27 Jun 2019
How the current American Economy is disastrous for the country and the people
in America

Firstly, congratulations on bringing in a fantastic team of “Establishment bashers” in the Democratic Presidential debates. This is a fantastic opportunity to bash the Establishment in front of the American people via the media that the Establishment owns. All candidates have done a fantastic job of:

  • Bashing private insurance companies
  • Campaigning for free education and healthcare
  • Exposing gun violence issues and
  • Being against the never ending wars

In 2012 Republican Primaries … the Establishment had lined up a long list of their puppets to run for President. Doesn’t matter who the people chose, the Establishment would win. But in 2020, the tables have turned … today we have a long list of anti-Establishment candidates who are openly bashing the Establishment on all fronts. Excellent job ladies and gentlemen … excellent job.

The American Economy is disastrous
The first question that was asked was … “why should we go ahead with breaking the big companies when the economy is doing so good?” Well this is how you answer this question. The economy is not good … it is actually disastrous. Just because the Wall Street is doing good, it does not mean that the economy is good. Just because more people are employed it does not mean that the economy is good. What matters is “to whom the wealth is flowing to?”

  • $25 Trillion National Debt. How can we say that it is a great economy when we are headed towards $25 Trillion National Debt by the end 2020? If the economy is great then why are we going in debt by $1.5 Trillion every single year? If the economy is great then why is our country getting in more and more debt?
  • $15 Minimum Wage. If the economy is doing great then why are we required to increase the minimum wage from $8 to $15 per hour? If we are seeing tremendous economic success then why our people cannot survive the minimum wage and we have to double their salary? Screw economic success … we have open evidence of massive debt and inability to even survive this economy.
  • All profits flow to the Top 1%. It doesn’t matter how many people are employed … what matters is to whom the wealth is flowing to. All major profits flow to the Establishment and the Top 1%. The wealth from the country and the people is being drained to the top tiny 1%. The top 1% are making hundreds of billions in profits every year while the country and its people are living in debt. This is not a sign of success … this is open evidence of a massive crisis.
  • Monopoly is facilitating the high cost of living. It is the Establishment Monopoly that helps them to control prices and maintain a high cost of living. This high cost of living drains all of your wealth. In this economy and prices, if you don’t have a job then it is disastrous … but even if you have a job even then all of your wealth is drained away.
  • 2-3 Jobs to Survive. We are talking about a fantastic economy … when the reality is that … in this economy, the American people are having to work 2-3 jobs only to survive. An average American relies on at least 3 credit cards just to pay their damn bills.
  • Incredibly high cost of everything. How do we say that we are living in a successful economy when our people are living in an incredibly high cost of everything. Everything is incredibly highly priced … including healthcare, education, housing, consumer goods, gas … almost everything have the highest rates ever.
  • Disastrous direction. Today we are being pushed to a $15 minimum wage … if we do not address this monopoly and high cost then the same cycle will repeat and we will be pushing for $25-30 in the next couple of decades. How on earth is America going to survive with such expensive manpower? How will our small businesses pay $15-30 per hour? How will our farmers pay $15-30 per hour? We lost 90% of our manufacturing when the minimum wage was $8 per hour. With $15-30 per hour minimum wage … we are looking at massive scales of further depletion of not only our manufacturing but also for our agriculture. America is headed towards a disastrous direction where we will not be able to compete in the international market with any Made in USA products. With the shipment of more and more works abroad … you are looking at massive unemployment back in America.

Today we are just sitting saying “jobs, jobs, jobs” when in reality we are headed towards a major downslide of our country … with a further increment in the high cost of everything and we will end up looking at a massive unemployment scenario. We are NOT in a successful economy … but are living in a very dangerous and disastrous economy.

Just because the Wall Street is doing good … just because the Stock Market numbers are high … just because the number of jobs are high … it does not in real time reflect a healthy economy. A healthy economy is where people save … a healthy economy is where the people are rich … a healthy economy is where the quality is high and prices are low … a healthy economy is where there are lot of competitors and there is no monopoly … a healthy economy is where the country saves and the country is rich. We can achieve this state when we break the monopoly … when our country is not owned and controlled by a handful few. This is the main reason why we need to break the big corporations and increase more competition in the market.

That’s how you answer the economy question. There was no question about the National Debt in the debate. I hope they will talk about the debt in the coming debates.