25 Jun 2019
Money Mania will terminate Trump’s Presidency
in America

Well, the good news is that … we are able to successfully block jail traps. We are showing the good things that Trump has done and how he is better than Hillary … this is helping in warding off jail traps. Another good news is that, sex scandals will not take down your Presidency. Everyone knows that sex scandals are Establishment and no one will allow Establishment malice to take down the President.

But the issue is that, Money Mania is coming out to be a huge problem for the Trump Presidency.  A chase for emoluments, extortion and wars only for the money is delegitimizing the entire Presidency. The few good things that you have done … are not helping to surpass the bad image created via Money Mania.

The issues with Money Mania are:

  • It is putting the Trump Presidency on the wrong track
  • The main purpose that Trump was chosen to be President is that … he fights off criminals and keeps his country and people first. This Money Mania that Trumps are involved in … is pushing you away from your main purpose.
  • Not only you are sidelining the concerns of your people and country … but you are also ending up doing favors for the very criminals that you are supposed to fight off.
  • Owing to the Money Mania, Trump is not interested in any change or reforms … he is just saying that America is already great and he is busy chasing cash.
  • While all other Presidential candidates are coming up with this reform and that reform … Trump is standing there empty handed not fighting for any change at all.

The reports from SM Networks are that … all of the above are because of the Money Mania in the Trump Presidency. And they are saying that … this Money Mania will terminate the Trump Presidency … as it is rendering him … scared, incompetent, crazy for money, no care for people or country and no courage to fight off criminals.

To add to that … we don’t think that Trump or Ivanka are associated with such attributes … but the report is that Don Jr. and Jared are maintaining Trump on this scared and incompetent track that is going to lead to the termination of the Trump Presidency.

This is something that Trumps need to figure out and rise above their money mania. As long as they are going to keep everything centered around cash for them … it will result in a terribly weak leadership. If you have figured this out … then I can show you the next step.

“Working with us” is the key to the White House
Yes, you read that right … “working with us” is the key to the White House. Let me make everything very easy and simple for you to understand. First understand the difference when you work with us and when you don’t work with us.

Obama’s First Term
Obama got a Nobel Prize for his marketing for peace and the end of wars. But did he actually end the wars? No, the guy who promised the end of wars … he was bombing half a dozen countries in his first term. When you are an outsider and you enter the White House … you are all about “this promise and that promise … you will do this and that”. You think that you are in a Ferrari and you will take the country to the skies. But when you actually enter the White House, then you realize that … this is no Ferrari … it is a Roller Coaster ride! Everything is controlled via systems and your powers to bring about change are extremely limited … despite being the President.

The Establishment used its control points in the media, intelligence, military advisers, political advisers and other politicians … and literally put Obama on a reverse track. Obama had absolutely no understanding of how to handle the Establishment Monopoly.

The Transition
While Obama was being misled into additional wars … we started writing about the malice of the Establishment in his first term itself. Our writings were picked up by SM Networks … we rose very quickly from the City Level to the National Level and into the White House. SM Elements approached Obama and requested him “please read what he writes … it will help … please read what he writes … it will help”.

The Obamas started reading what we wrote … we were and are immensely popular in SM Networks. Obama started understanding what he was facing. He started getting information that the FBI or CIA or Secret Service or his advisers could not provide. Our information showed activities beyond the skins.

Obama’s Second Term
Having understood what was going on and how to handle it … the first thing that Obama does is … fires Hillary Clinton in his Second Term. He hires John Kerry and reverses the entire track of wars. We showed him step by step at every place of how to manage Establishment monopoly and malice.

  • Right from funding to military supplies
  • The connection of Netanyahu, Israel and Bankers
  • The benefits of wars for Israel and Bankers
  • How terror events were being created
  • How the media was being used
  • How political puppets were being used
  • How the recruitment and expansion of ISIS was going on
  • How to get Russia involved
  • How to make use of Turkey and Iran in the region
  • How to control the aid, funding and weapons supply in these zones
  • How so many layers of bogus misleading was being done
  • How the ideology of the Establishment is connected with this

When Obama understood the malice at every point then he started winning the game with the right moves. He didn’t totally win the game of terror in his Second Term because he did not follow one key advice that we gave of “defunding” all activities in the war zones. Wherever American funding and military goes … terrorists were multiplying. Obama had to combat the rigged systems in America to fight off Establishment malice. It was when Trump followed our advice of defunding these bullshit wars … it is then that ISIS vaporized within months.

Without and With Us
Without us, the Establishment turned the US President on a reverse track where he was bombing half a dozen countries. But with us, he surpassed the Establishment malice … got a fantastic victory and won the War on Terror.

Its not that we saved America once … but we saved America again and again and again.

  • From a catastrophic war in Iran
  • From a war in Syria
  • From a war with Russia
  • From a war with North Korea
  • From a war in Venezuela
  • Again from a catastrophic war in Iran

The last 3 wars that we stopped were under Trump. Let us assume that we were not there in the picture … or that Trump did not follow our advice then what would happen with this recent downing of the US Drone? We would be bombing Iran and we would already be in a catastrophic war. Because we showed you the Establishment malice in the using of an unmanned drone where there is no witness and mischief can easily be done via technology tweaks … because you understood Establishment malice, you took alternate routes of dealing with Iran.

