09 Jul 2019
The connection between Howard Schultz and the Census Citizenship Question
in America

Nancy Pelosi is wrong on the Census citizenship question. Trump should be supported on this issue and there should be bipartisan support on verifying the citizenship of each individual before the person is allowed to vote. It is important for both parties and this is why.

Establishment Defeat
We are in a new movement where we are defeating the Establishment at several key places.

  • Russian world leadership has been a defeat for the Establishment
  • Elimination of Radical Islam and the War on Terror has been a defeat for the Establishment
  • Managing American media and intelligence to control the fear marketing has been a defeat for the Establishment
  • Removing Hillary and installing Trump in the White House has been a defeat for the Establishment
  • Getting fresh blood in the Congress that are not Establishment puppets is a defeat for the Establishment
  • Bringing in a pool of anti-Establishment candidates in the Presidential race is a defeat for the Establishment

Use of hardcore puppets
The Establishment has already lost their control of the process. There is a lot of surveillance and tracking of Establishment malice in the top key places in America and Europe. To combat this new movement of rooting out Establishment puppets and stopping their malice … what the Establishment is doing is “using their hardcore puppets” at key points. They are relying on hardcore puppets to make sure that their propaganda and malice is run successfully. Some examples:

  • Use of Rod Rosenstein against Trump
  • Use of Tom Steyer to campaign for Trump’s impeachment
  • Use of Michael Wolff to write books against Trump
  • Use of Jean Carroll for rape allegations against Trump
  • Use of Howard Shultz to run for President

If you see all of the above activities … you will observe how the Jewish Establishment is using their hardcore puppets for their agenda in the fields of intelligence, media, campaigns, character assassination and politics. In all of these fields hardcore puppets are being used.

Howard Shultz is a concern
Among all of the above … Howard Shultz is a concern for both parties. The Establishment has failed in winning the White House. They failed with Mitt Romney and they failed with Hillary … and now they are seeing a long list of anti-Establishment candidates from the Democrats headed towards the Presidency. Owing to this massive anti-Establishment move towards the White House … the Establishment is trying to control the Presidential elections and get a major share in this move.

Crime in plain sight using the law
The largest Establishment malice in America and around the world is done by “using the law”. Most of their exploitation and abusive systems are carried out in plain sight using the law. And when it comes to elections … it is “non-citizens” coming to voting booths and casting their vote in America. In the US, we have no system where we can correctly verify the citizenship of the person before he votes. Which means that:

  • Illegal immigrants can vote in America
  • International students can vote in America and
  • International tourists can also vote in America

And there is no way or established system where the US Government can verify the citizenship of these voters. This is crime in plain sight. An illegal activity is being done openly in plain sight and the police, the intelligence and the government can do nothing about it.

The scale of the issue
As per a common man's understanding … it is ridiculous to vote in a country where you don’t have the citizenship. But the Establishment specializes in malice … this is their specialty. These are the numbers of non-US citizens in America:

  • 11 Million Illegal Immigrants
  • 1 Million International Students
  • About 75.9 Million International Tourists per year

You are looking at a whopping number of 88 million non-US citizens in America. In the 2016, elections:

  • Hillary got 65.84 Million votes
  • Trump got 62.97 Million votes

Hillary was the Establishment favorite in 2016 … the Establishment wanted Hillary to win. And she got about 3 million votes more than Trump. There is absolutely no way to determine if all of these 65.84 million votes for Hillary were actually US Citizen votes. It is very possible that Hillary was behind Trump by 3 million votes and she was given an additional 6 million votes to surpass Trump.

A tool of tens of millions of votes in the hands of the Establishment
When you have no way to determine if the voter is a US Citizen or not … then the Establishment has a tool of tens of millions of votes in their hands … and they can sway the elections in plain sight in the favor of any candidate.

