02 Aug 2019
Interestingly, Democrat Campaigns are increasing Trump’s support base
in America

We are living in lovely and interesting times. When Trump was campaigning, Obama’s approval rating was increasing. Now, when Democrats are campaigning, Trump’s support base is increasing. Things couldn’t get any more interesting than this. Lol.

To understand what is going on … you have to see the interconnection between the leadership and standing up to the Establishment. This is what’s designing American leadership today. More the potential you have to stand up to the Establishment and break their monopoly … then the stronger your leadership will be. The weaker you are on this front, the easier you will be removed from leadership. You will understand this if you look at the phases of Trump’s political career.

Trump launches Presidential bid
Trump was the chosen one to break Establishment monopoly. He was picked by SM Networks and moved into politics. Don’t ask me the how. If you look at Trump’s approval ratings right from the Primaries … then he was at the top of the cream. He was the best in the polls … he was the leading candidate … even though:

  • He was not a Republican
  • He was not even a Politician and
  • He had no attachment to Republican policies

Despite all of that … he was topping the polls as the nominee for the Republican Party. This will help you see … how SM functions in the background in America.

There were many Democrats who thought:

  • Hey, if Trump can be President then even I can be President
  • I can defeat Trump … who the hell can’t defeat Trump?
  • Trump is a racist, scam and a phony. Any guy is better than Trump
  • I am gonna run and become President

About two dozen Democrats launched their Presidential campaigns … by the next debate only 7 of them will qualify for the debate. About 70% of the Democrat candidates won’t even qualify for the next debate … let alone defeat Trump.

They wanted to defeat Trump but they are not able to get even 2% polling in their favor. If you look at Trump’s polling at the same time during his Primaries then he was leading the pack. Today Biden leads the pack only because he stood under Obama’s shadow for 8 long years. Under whose shadow was Trump standing? Nobody … he had no one’s support. He went for the kill all on his own … he was the leading candidate right from the start and went on to win the nomination.

What’s special about Trump?
Within one month about 70% of the Democrat candidates will lose and have to drop out of the election. Why didn’t they get this support that Trump got? What’s special about Trump? Exactly … the entire game is about standing up to the Establishment and breaking their monopoly. And in the start, Trump had sweeping support from SM Networks … as they had brought him in the game especially for this very purpose. Thus he was given enormous support, billions of free media coverage, he was protected from all scams & scandals … and he was given the help to become President.

The 70% of the candidates that are going to drop out soon … they have no freaking idea of what is going on. They don’t know that this election is not about defeating Trump … it is about a much bigger battle out there … it is about taking on the Establishment.

Trump’s Fall – Moving towards impeachment and jail
In the beginning, Trump was given enormous support to become President. But owing to fear and insecurity Trump buckled and did not pull off the courage to stand up to the Establishment. He turned out to be a traitor for the very purpose he was chosen for. Like I said … the stronger the chances of your breaking Establishment monopoly, the stronger will be your leadership. But weaker the chances of your breaking the Establishment, the weaker will be the support for your leadership. This is exactly what happened to Trump.

He was an extremely strong candidate … a candidate with great potential who could stand up to the Establishment and fight for the people. But since he couldn’t fill the shoes that he was wearing, the support for Trump withered away … to the extent that many groups were considering impeachment and jail for him … seeing his favors for the Establishment. We steered SM Networks away from this path … as there is no appropriate replacement for Trump currently in the Republican Party.

Support for Trump is rising again
Interestingly, support for Trump is rising again seeing the Democrat campaigns. After two years of the evolution of the Trump Presidency, Trump is far ahead in the game.

  • The focus is not anymore on his racist policies of the travel ban and mass deportations
  • Radical Islam and ISIS has been rooted out … the path ways for wars have been blocked
  • Removing all wrong things have left only good things on the table
  • Tariffs, American Energy, Jobs & Economy and an America First agenda are defining Trump’s Presidency

Democrats are sending shockwaves in SM Networks
The only reason it was decided to remove Trump and terminate his Presidency was because he did not step forward to break monopoly. Trump’s lack of courage:

  • Drains trillions in wealth of American taxpayers
  • We are headed towards $25 Trillion by the end of his first term
  • All malicious and exploitation systems of the Establishment continue to run
  • The people, cities, states and the country are held hostage in debt based systems

It was because of this reason why SM Networks are on the hunt for the next leader who will have the courage to fight for his people. But the policies that the Democrats are coming up with is:

  • Not touching the Establishment Monopoly in any way whatsoever
  • Establishment monopoly in banks, media, corporations and politics will continue
  • No Establishment system is being touched … and to add to that
  • The Democrats are coming up with multi-trillion dollar schemes that will be funded by taxing or borrowing trillions more
  • Several trillions for climate change
  • Several trillions for free education and wiping out student loan debt
  • Several trillions for free healthcare and
  • They are also planning to raise minimum wage to $15-20 that will literally kill small businesses and farmers

$50 Trillion in debt by the end of next Democrat Administration
These are the numbers that you are looking at.