Without us is failure … with us is victory
Obama won only on the war front … because we were with him on this front. But as far as internal reforms are concerned … Obama has zero legacy. Because Obama had no idea of how to deal with the Establishment back home. He was repeatedly telling us … “hey, what about my legacy … you told him that you will make me a great President.” Obama himself had no idea of what to do or how to handle this malicious monopoly. The only thing we told him was that … “first, we need to end the wars then we work on internal reforms”. Since we were not there with Obama in internal reforms … he doesn’t have a major victory there.

The same applies to Trump … yes, he is winning in avoiding war … because we help him. But he is failing in tariffs, American Energy and North Korea. Why? Because tariffs and American Energy require a lot of internal reforms … since we have not started the work on internal reforms … Trump is failing on this front.

Even Warren will fail in internal reforms. She is playing Obama 2008 right now. She is all energetic, ready to fight and aiming for the sky … but she has no idea about the head or tail of the Establishment … and how they control the entire country. She doesn’t know that it’s a roller coaster ride out there. Obama was consumed with stagnation on various pretexts of chaos, crisis, ISIS, terror, Republican Opposition, Establishment misleading and before he could notice … his 8 years were over. He stood there with an empty legacy.

The same applies to Trump … 2.5 years and his Presidency is only being consumed with demonization, lawsuits, opposition, investigation and criticism while nothing is being done for the country. When it comes to internal reforms … freeloading from our website:

  • Did not help Obama
  • Is not helping Trump
  • Will not help Warren either

Deciding on the next President
Here’s the inside picture of how SM Networks decide on the leadership. They see which candidate is mostly likely to work with Active Democracy. Why? Because:

  • Everyone know and understand Establishment monopoly and malice
  • If the President works with us, then he can lead in dismantling this monopoly
  • Dismantling of this monopoly will result in a phenomenal change for the people
  • This phenomenal change will take the country into a new era

This is the sequence that all SM Networks want to put into place.

What Trump does not know is that … if we had not chosen Trump and not chosen to guide him … then SM Networks were screening John Kasich to replace Trump as the Republican nominee. They were thinking that … I might not like or support Trump … they already knew that I don’t like Hillary … they were already screening John Kasich as the backup candidate. This is the reason why John Kasich lasted a long way into the Presidential Primaries despite having a few victories. But since we were okay with Trump … they allowed Trump to move ahead.

Handpicked Warren
We literally handpicked Warren … we showed SM Networks that, Warren is a fantastic candidate that will lead in the breakup of the Establishment Monopoly. Whoever we pick and work with … gets enormous support and moves up the ranks.

Choosing between Trump and Warren
Since we like both of these candidates, this is how SM Networks are deciding on who should win. They are using the theory of probability to determine of who is most likely to work with Active Democracy? Trump or Warren?

Trump and Active Democracy
As per Trump’s past behaviors and actions … this is what they have on record:

  • Trump did not connect with Active Democracy
  • Trumps are money maniacs focused only on making money
  • Trumps have a long list of favors for the Establishment
  • Trumps show no interest in reforms and changing systems
  • Trumps have tried to stop our work
  • Trumps have scammed the funding meant for our work
  • Trumps have also tried to pull legal strings against our work

Now, what are the chances that Trump will actually change his track and directly work with Active Democracy … rather than be a freeloader from their sites?

Warren and Active Democracy
Warren is backed by the Obamas … this is what they have on record about the Obamas:

  • Obamas have been following our sites since several years
  • Obamas and Warren are not money maniacs and this is not their priority
  • Obamas and Warren have a long list of kicking Establishment elements including the bankers
  • Warren is keenly interested in structural reform
  • Obamas made genuine moves to finance our work and did not scam us
  • Obamas have provided rock solid security for our work in every corner of the world
  • Not once they have stood against us or made a move against us

Based upon the current activities that we have till date … the SM Networks are analyzing using probability as to:

  • Who would actually work with Active Democracy?
  • Who would form a better team?
  • Who will win for the people and the country?

They are using this analysis to structure the current support behind each candidate.

We are trying to pull support for Trump … but then the report is that … Trumps are crazy after money … because of which they are not interested in breaking monopoly … because of which they are not working with Active Democracy. They are showing a cycle of incompetence. And this is backfiring on Trump big time.

We know that Trump is trying to get in touch with us … we know that Warren is also trying to get in touch with us. But we are moving closer to making a choice … we already told you that “time is a major limitation” for you. To make this choice, they are using the data already available in the systems.

Warren Stands Empty Handed
The good news for you even in this situation is that … Warren stands empty handed. We already told you one year before itself that … Warren will rise but even if she rises, she will have no idea about Establishment monopoly, their structures and systems and how they work. She has no idea about the head or tail of the Establishment. Her policies generate zero new dollars and do not affect the Establishment monopoly that is draining the wealth from the people in every zone.

She is your primary challenger but still she stands empty handed of how to handle the main crisis. Only that leader will remain or enter the White House that can break Establishment Monopoly. And Warren is still not ready to be President. Many of your challengers are offering cancellation of student debt, free healthcare and free education and what not … all of these their main courses. But when you break monopoly, all of their main courses will be tiny tidbits on your table. You will offer the people a fantastic and fabulous new era where free education and healthcare will be a part of parcel of … apart from this, there will be several other fantastic reforms that will be initiated. You can easily surpass your opposition when you work on the key issue.

Now, who is going to work on this key issue … Trump or Warren … the ball is in your court.