with what purpose. This is basic commonsense that every American has.

Gun violence has been a mass epidemic long before Trump became President. Trump has nothing to do with any mass shootings whatsoever. Yes, I agree … the some violence at his rallies is questionable. But definitely there is no connection between mass shootings and Trump. The Democrats should not “dilute” the hammering on the NRA by blaming Trump or White Nationalism. Keep the focus on the main culprit and hammer it out. That’s how you can affectively achieve results. Politicizing tragedies to pull votes is a cheap shot.

You should know that Trump is already living in a nightmare. He already has hammering on both sides.

  • Without War. When Trump does not start any new wars and maintains the job growth … the Establishment is cornered with their debt based systems. They are running a massive demonization campaign against Trump so that the attention does not come on their malicious systems.
  • With War. And if Trump goes for any war … then the Establishment wants to use the war to either destroy America or terminate Trump’s Presidency.

Without war he has a massive demonization campaign … with war he has the destruction of his country or impeachment. This is the balance that Trump is consumed in maintaining. And trust me, it’s no easy task … Trump is being given the support and protection to maintain this balance. And in this phase connecting mass shootings to Trump is just ridiculous.

I am telling the Democrats this because … if Trump doesn’t lead against the Establishment then probably it will be Warren that will be President. How will Warren feel if the murder of innocent people is blamed on her … when she had nothing to do with it? Forget about small mass shootings … the Establishment is gearing up to blame much bigger catastrophes on Warren. When you stand there fighting for the people … and when others blame you for catastrophes that you had nothing to do with it … then you will understand how outrageous it is.

Play decent … play fair … play right. Everybody knows what is happening.