16 Jun 2019
The Establishment The Border Wall that Trump is not able to cross
in America

Trump is a candidate with fantastic potential. He defeated 17 Republicans, the Democrats, the Bush Dynasty, the Clinton Dynasty and got a sweeping victory to become President. Trump has done stuff that no other President has done till date. Trump is miles ahead in the game. But he is stuck … he made fantastic moves to gain beautiful mileage and the support of the people … but he is stuck and not able to move forward.

The Establishment is one obstacle that he is not able to overcome. Trump has defeated the Republicans, Democrats, Bush and Clintons but … the Establishment is one border wall that Trump is not able to cross. Why? What is stopping Trump from moving ahead? We were suggesting a “dynasty” for Trump if he led the movement against the Establishment … the Establishment is something that is draining the country’s wealth and holding the people hostage … why our patriotic President is not able cross this border wall called the Establishment?

Fighting off demons – money and fear
We got some reports from SM Groups that these are some key issues that Trump faces. If Trump can successfully overcome these issues that he can become a phenomenal President. These are the demons that Trump needs to fight off.

  • Money Mania. The report is that … Trump is in politics to make money. He sees the Presidency as an opportunity to make money.
  • Lacks Direction. When the person is himself focused on making money for himself then he lacks direction to fight off bad people who are exploiting the country. Trump did not become President to dismantle any system or to break Establishment Monopoly or to pick a fight with anyone. He reportedly became President to make money for himself … that is his primary objective.
  • Fear. Based upon the current demonization, lawsuits and investigations against Trump … he lacks the courage to take up additional fights to break any system or whatsoever.

The report is that the above mindset is continuously encouraged and maintained in the Trump Presidency by Don Jr. and Jared Kushner. Trump’s own son and son-in-law maintain Trump in an incompetent mode. It seems the Trump Presidency’s priorities are emoluments, extortion and wars … and each of them are actively worked upon by Don Jr. and Kushner.

  • Don Jr. Reportedly, Trump’s own son is responsible for racist policies and ideas, fear and suckup of the Establishment as he was under investigation, extortion schemes and favors for the Establishment.
  • Jared Kushner. And Trump’s son-in-law is responsible for sucking up to Israel, emoluments and favoring the Establishment.

Trump’s Ideal Scenario
It seems that Trump’s ideal scenario is not breaking up the Establishment and doing great things for the people. But his ideal scenario is … “America is already great, Trump is a great President, nothing needs to change and Trump should keep making his money without any opposition.” This is the ideal scenario that Trumps keep working at … which is why since the past 2.5 years the primary activities of the Trump Presidency have been:

  • Whining. Complaining of anything wrong that happens to him … nothing wrong or bad should happen to him … because Trump is great.
  • Bragging. He is on a non-stop bragging spree … because America is already great as per him and he has no plans to change anything.
  • Looting. Pulling funds from multi-billion dollar companies and rich countries via emoluments and extortion.

Reportedly, Trump himself does not make any move in breaking the Establishment and doing good for his country because … whining, bragging and looting are his primary concerns. Trump’s own demons are his border wall that do not allow him to challenge or cross the Establishment. Trump is occupied by his own demons and this mindset is further consolidated by Don Jr. and Jared Kushner who continuously keep him on this track. Examples will help.


  • Defense Deals. Trump is spending trillions of taxpayer money in defense deals only because he is benefiting from them reportedly. He is going around marketing for American Defense companies to other countries around the world only because he gets a commission out of it.
  • Saudi Arabia. Jared Kushner is reportedly having close ties with Saudi Arabia and other world leaders only to pull financial benefit from them. He is trying to continuously climb the Security Clearance ladder to spy on Trump’s activities and keep the Establishment informed, reportedly.
  • Foreign Funds. Reportedly, hundreds of millions of dollars have been injected in Trump’s businesses located abroad by foreign countries and businesses.
  • Wars. Trump is keenly interested in wars because it is a good money making tactic. This list goes on to several more activities.

