12 Jul 2019
First time in American History Jewish Billionaires running to be President
in America

We are in interesting times where Jewish Billionaires and prominent Jewish politicians are running to be President in America. Let us take a look at a few of the prominent ones so that we know what is going on.

Bernie, the lying Jew
Bernie Sanders stands there saying that “Trump is a fraud, Trump is a phony and Trump is a scam … and we should call Trump for what he is”. But the truth is that … nobody lies more than Bernie himself. Don’t take my word for it … just hire a body language expert and study his facial expressions … and you will know what is going on in his head. You yourself can also easily notice it … just look at his facial expressions.

If anyone is promising something good … wants something good for the people … they will be radiant, smiling and have a positive personality. Examples would be Obama … look at his charisma … his expressions, smile and positivity … Ivanka Trump … even she is not a phony … she is also not scamming people … she also has a positive, smiling and helping outlook … Elizabeth Warren … look at her personality and expressions.

Bernie is so full of shit and lies that all of that garbage openly comes out on his face and eyes. The truth about his campaign is that … he is trying to bank on the anger and frustration of the people … and try to install “Socialism” in America. He talks about a “political revolution” in America … but not once he has given any details of any section of the people’s lives … of how they will change. What are his new programs? How will he accomplish them? How much will they cost the people? How much taxes he is going to raise? He is going to shock the American people with 60-80% income tax to support his Socialist ideas.

He talks about standing up to the bankers, corporations and Wall Street … when in fact, all of these entities are run by his own fellow brotherhood of the Jewish Establishment. If he was truly honest about going after the bankers and the corporations then he would actually point out who these guys are, what they do and why they do it. The truth is that … he is not going after them … he is going to stand there with them and tax the shit out of the people via his Socialist programs which he calls a political revolution.

And every time he lies and stands there misleading the people … you will not see a smiling, charismatic and positive person … you will see a wicked person, whose head starts sinking between his shoulders … starts looking a people as if he is going to steal something important … and when he smiles, he smiles like a con artist who has just defrauded someone. Bernie is a fraud, a phony and a scam … and he should be called for what he is.

Howard Schultz
Here is another prominent Jew … a billionaire trying to be President. These guys are really something. He has zero policies and zero reforms … and his platform is that … both Republicans and Democrats are not good, vote for me. He is also trying to divide the country using the anger and frustration of the people against Washington. One guy is trying to defraud the people and the other guy is trying to capitalize on the inaction of both parties to pull votes. None of them have anything positive or constructive to offer.

Tom Steyer
Another Jewish billionaire, who has been campaigning for Trump’s impeachment non-stop, has entered the 2020 race. I guess he is trying to raise some funds for this impeachment campaigns and run his shit show all the way till 2020. Does he have anything to offer to the people? Nope. He is running to be President only so that he can run his impeachment campaign till 2020 while raising funds for the same.

All 3 prominent Jewish aspirants are a total joke. Why are they like this? Because this is how they function … this is how they think … this is how their ideology is. It is all about misleading, lying, exploitation and abuse of the people for their own personal benefit. This is how the Jewish Establishment functions and this is how their candidates think and operate.

The Census Citizenship Question
Trump has exhausted all the routes of getting this done. No problem … it was just a census question. It was not the actual voting. We can always come back to it later on. The more important issue is that … we are in a critical state where the Establishment is trying to make a move into the White House. It already has 3 prominent puppets on the move. It is a must to control the voting process to diminish the Establishment’s malice in the elections.

If you gave up on the Census question, then no problem. But you need to make sure that a verification process is placed so that “only American citizens vote”. This is the constitutional right of every eligible American citizen and it is the constitutional duty of the government to make sure that only American citizens vote in their elections.

Some ways of getting this done is:

  • Issuing of Voter ID Cards
  • For some reason if every American could not get a voter ID Card then they can use their “government issued” identification card that mentions their citizenship, like a Passport, to vote.
  • Ink marking the finger of the voter to make sure one person casts only one vote

Right now, the Democrats are very happy that the Establishment is against Trump and that the Establishment wants Trump out of the White House. The Democrats are fully cooperating in being against Trump and want him out of the White House. But what they don’t realize is that … the Establishment is working on their own candidates for 2020. Dems cannot be simply used to remove Trump from the White House and then the Establishment will surpass the Dems and install their puppet in the White House … most probably Howard Schultz.

Being against Trump to remove him from the White House might be exciting for the Dems … but they should also realize the game that the Establishment is setting up out there. They have already repeatedly back stabbed Trump … these guys are malicious assholes who care only for themselves … they can easily stab you in the back and move Howard Schultz ahead in the game.

So that Howard Schultz does not surpass Trump or Warren … to maintain Schultz in the 2-3% vote share … it is a must to work collectively to hammer out all loopholes that the Establishment can use and eliminate all of their malice. The easiest way to defeat Establishment puppets like Bernie Sanders, Howard Schultz and Tom Steyer … is by rooting out Establishment malice. This should be a bipartisan effort and a collective action so that Democrat and the Republican Parties remain the reigning parties that run America.

We cannot allow a third party Establishment candidate to:

  • Push Warren on the third place and becomes the top two candidates with Trump
  • Or push Trump on the third place and becomes the top two candidates with Warren
  • Or even defeat both Trump and Warren and becomes the President

We cannot allow this to happen. They already have put in 3 prominent puppets in the race. We have to look at the bigger picture apart from party politics. We cannot allow the Establishment to surpass us while we are kept busy fighting with each other.