05 Jul 2019
The Establishment is trying to use the UK to start a war with Iran
in America

The Establishment has failed in all of its attempts till date to start a war with Iran.

  • Via Netanyahu’s warmongering
  • Via Chemical Attacks in Syria
  • Israel’s bombing of Iranian targets in Syria
  • Via luring Trump into a war with Iran
  • Via creating aggressive events in the Middle East … with oil tankers being attacked and a US Drone being shot down

Having failed in all of the above malicious moves … the Establishment is now trying to use the UK as a “European point” to initiate a conflict with Iran. This is not the first time that the Establishment has exhausted its efforts via the US and then used the UK … they have done this before. The Establishment wanted to increase the aggression towards Russia and it was not working via the US … that’s why it created the “Skripal poisoning” event in order to target Russia.

Russian agents were targeted in the UK in order to blame Russia and worsen relations with Russia. Based on this event, several Western countries expelled Russian Diplomats from their countries. This is the repetition of the same pattern … the Establishment has failed in its aggression towards Iran via the US … and now it is using the UK.

The UK confiscating an Iranian ship is an open act of aggression towards Iran
It is an open invitation towards more hostility. Till date, the only measures that were taken were of sanctions and international isolation. The third parties that interacted with Iran were punished financially. UK seizing Iranian ships is another step ahead to create a more hostile environment. The UK is openly inviting Iran for aggression by this move.

There are two major things that we should learn from this about the Establishment’s malice.

  • The Establishment is being successfully failed in war attempts via Iran and it is trying to use its control points in the UK.
  • The Establishment is desperate for a war with Iran.

Peace is a two-way street
We should always keep in mind that “peace is a two-way street”. You can’t go around abusing the other person again and again … and expect the other person to be in their best behavior. The Establishment are “war designers” … they try to play both sides to facilitate the conflict. In the same manner, we have to manage both sides to make sure that a conflict does not break out.

Just like we have to make sure that Iran does not do anything disastrous … in the same manner, we have to make sure that other world leaders are behaving themselves and are not making aggressive moves to initiate a conflict. Iran is already facing all of these aggressive moves:

  • Cancellation of International Deals
  • Threatening and hateful rhetoric
  • Sanctions and financial losses
  • International Isolation
  • Military buildup … stationing of warships in the region

Among all of the above moves … no Iranian entity was physically touched or damaged directly. Now, the Establishment is upping the game and moving into direct conflict mode … where the blame game is via direct aggressive moves.

  • Blaming tanker explosions on Iran
  • Moving of American drones in Iranian territory
  • Now, seizing Iranian ships

The Establishment is moving the game into a direct hostile environment. A war with Iran is the Establishment’s highest priority as it is a 4 level trap.

  • It is a trap to destroy Iran, an arch rival of Israel
  • It is a trap to terminate Trump’s Presidency as the Establishment hates Trump
  • It is a trap to expand the war into Russia as the Establishment needs Russia to wipe out America and Europe
  • It is a trap for America and Europe as the Establishment will use this war as a cover-up for their malicious debt based systems in the West

Large scale destruction can be expected if a war with Iran begins. It is a must to control all sides of the game here. It is a must for everyone to play their role and understand the Establishment’s bigger plan in this. These are the major elements that can control and manage this issue.

  • Iran
  • America … Trump
  • Russia
  • Europe
  • UK
  • America … Democrats

If Trump is not on the right track then the Democrats must lead from behind and manage the situation. Every major element must be on high alert and avoid all aggressive moves … and hold the peace while this malicious Establishment is broken down.

A must to manage the UK
The other elements must get involved in managing the UK. Understand the bigger plan, understand the complete scene and manage the UK properly. It was successfully done after the Skripal’s poisoning case and it can also be done now. We must control all points and keep them away from a conflict with Iran.