Almost everyone was aware of the emoluments and that Trump was making some benefit on the side. But reportedly, Trumps are also involved in “extortion schemes” against multi-billion dollar companies and rich countries. Trumps are reportedly using Presidential powers to extort money from prime targets. Some examples …

  • Mexico. Trump repeatedly said that Mexico will pay for the wall. But reportedly, Trump got paid off and he is making the American taxpayers pay for the wall now. All of the threats against Mexico were only extortion attempts to make them pay up.
  • Amazon. Amazon is a multi-billion dollar company that Trump openly targeted using Twitter … this was another extortion scheme by Trumps to make Amazon pay up to the new sheriff in town.
  • North Korea. Crazy rocket man, Kim Jong Un became “Chairman Kim” after Trump reportedly got a nice gift from Kim Jong Un. All of the aggression against North Korea worked as an extortion tactic.
  • Huawei. Huawei is another multi-billion dollar company that Trumps are targeting based upon issues in their phones. After all of the aggression against Huawei, Trump wants them on the negotiating table along with China. This aggression was not because Huawei did something wrong but this is another extortion tactic by Trumps, reportedly.
  • Iran. Trump is tightening the screws on Iran again and again but he is telling Iran to “call me” and he is ready to negotiate with Iran without any pre-conditions. Reportedly, the aggression against Iran is also an extortion scheme.

These are just a few of the many examples of extortion schemes from the Trump Presidency being done openly in the public eye using Twitter and public speeches.

Emoluments, Extortion and Wars – Paths to Jail
The main reason why I am writing about this is because … Trumps are very closely watched by 3 major Networks in America … namely, the Establishment, SM Networks and the Democrats. None of them want Trump in the White House mainly because of the above issues. All of the 3 Networks are actively working on using emoluments, extortion and wars as a path to jail for Trumps. Not only Trump but Don Jr. and Jared Kushner … all of the 3 are in the radars.

There are elements that are already trying to get a deal with Mexico, Amazon, Huawei, North Korea or Iran to file charges of “extortion” on the Trump Presidency as we speak. If Iran says that Trump is tightenting the screws on us only to extort money from us then it will be a massive blow to the Trump Presidency … because he is openly telling Iran to call him and meet him without any pre-conditions. If any of his victims comes forward and says … “yes, I paid so and so amount to any Trump” then his Presidency is screwed.

How to manage this?

  • Family Function. We know that you guys function like a family group together. You run the business together and now you are running the Presidency together. In business, you did fine … but in the Presidency, you are getting screwed. Your group function is not working out in the Presidency.
  • Redistribute Don Jr. and Kushner. For your sake and their sake … you need to redistribute Don Jr. and Kushner … let them focus on the business and you take the lead in politics. Let Ivanka help you. Don Jr. and Kushner are taking your Presidency down instead of helping you positively. If you don’t do this now, you will detest and regret this at a later stage.
  • No one voted for Don Jr. or Kushner. The American people made Trump the President. No one voted for Don Jr. or Kushner. Why are you allowing them to screw your Presidency? Do you think that Obama or Warren also allow their sons and son-in-law to run their office? Family members are supposed to be supportive and that’s it … they are not supposed to run your office.
  • Lead and fix your family first. You need to lead in fixing your family first. You cannot allow your son or son-in-law to screw your Presidency. You need to organize your family and give them appropriate roles so that you are not held back. Move them to business functions and away from leadership and policy making.
  • Group Suicide. The current path that you are in … the group work is not helping you but it is more like group suicide. It will take the entire group down and get you eliminated from politics for good. You will face a tough time saving yourselves from jail.
  • Ivanka’s Presidency. This not only impacts Trump but it also impacts Ivanka’s Presidency. If Don Jr. and Jared are maintaining Trump on a scared path of Establishment favors, emoluments, extortion and looting … then how do we trust Ivanka with the Presidency? Especially when one guy is her husband and another guy is her elder brother … and all of them tend to work as a collective group? If Trump himself cannot organize his family then how do we expect Ivanka to manage it?

We were against Trump’s children being attacked legally or by the media. Attacking children is putting undue pressure on the President. But if your son and son-in-law are involved in emoluments, extortion and promotion of wars then they are not considered in the “children category” any more. They might become prime targets in the next phases. You have to organize your family in everyone’s best interests.

America is at a critical stage
America is at a critical stage of choosing between Trump and Warren. Trump has shown great resilience and sometimes very good decision making that keep America First. Trump has learnt a lot and moved ahead many steps. All Networks can move in Trump’s favor … provided he fights off his demons well. He needs to organize his family and show the right leadership. Emoluments, extortion and wars are critical issues that Trump needs to work on. All of these 3 are fast-tracks to jail. We have no issues in leaders making some cash on the side … but not in this manner and not using such techniques. Trump has a lot to work on to provide the right leadership. It is a must for him to fix his family and get on the right track.