  • By the end of Trump’s first year, America will be in about $25 Trillion debt
  • Democrats will take this much debt and they have absolutely no plans to address the debt crisis
  • But in order to pull votes, they are offering juicy handouts to voters … and these juicy handouts are going to cost trillions of dollars
  • Since Dems will not address the debt crisis, this $25 Trillion will move to $35 Trillion by the end of the two terms of the Democrat Administration. This is the minimum debt that will be accumulated … $35 Trillion.
  • Now, to fund free education, free healthcare, remove student loan debt and climate change … you are easily looking at a spending of $10-15 Trillion. This amount is going to be squeezed out of American taxpayers or it will be borrowed.
  • You are looking at a total of $45-50 Trillion debt by the end of the next Democrat Administration

These numbers are sending shockwaves all across SM Networks:

  • Where the minimum debt will be $35 Trillion and
  • It could also be a whopping $45-50 Trillion in total

SM Networks were pissed off at Trump because of his inaction … but what they are realizing is that … we are about to kick out a $25 Trillion debt guy and bring in a $50 Trillion debt guy! We were pissed off at the $25 Trillion debt but the next guy will take it to $50 Trillion debt!! Lol.

Democrats are helping Trump
I have nothing to do with this. Democrats should realize that … it is their own policies and campaigns that are helping Trump. It is consolidating his base and support. This is the argument of the Pro-Trump groups.

  • If Democrats will not break monopoly then why should we elect them to office?
  • If they will not break monopoly then they will simply maintain status quo and hold the fort.
  • Trump is already holding the fort quite well. Most of his racist policies are gone.
  • He is not creating mountains of debt. He is working on creating new wealth for America.
  • Tariffs and American Energy will create new wealth for America.
  • Why should we put someone in the White House who will double the total debt to $50 Trillion instead of eliminating the debt?
  • To add to that Democrats are pro-LGBTQ, pro-drugs and pro-high minimum wage … all of which are disastrous for the country.
  • The current Trump Presidency is already much better than anything that the Democrats are coming up with.

Trump is more Democrat than Democrats themselves
Trump’s America First agenda has made him more Democrat than Democrats themselves. This is an interesting argument from SM Groups. What they say is …

  • Bush Senior, a Republican, destroyed the economy
  • Bill Clinton, a Democrat, brought about booming job growth
  • Bush Junior, a Republican, destroyed the economy again
  • Barack Obama, a Democrat, brought about booming job growth
  • Donald Trump, a Republican, has not destroyed the economy … but he is maintaining the economy at record levels that have surpassed all Republican and Democrat Presidents

Trump is able to do that … mainly because Mother Russia stopped his wars and because of his America First agenda. If you look at Trump’s policies then he is more Democrat than Republican.

  • Apart from abortion and LGBTQ
  • Republicans start new wars … Trump has not started any new wars. In fact, several new wars were begun under Obama’s nose.
  • Trump is big on military spending … but so did Obama
  • Other than this it is … people first, jobs, economy, manufacturing, reducing interest rates … adding to that
  • Trump’s own policies of American Energy and Tariffs which are not Republican at all

Trump’s Presidency is more Democrat than Democrats themselves. Why should we remove a $25 Trillion guy and invite a $50 Trillion mess? Especially, when Trump is doing a perfectly fine job of holding the fort and he is moving forward with tariffs and American Energy?

Dems are failing in logic
The Democrats are failing in their logic to root out Trump. They are banking on the anti-Trump image created by the Establishment to win the election. But when real facts are concerned … Trump has the numbers on his side. This is a big mistake that the Democrats are making. About 70% of the Democrats that thought that … they would crush Trump … they will fail within the next month.

Democrats should not bank on anti-Trumpism. Anti-Trumpism is just mental voodoo. You must have your numbers right. You must have your logic and facts right. Trump won with logic and facts. He showed all American people that America was being ripped off by hundreds of billions. This is a true fact. He won based on facts. If Dems think that they will win against Trump based on mental voodoo then they are seriously mistaken.