26 Jul 2019
The Mueller Propaganda consolidates Trump and weakens the Democrats
in America

What Democrats don’t realize is that … the Mueller Investigation is not Trump’s Benghazi. In Benghazi, several American citizens were brutally murdered …

  • It was a case of genuine crime with evidence … several American citizens were killed
  • The government did not respond quickly with the right resources
  • And Hillary, being the Secretary of State, was held responsible
  • She was hammered even more via this event owing to the genocidal wars that she had started
  • It was a case of SM Networks hammering a murderous Establishment puppet

But if you look at the Mueller Investigation then it is actually the opposite … it is totally the opposite …

  • No crime was committed … no Americans were killed
  • In fact, we brought a hero in the White House to save America from Establishment malice
  • It was a fake, bogus and hollow investigation right from the start where a bunch of criminals were freaking out
  • Trump did nothing wrong … and he was just one of the targets that the Establishment wanted to rattle
  • The Establishment was freaking out on their loss at the White House and they were targeting our entire movement along with every element involved
  • Which included Trump, Russia and by introducing the concept of Fake News to attack Active Democracy ideologically
  • The concept of “election interference” was being introduced and bogus propaganda that “Russia is going to destroy Western Democracies” was being promoted
  • All of this was being done as a “counter action” to our movement of saving America by pulling help from the outside. We are going to root out Establishment networks … and they socialized this fear among the public … saying that “American democracy is at risk” … and Russia needs to be stopped.
  • SM Networks had to intervene and fail this bogus propaganda.

Benghazi was SM Networks hammering an Establishment puppet … but Mueller Investigation is the Establishment hammering a good candidate. Trump did nothing wrong and he has unanimous support from SM Networks as far as Mueller is concerned.

How Democrats fail with the Mueller Propaganda
Dems are probably thinking that … “this is like Benghazi and let us keep hammering this nail so that it will work to our advantage.” But the truth is that … Trump will always be saved from Mueller issues and when nothing wrong is found … then Trump comes out as the victor. The more noise Dems make using Mueller, the more benefit Trump gets out of it. As he will always be seen as a victim and as a victor in this issue … and those who are going after him on this issue will be seen as the wrongdoers.

Dems should think twice before trying to score political points. They should not allow themselves to be used by a malicious and criminal Establishment. We are in a phase of transition … no one leader is going to be perfectly right or totally wrong. We have to support the right moves and correct the wrong ones. This is the best way to move forward.

If we stand against everything where the name Trump is associated then we will end up doing blunders. Let us assume that we had activated SM Networks against Trump in the Mueller Investigation then what would have happened?

  • Trumps would be indicted for Collusion
  • Russia would be sanctioned for election interference even more
  • Russian world leadership would be questioned
  • Foreign help to save America from the Establishment crisis would be severely limited
  • Our media activities would be suppressed as Fake News that should not be believed
  • The Establishment would single out each country and puppet their leaders
  • The Establishment would get a sweeping victory against our movement … they would reign with total control … we would never be able to root out their malicious debt based systems that drain our wealth by the trillions from the country

At some places … Trump is right … he has to win … we have to help him win … because sometimes, his victory is our victory. Trump was just one of the targets in this scheme. It was a three level scheme to stop our work.

  • Put immense pressure on the President so that he doesn’t have the courage to take the lead
  • Suppress foreign support that is helping in this project
  • Target Active Democracy ideologically so that people don’t believe what we say

These guys are criminal masterminds that sit there and formulate schemes at a global level. The same thing applies to schemes against Iran … it is a 4 level trap.

  • They get to destroy Iran, an arch rival of Israel
  • Get to take the war into Russia
  • Destroy America and Europe via Russia
  • Use the Western destruction as a cover up of their malicious money drain systems

Iran is a 4 level trap … Mueller was a 3 level trap. Because Mueller was failed …

  • We have several new political leaders … total fresh blood … who are openly hammering the Establishment, including Israel.
  • The concepts of election interference and Fake News have vaporized
  • Russian world leadership has been consolidated. The world is loving Russian world leadership.
  • The only thing is that … we could not snap Trump out of the fear that has been put into him via all of these investigations … otherwise, it would be a total victory against Mueller.

We have already got an 80% victory against Mueller. All of its associated malicious moves have been failed. If Trump would have risen against the Establishment then it would have been a total crushing defeat for them.

However, Dems need to understand the bigger game out there. Wanting Mueller to win in order to impeach Trump … is not the right thing. Because we will lose at several other levels and it will be very difficult to save America. After Trump, Democrats will rule again … and it is a must for you to end these malicious systems of a criminal organization. This cannot be done without Russian world leadership … it has to be a collective effort around the world. Collaborating and cooperating with world leaders is a must. We cannot allow stupid terms like “collusion” to derail our democracy and to derail the fight for what is right.

This is the main reason why Trump has overwhelming and unanimous support from SM Networks when Mueller is concerned. Mueller himself knows the type of assholes we are dealing with. If Dems want to lead the country … they need to focus on the good things that they can do for the country … rather than jump for everything that is anti-Trump.