21 Jun 2019
Will Trump start killing people for a washing machine?
in America

Here are some of the points that Trump should look into before responding to the attack on the US drone by Iran.

Why is Iran in the crosshairs again and again?
The most important point that Trump should observe is this … why is Iran in the crosshairs again and again? Especially, when their own leaders are saying that “we don’t want a war with America and we are not interested in nuclear weapons”. They are openly saying this again and again. But interestingly, war moves are being designed around Iran repeatedly. Why the difference between the words and action?

Iran is being setup by the Establishment
What Trump should realize is that … Iran is actually afraid of war. Seeing its neighbors destroyed via war, it has been frantically developing its defense systems … to the extent that they went ahead with nuclear enrichment. It is not that Iran wants war but it is very vulnerable and doing everything to defend itself.

Iran is the next major target of the Establishment
Till date, the Establishment has failed several times to start a war with Iran:

  • Via Netanyahu’s fear mongering
  • Via Israel’s bombing of Syria
  • Via Israel’s bombing of Iranian targets in Syria
  • Via chemical attacks

The recent incidents include:

  • Attack on oil tankers
  • The downing of the US Drone

If you see … repeatedly the target is one and the same … Iran. It might be Netanyahu … or Israel’s bombing … or attack on oil tankers … or the US Drone issue … the target is Iran. Whatever happened to Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan or Syria now? All of these countries are done and over with … and now the next major target is Iran for the Establishment to start a new wave of war and terror in the Middle East. If there is war mongering against “Iran” then you should clearly understand that there is Establishment malice behind it.

Two Decades of Disastrous Wars via Rigged Systems
Yes, as President you will be given top notch information with the top advisers on what happened and what should be done. But what you should know is that … the whole thing is a shit show. They tell you one thing in the White House and something else actually happens at the ground level. These are “rigged systems”. The Establishment has rigged several layers in the country to run the entire system as per their plan … which includes:

  • The creation of the event
  • The intelligence … how the event is being interpreted
  • The media … how the media creates headlines as per Establishment plans
  • The politicians … who start demanding action and push the Establishment’s next step in the plan
  • Military Advisers … the political and military advisers around you in the White House will support this entire movement and push you to take action as per the Establishment’s plan

American military action around the world has been a disaster since the past two decades mainly because of the above. It has only created genocide in the target countries and drained trillions of taxpayer money for America.

Let me apply this rigged system to the recent events.

  • Tanker Explosions. Iran saved dozens of sailors from burning ships. Iran removed unexploded mines from the ships. Iran came to the rescue on the scene … but this is being interpreted as “evidence” that Iran attacked the ships. If Iran had attacked the ships then why would it come to the same ships in broad daylight with boats full of people in front of the cameras to save the people and the ships?
  • US Drone. It is very interesting that the Establishment used a drone in this event. Since a drone was used … there can be no real human witness of what really happened. It is very possible that they literally flew the drone over Iran only to instigate Iran to take action. And with a simple technology tweak, they altered the information on their systems … saying that “no, no, the drone was in international air space”. It is a very simple and easy technology based tweak. Based on this technology tweak … they are pushing for military strikes on Iran.

Will Trump start killing people for a washing machine?

Lives lost?
Another angle that you should look at is … a drone is nothing but a machine … its more or less like a washing machine. If someone damages an American washing machine then will you start killing their people? There should be a difference between human beings and machines. The attack was not on US soil … not a single American got hurt … we are dealing with a simple machine here.

Financial Damage?
However, the issue might have been created … evaluate the losses in terms of lives, material and finance. No lives were lost, one machine was taken down worth about $100 Million. But what you should note about financial losses is that … your sanctions are already costing Iran by the hundreds of billions. So when it comes to financial damage … then it is the US that is doing more financial damage to Iran every single day via sanctions and trade restrictions.


  • Note the timing of the event … they got his malice done at the very moment when Trump said that Iran was under control and it is not in threatening mode any more. The Establishment is trying to outsmart you by playing around. It is a simple tweak with technology, false intelligence reports and media propaganda.
  • And they did this after full-fledged marketing in the SM Networks that … Trump is a money maniac that is crazy for wars. They are just trying to prove their point.

Not fit for office
If Trump goes for a bombing program in Iran then the only thing that the Establishment will say is:

  • The guy does not know how to respond to any event
  • He is going for drastic measures only because he is a money maniac that is crazy for war
  • He is not fit for office.

Multi-layered Malice
This is “multi-layered malice”.

  • They get to attack Iran
  • Deplete trillions of American taxpayer money
  • Demonize & ridicule Trump and
  • Also get the possibility of expanding the war to Russia.

This is the main reason why all events are being designed around Iran. The Establishment is aiming at multi-layered benefits via a war with Iran. We had already warned about this before … the only thing that the Establishment needs is “events” that can be blamed on Iran. This is exactly what they are working on.

Designing an appropriate response

  • Proper Cooridination. Firstly, the two countries should have had proper coordination on such issues. There should be at least 3 warnings issued before taking any action. This is the routine protocol. But the issue is that Trump himself has unilaterally withdrawn from the Iran Nuclear Deal and put crippling sanctions on the country … without giving them any chance for an explanation or any change … and they if they see spy drones flying over their country after they are losing hundreds of billions in revenue due to your actions … then what do you expect them to do? Even if a human being is caught as a spy in a foreign country then he is executed or put in jail most of the time. This was a simple machine flying in their airspace.
  • Genuine Action. Let us assume that the drone was really in the international airspace and Iran shot it down. Even under this scenario … you have to keep in mind that … no lives were lost, your territory was not breached, your cities were not bombed, only one machine was lost and Iran did not declare war against America. An appropriate response in this case from America should be such that … we don’t breach their territory, we don’t kill their people, we don’t bomb their cities, we don’t declare war against Iran and we destroy only one expensive equipment in international airspace or waters in such a way that lives are not lost. This would be the most appropriate response.

Take your time
You can take your time and respond at the right time and place. There should be no hurry in such a response. If you respond with emotion, anger and ego … then it will be a major blunder. Design a measured response and carry it out at the right time and place. Play it cool … its not like Iranian warships are sailing towards America.

US Drones are not exactly popular
The thing you should know about US Drones is that … they are not exactly popular. They are behind the deaths of thousands of innocent citizens in Afghanistan, Pakistan and other countries. Schools, hospitals and even marriage functions have been bombed by these “unmanned drones”. The only thing that the US Military says in these events is “oops, sorry”.

This has been happening since the past 10 years. So, if your drone swayed into Iranian territory then it is not a big mistake. Your drones have been making much bigger and gigantic blunders than just swaying into unwelcome territory. Thousands of innocent citizens have been killed by your unmanned drones. You might want to take a look into the technology being used in these drones and how the same technology can be misused as well.