19 Jul 2019
Relax Donald, its sparring practice
in America

Interesting chemistry out there … there are 3 SM supported groups and all of them are battling with each other. The Squad … fresh Congresswomen are standing up to Nancy Pelosi and Trump. Pelosi is feeling that her leadership is being challenged. Trump is fighting back against Democrats and the Squad. And amusingly all of them are people centric groups supported by SM Networks.

  • Nancy Pelosi and Team. These are the Senior Democrats who worked very closely with Obama in containing the Establishment malice. They understand Establishment malice and have worked on creating legislation against this malice.
  • Trump and Team. He is a people centric leader put into the White House because no SM Network wanted Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton to be our President. Trump is also a victim of the Establishment and trying to work on American Energy and tariffs.
  • The Squad. With Trump’s success in the White House, SM Networks brought in many more people centric leaders in the Congress … total fresh blood … like AOC, Ilhan Omar and Tlaib.

Moving from the Background to the Frontend
This is what Nancy Pelosi and the Senior Democrats should know … the movement under the Obama Administration was mostly in silent mode. Obama was an extreme gentleman … it was a new movement … many SM Groups were in “testing waters” … which is why everything was done in the background … very silently. But by seeing the phenomenal success of Trump’s move into the White House … the whole movement moved from the background to the frontend … from silent mode to challenge mode.

It is not that AOC and Ilhan Omar are the first “vocal leaders” of the movement … but Trump himself was the first vocal leader of the movement when he campaigned openly against global trade, American trade deficits and vowed to put tariffs on other countries. Trump himself was the main frontend element who gave a lot of noise and voice to this movement … and he doesn’t know that.

It is sparring practice
We all know that Nancy Pelosi is the senior most leader of the Democrat Party and the Speaker of the House. But you should also understand that … this fresh blood is not there to challenge you. This is nothing but “sparring practice” for them. It helps these fresh people centric leaders in many ways.

  • It helps them rise and fight for what is right in favor of the people
  • Challenging the top cream of the political spectrum shines light on key issues
  • The top cream being challenged gives these candidates a lot of media coverage
  • This media coverage consolidates their political career with a lot of national level publicity
  • This national level publicity helps them raise funds for their campaigns

This sparring practice consolidates these fresh leaders politically, financially and raises them to a National level. Look exactly what is happening to all of the Squad members … they are getting national level attention, they are creating a lot of awareness and it is also helping them raise the required funds.

In 2016, Trump was the only one who was doing this … it also helped him in all of the above. It gave him billions of free media coverage, helped him raise a lot of funds and also consolidated his White House run.

How Nancy Pelosi should handle it
Understand that they are not against you … but they are going through a training period. There are two most important things that you must do for them.

  • Guard them. First and foremost … guard them. Use your seniority and influence to protect and guard them. See that they are not put under undue pressure legally or politically … even if they make a few mistakes.
  • Guide them. And secondly … guide them. Use your seniority and experience to guide them. They are the leaders of tomorrow … and they are in the learning phase. If we mold them correctly today then we get fantastic leaders for the next 30-40 years.

What you should not do

  • Mold them, don’t break them. Your responsibility as the senior most leader of the Democrat Party is to mold these fresh leaders. Don’t silence them, don’t suppress them and don’t try to break them. Mold them, don’t break them.
  • Help them network, don’t isolate them. “Networks” are immensely important in this work against the Establishment. The Establishment crisis is the biggest crisis that our world faces today and it cannot be done without creating the right networks. Don’t get upset with these fresh leaders who are all fired up … don’t isolate them … help them network. Associate them with the right and similar minded leaders. This will give them courage and it will consolidate their work.

How Trump should manage this
Firstly, why are you so upset seeing someone do what you have been doing since day one? You have been finding faults, flinging dirt, calling names, riling up the media, trying to crush your opposition … since the very first month of your political career. Compared to what you do … they have done nothing.

Secondly, we allowed you to do all of that … SM Networks protected you in all of that … mainly because this is a democracy … and everyone has the right to their opinion and have the right to be heard. It might be the President or the Senator or a House Rep or a common citizen … the rights are the same for everyone. You don’t become King the moment you become President … you are the same citizen, holding the post of a President temporarily.

Thirdly, you must not have noticed … they are using your own techniques of rising in politics … challenging the top cream, rising and fighting for the people, making waves in the media and wanting what is right … why are you so bothered about them? Not able to manage the likes of you? Lol.

What Trump should do
Understand that the same Networks who support you … who keep you safe … who protect you from jail … the same Networks protect these fresh people centric leaders.

  • Use “logic” in dealing with them. Logic sells in SM Networks not authority.
  • Don’t try to suppress them and don’t try to silence them using legal routes or by using the Presidency … all of this will be seen in very bad light. It will backfire.
  • Instead, present your unique moves that are solely owned by Trump … like American Energy and Tariffs … something that was never done in any Democrat or Republican Administrations before.
  • Instead of trying to silence them or cutting them off … invite “solutions” instead of blank criticism and demonization. You guys form the government of the country … just flinging dirt on each other should not be the work of the day. American taxpayers not paying you just for a cat fight.
  • Encourage it … and work towards solutions. This will take the whole movement in your favor. Just repelling them, abusing them, name calling and whining against each other … will not help at all. Instead of blank criticism and demonization from the opposition … tell them to present solutions. Use their ideas and create bipartisan support in doing something good for the people.

If you follow the above track … it will create fantastic unity among all 3 SM supported groups. The Squad, Senior Dems and the Trump Administration … all of you three … instead of being against each other and trying to root out each other … try to formulate solutions for the issues being discussed.

  • This will help the Squad to continue to rise and fight for the people
  • It will keep the spotlight on them and consolidate their leadership
  • It will help Trump in rallying of ground level support for policy formulation
  • The Squad will be creating the bipartisan support required to pass policies
  • The Senior Dems will guide the Squad in what is feasible and what is not
  • It will help in the formulation of policies and solutions under the Trump Presidency which will be a victory for you
  • It will put all 3 in sync

America lacks in appropriate leadership … that’s why there is so much infighting and segmentation. Sometimes, fights are good … it helps in bringing the spotlight on the key issues. But after you bring the spotlight on the issue … try to work on solutions, instead of rooting out each other.

Another interesting thing to see is … most of the key people centric fighters are women … Warren, Harris, Tulsi, Kirsten, AOC, Omar and Tlaib. Sadly … key American leadership is formed mostly by … men with pussies and women with balls of steel.