22 Jun 2019
Trump handled the 3 a.m. phone call with utmost grace, patience and intelligence
in America

Remember the “3 a.m. phone call” that Hillary used to brag about during the elections? “Who is more ready to handle the 3 a.m. phone call?” Hillary was claiming to be ready on day one to handle the 3 a.m. phone call … which was total garbage. Trump got the 3 a.m. phone call, a couple of days ago … that an enemy State has shot down an American asset … and Trump has handled the situation with utmost grace, patience and intelligence.

Reports of Trump being indecisive, reversing his order shows chaos and improper coordination and bla bla bla … all of it is total bullshit. What matters is what has actually been executed and accomplished. To understand Trump’s success in this scenario … just remove Trump and put Hillary in his place … and calculate what would have happened.

  • Hillary is a monster that is crazy for wars.
  • She is a total Establishment puppet that went a dozen times to the UN Security Council to get a license to bomb Syria.
  • She hates Iran and she would jump at the opportunity to start a war with Iran.
  • In fact, we wouldn’t be in the third year of her Presidency … she would have started the war with Iran in her first year itself.
  • She would unilaterally declare war against Iran and use her Executive privilege to start bombing Iran right away
  • She would be reading a script given to her by an Establishment puppet to justify this garbage war

But is this what happened under Trump?

  • As a new first … Trump did not unilaterally start bombing another country
  • He did not use his Executive privilege to start a bombing campaign. He might have ordered for strikes but they did not happen … so they don’t count.
  • He did not read a script given to him by the Establishment … clearly showing that he is not a puppet.
  • He in fact, called for a Congressional hearing on this issue. He called all top Congress leaders … and took their inputs on this event.
  • He showed compassion and care when he saw that hundreds of innocent people in Iran would die because of the strikes.
  • He is intelligently evaluating a “measured response”.
  • He did not get carried away by the fear mongering and push for war by the Establishment media and political puppets.

As a new first time … Trump has fantastically shown the grace, patience and intelligence of a great leader … who is not carried away with emotion, anger and Establishment misleading. He is keeping himself above personal anger and party politics … and logically evaluating the best measured response possible.

Congratulate and support Trump on this
We all should congratulate and support Trump on this move. He has averted a major catastrophic war. Trump deserves appreciation and recognition on this. Everyone who voted for Trump … today is the day, you pat yourself on your back. You saved millions of lives and trillions of American taxpayer money. Had it been Hillary GodDamn Clinton, we would be living in a catastrophe today.

Congratulations Mr.President … you have done a fantastic job. You have shown great restraint. We are proud of you. Keep up the great work in maintaining peace in the world!

Events in Motion
Showing patience and restraint is not enough. The main culprit here is not Iran but it is the Establishment. Iranian leaders are openly saying that we don’t want war and we are not interested in nukes. American leaders are saying that we don’t want war. It is the Establishment that is creating these events to facilitate the war that they want.

They have already created two events within one month … and in all of the events, the target is Iran. Based on this track, you can expect more events. It is a must for you to formulate a strategy to handle the next events. Only patience is not enough.

Political and Intelligence Coordination
If more and more events occur then you will be put in a situation where you will be pushed to act. Instead of sitting idle in mere patience … you have to make some intelligent moves.

Coordination with an enemy state
How do you coordinate with an enemy state whose economy is being crippled by your moves?

  • Firstly, involve Russia … Russia is a trusted partner for Syria and Iran. Russia will help in this coordination. It is better that Russia helps in coordination rather than take sides in war.
  • Secondly, show that the main motive of this coordination is “avoiding war”. It is not about the Nuclear Deal or sanctions. It is about the mutual interest of not going to war against each other. Iran does not want war … America does not want war … this is enough to create a common page for coordination.
  • Thirdly, show who is behind these events and war moves. Iran hates Israel and the Jewish Establishment. If they know that Israel is trying to get America to bomb Iran … then they will gladly cooperate with you.
  • Fourth … also try to pull European countries in this cooperation. Europe does not want war with Iran … they will also help in this coordination.

You don’t need to remove sanctions or reinstate the Nuclear Deal … this coordination is strictly to avoid war and surpass Establishment misleading.

Coordination to “manage events”
What are we coordinating for?

  • To make sure that there is no war
  • To manage any new event that might happen
  • We already have some suspects that are behind these events
  • To manage the warmongering that is done via the media with every event
  • To manage the political response from politicians on these events
  • To manage the blame game when any event happens
  • If any event happens, the only actual culprit must be tracked down and punished instead of an entire country being blamed

When you create an agenda on these lines and pull world leaders from Europe, Russia and Iran … and bring everyone on a common page … then you easily surpass the Establishment, its events and its warmongering. It will help you to:

  • Manage the media by using key politicians to make the right statements
  • Politicians from several countries must step forward and direct the situation towards calm, investigation and correct action
  • Intelligence and investigation teams will help you find the actual cause of the event
  • When governments of several countries combine to make a thorough investigation of each event … then Establishment gimmicks fail and their main purpose of war is thwarted

What about the drone?
We are in a state of a “measured response” … how do we initiate coordination efforts? Firstly, there is 95% chance that it was malice from the Establishment. There is only 5% chance that Iran shot down the drone while it was in international waters. This is how you balance it out … tell Russia to tell Iran that “for public’s sake” America will shoot down an unmanned submarine or another machine belonging to Iran. Create an understanding on this … so that you will get your tit-for-tat measure … so that America does not have to lose face. We lost one machine and they will lose one machine. It’s a fair deal and Russia can help in this coordination.

We don’t have to do everything with enmity. Because the common enemy here is the Establishment that is trying to create this war. Put an offer for a tit-for-tat measure … and create a coalition … a collective force to handle the next events. This will help you win.

First … tankers belonging to an ally were burnt down … next, a drone belonging to America was shot down … the next, can be worse. It is better to prepare before the next worse event is put into place.