04 Jul 2019
Trump is right on the census citizenship question.
in America

You should absolutely have the right to know who is an American citizen and who is not. How can we allow the person to vote without knowing if he is a citizen or not? Allowing people to vote without even knowing whether they are American citizens or not is just ridiculous.

Actually, this has already been implemented in India. India is the largest democracy in the world … in terms of population. “Voter ID Cards” are issued to each person after verifying their identity and citizenship. Everybody does not get a Voter ID Card … only those people who have the documents to prove their citizenship … only those people get the Voter ID Card.

This is already being done in a developing country like India. Why on Earth should the world SuperPower be left behind … and not know who can and cannot vote in their country? Opposing citizenship questions is a total waste of time, money and political energy … just like it is opposing abortion rights. All of these are ridiculous “waste of time and money” tactics of the Establishment to keep America occupied with bullshit that does no good to the country.

On some topics, leaders should follow common sense and keep aside the political bickering. Everything should not be partisan politics. Sometimes common sense saves a lot of time, money and energy of everyone.

Just because the move or policy has “Trump” attached to it … it does not mean that it is wrong or that it has to be opposed. Everything Trump is not wrong. Trump is right on the citizenship question … we have every right to know who is a citizen or not before we allow him to vote. Its basic common sense.

The interesting part of this issue is this … there are more than 11 million illegal immigrants in America … millions more of those who have overstayed their visas. And if we don’t know who is a citizen and who is not … then all of these guys can vote. Based upon Trump’s policies against immigrants … all of these guys will actually vote Democrat. The Democrats are looking at an easy 10-20 million additional votes from immigrants … who might not even be American citizens. Lol.

My dear Democrats … I like you … but this is kind of foul play. Every vote counts … but these votes should be from American citizens … not just from anybody. You can’t send just anybody to the ballot box.

Constitutional duty to determine citizenship
It’s the Constitutional right for every eligible citizen to vote … but it should also be the Constitutional duty of the Government to verify and correctly determine the citizenship before the person votes. In America, there are about:

  • 11 Million Illegal Immigrants
  • 1.1 Million International Students
  • 75.9 Million International Tourists per year

Now, if these 88 Million people in America who are NOT American citizens … if they go out there and vote then what will happen to American democracy? Should we allow Canadians, Mexicans, Chinese and Mongolians to decide who will rule over our country? This is a direct assault on the very essence of Democracy and Democratic rights of American citizens. If you allow this then you are taking away the voice and the choice of the American people … and allowing foreigners to control our elections and install the leaders that they want.

Russian Interference in elections is a bogus hoax. Russia is not a threat to American elections or Democracy. It is these ridiculous policies that is taking away the rights and the voice of our people. Russia has not affected a single vote … it is these policies that affect votes by the millions. And the politicians who are against verifying the citizenship of the voters should know that they are supporting and encouraging mass voter suppression of American citizens … they are trampling on American voice and rights. This whole thing is a shitshow supported by the Establishment to keep America occupied in fighting over simple common sense issues.