21 Jul 2019
Britain should stop intimidating Iran
in America

This is what the British Government should know … it’s a changed world out there. It is not like dealing with Saddam Hussein anymore. Russia is providing fantastic world leadership. Syria, Iran and Venezuela are under Russian protection. One way bombardment of weak countries who cannot protect themselves is not feasible any more. International law and regulations must be followed.

Just like the UK is a sovereign country and so is Iran … so is Syria and Venezuela … and every other country of the world. Boundaries must be respected … lives must be respected … individual property must be respected. You cannot go out there and commit undue aggression against any weak country and expect the world to be okay with it. Russia has already put a full stop to this unilateral genocide and destruction that has been levied on several countries via the West.

Establishment trying to use Britain
Moreover, all of these wars and aggression was not American owned or American wanted … it was Establishment owned and wanted by the Establishment. The Establishment has failed in initiating a conflict with Iran via America … and now they are pursuing routes via Britain. Skripal’s poisoning is one such example of aggression against Russia carried out via Britain. In the same way, they are trying to start a war with Iran via Britain.

Do not respond with more aggressive actions
Britain itself invited the seizure of their ship when they seized an Iranian tanker. You should keep in mind that Iran is not a school girl sitting in your class … that you can confiscate her phone. Iran is an independent and sovereign country that is responsible for the lives and property of its citizens and country. You cannot seize anything that belongs to Iran … until and unless it has illegally entered British territory.

Seizing an Iranian ship in international waters is “plain theft”. The Iranian ship is not your property … it does not belong to you … you have no right to take over someone else’s property in an international zone. This is against International law and against basic commonsense. Putting sanctions on a country’s activities does not allow you to steal their property. Your sanctions are applicable only in your territory and among those allies who want to follow your sanctions.

Iran seizing a British tanker was invited by Britain itself. Iran is not the one who has broken international law … but you are the one who has broken international law. The last thing that you should do is use this event to create more aggression and hostility. This is exactly what the Establishment would want … to make things more hostile, more aggressive … so that the environment for war is created.

What to do?
It is very easy to handle this … but you have to stay away from the path that the Establishment wants you to take.

  • Follow International Law
  • Open dialogue. You have taken their ship … their current action is obviously a response to that.
  • Discuss release of the ship … obviously, they will want you to release their ship as well.
  • Make a deal … you release their ship and they release your ship and things are back to normal

What not to do?

  • Don’t get dictatorial
  • Don’t demand the release of the ship and don’t threaten more adverse actions
  • Don’t show more aggression and hostility
  • Don’t get carried away with the misleading from the media or Establishment advisers … who will encourage more hostile actions towards Iran

More hostility and aggression will not help at all. Iran has not killed any British citizen … it has not taken any lives. It has simply done what you have done. The best route is to follow international law and diplomacy.

Things to keep in mind about sanctions

  • You can implement your sanctions only in your territory
  • Your allies who want to follow your sanctions on Iran, they may follow it or they may not
  • Just because you have put sanctions on Iran, you cannot do whatever you want to their country or citizens or to their property
  • You would be breaking the law with undue aggression towards their citizens and property
  • You cannot touch Iranian property or citizens in international waters or space … or on Iranian soil

This is the Establishment only misleading Britain into challenging Iran and moving forward to create more hostility and aggression towards Iran that they want. Don’t get misled and be used by a malicious and criminal organization that only wants our destruction.