In 2016, the Establishment’s favorite was Hillary GodDamn Clinton. And they used this tool to sway millions of votes in her favor. Now in 2020, who is the Establishment’s favorite? Trump or Warren? None of them … the Establishment has their own candidate this time … it is Howard Schultz.

How do you think that the votes will move? You are looking at three scenarios.

  • Possibility One – Huge chunk. Howard Schultz grabs a huge chunk of votes and stands there with tens of millions of votes in his favor. He could easily stand there with 20-30 Million votes or more … creating a huge divide in the Presidential race.
  • Possibility Two – Surpasses one candidate. It is also possible that he gets about 45 Million votes and thus surpasses either Trump or Warren. The top two candidates can be a Democrat and Howard Schultz with Trump coming at the third place. Or the top two candidates can be Trump and Howard Schultz with a Democrat coming at the third place.
  • Possibility Three – Wins the election. With 88 million non-US citizens in America … Howard Schultz can also win the election and become President. This would be the ideal aim for the Establishment so that they can run whatever shit show they want in America and in the world once they have a hardcore puppet in the White House.

We have to root out all possibilities of the Establishment ever gaining the control of the White House again. We cannot have an Establishment puppet in the White House … not now, not ever.

The Democrats are probably thinking that “hey, the non-US citizens voters are illegal immigrants and they will vote Democrat … and this will help us”. But what they fail to see is how this loophole becomes a fantastic tool that can be used by the Establishment to empower Howard Schultz. If you don’t work on this loophole then you can get shocking results in 2020 … something that you might not have prepared for.

It is in the best interests of both parties that this loophole must be closed. We cannot allow anyone to vote in America. This right is exclusively meant for US Citizens. We cannot allow crime in plain sight. Our government should not stand helpless while a criminal Establishment gets away with its malice in plain sight and steal our elections.

The census citizenship question:

  • Helps both parties
  • Maintains the integrity of American elections
  • Makes sure that the voice of American citizens is heard
  • Eliminates loopholes and Establishment malice
  • Eliminates Establishment puppets from the race

It is in the best interests of both parties and the people.

The creation of a formidable foe
The Establishment works via “malice” … most of their formulas of success are nothing but malicious activities. These are the Establishment’s malicious routes that you must keep a track of to manage Howard Schultz’s rise:

  • Rigged voting and vote counting. It is a must to keep a track of the voting process and vote counting. They can easily sway votes via rigged machines and improper vote counting.
  • Non-US Citizens Voting. We cannot have non-US Citizens voting in our elections.
  • Campaign Finance. A huge section of campaign finance in the Presidential elections flows via Establishment owned or controlled corporations. Super Pacs are one of such routes of channelizing massive finance to each candidate. Since Howard Schultz is himself an Establishment candidate then they can easily channelize hundreds of millions to his campaign.
  • Media Coverage and Fake Polls. Another route that you have to keep an eye on is … media coverage and fake polls. There are so many scandals surrounding Trump … but how many scandals are there around Rod Rosenstein, Tom Steyer, Michael Wolff, Howard Schultz and Jean Carrol? None whatsoever. It is very interesting that “hardcore Establishment puppets” are totally clean from any scandals in the media. Another media tool is fake polls … since the Establishment owns 90% of the US mainstream media … they can give fake enhanced polling for Howard Schultz, in order to give him a boost.

All of the above 4 factors are malicious activities which can be used to boost Howard Schultz. The President’s election should be based upon “policies and reforms” for the people. Howard Schultz has zero policies and zero reforms. His very candidacy is malice and all of the techniques that he will use will be malice.  If the Establishment pulls 5-10 million votes via each of the above routes then you are looking at a massive presence of Howard Schultz in 2020. By opposing the citizenship question in the census, the Democrats don’t realize that they are being used to do a massive favor for the Establishment. Dems are being used to cut off their own feet by the Establishment.

It is in the best interests of both parties to suppress and eliminate all routes of malice of the Establishment that can be used in the favor of Howard Schultz.