23 Jun 2019
Iran belongs to the Democrats
in America

Trump is miscalculating working with Iran. Iran is not like North Korea. North Korea is a fresh page with no prior Dem involvement. That’s why you were able to gain some level of progress with North Korea. But Iran is already associated with Dems, Russia and Europe. Iran actually has a much wider support base than you think it has.

Below are some of the issues that you need to see why Iran will not directly work with Trump.

  • Dems, Russia and Europe already worked with Iran and built a great level of credibility and friendship. They moved forward and signed the Iran Nuclear Deal. After a long time, Iran saw that the Obama Administration was different and it actually intended good. After a lot of negotiations this deal was signed.
  • Trump came into office and canceled this deal.
  • Trump put crippling sanctions on Iran.
  • Trump gave Jerusalem and Golan Heights to Israel, an arch enemy of Iran.
  • Trump threatens military action against Iran again and again.
  • Trump is using the cancellation of the deal, sanctions and military threats only to “extort” money from Iran and sign a new deal. There was no reason to cancel the deal and carry out so many levels of aggression against Iran if you wanted to sign another deal. You should have rectified the current deal. But Trump showed off all of his powers only so that he can get paid and sign another deal quickly.
  • Everybody sees this as an “extortion technique” and no one wants to fall for Trump’s renegotiation of the deal.
  • The tactic that everyone is using is … just wait out the Trump Presidency … it has hardly 1.5 years left and the deal will be reinstated by the next Democrat President.

Your plan of “Make Iran Great Again” lacks the above understanding.

Stopping catastrophic wars is above party politics
So, your plan of renegotiating the Nuclear Deal will fall on deaf ears. Democrats, Europe, Russia or Iran … none of them are interested in renegotiation. The last reason they will renegotiate for is so that Trump gets paid. You will not be able to pull everyone on a common page based on the Nuclear Deal. However, stopping catastrophic wars is still in everyone’s best interests. It might be Dems, Europe, Russia or Iran … nobody wants a catastrophic war.

Yes, Elizabeth Warren is the most likely next President. But what is she going to rule over if there will be a catastrophic war? The war against Iran is planned to quickly expand into Russia and a nuclear war will take just a few weeks to destroy complete countries. Russia has already developed hypersonic weapons. A nuclear war is not about who has more nukes … its about who destroys whom first. You might have 5000 nukes but if your nuclear stock pile and country is destroyed first via high speed hypersonic weapons … then having 5000 nukes doesn’t really make sense. This where we are headed if there is a war with Iran. What is Elizabeth Warren going to rule over? Radioactive wastelands? That’s if she makes it through the war.

Get the Dems involved
Firstly, you need to come clean and remove your cash interest with Iran. Secondly, put “stopping war” as the priority of the negotiation and collaboration. Thirdly, involve Democrats in the deal making. If Dems get involved … they will pull the right strings in Europe, Russia and Iran to help with the negotiation. This will help you to realize this coordination successfully.

Why you need to do this?
The Establishment is trying to show Trump as a “money maniac that is crazy for wars”. They have already done massive levels of marketing in all major Networks across America that Trump is a money maniac that is crazy for wars. And now, they are creating setups where Iran is the target. If Trump falls for this war then the Establishment gets a 4 fold victory.

  • They get to prove their point that Trump is a money maniac that is crazy for wars. It will help them justify the termination of the Trump Presidency.
  • They get to destroy Iran and run a lengthy scheme of war and terror all over again.
  • They get to expand this war into Russia
  • They get to use Russia to wipe out America and Europe to cover all of the massive debt accumulated in these zones owing to their money drain systems.

This is the main reason why Iran is the main target in all of the recent warmongering moves and setups. And these setups may repeat … the Establishment will use its technology and access points in military, intelligence, media and politics to run these setups. All of these setups will be designed to push Trump into a war with Iran. It’s a trap for everyone:

  • It’s a trap for Trump
  • It’s a trap for Iran
  • It’s a trap for Russia and
  • It’s a trap for America and Europe

It’s a 4 level trap. This is the main reason, you need to:

  • Rise above your cash interest with Iran
  • Rise above party politics
  • Keep National Security as the higher priority
  • Keep world peace as the higher priority
  • Focus on avoiding wars by combating the next events via intelligence, media and politics
  • And create collaboration with the Democrats, Iran, Europe and Russia to overcome the setups of this criminal and malicious Establishment that wants to destroy all of us.

Iran is not like North Korea. You have to formulate coordination with the existing players in the game. That’s how you can get a winning solution with Iran and surpass the Establishment. This is in everyone’s best interest. When the events that might lead to this catastrophic war are managed intelligently:

  • Iran exists peacefully … no one will be bombing Iran
  • America will be safe … there will be no radioactive wastelands in America
  • Europe and Russia will be safe with no war and conflict
  • The Establishment will continue to get more and more isolated and cornered via world peace

We can collectively take down this malicious and criminal organization. If Trump is not able to pull it off … Dems should step forward and make this deal happen. This is above party politics … it is about National Security.

(By the way, a very Happy Birthday to Trump and Warren … both of you have birthdays in the same month … that is very nice. May God give both of you the courage, strength, wisdom and compassion to lead your country in the right direction.)