14 Jun 2019
Removing the unexploded mines from a ship is called “saving the ship”
in America

If Iran was “planting” the mines on the tankers then it is the culprit … but if it was “removing” the mines then it was actually saving the ship. Why are we reading this in the reverse manner? Just because we want to see it that way? Iran also saved about 50 sailors from these ships … is Iran saving 50 men from a burning ship also a crime?

Saving 50 people from a burning ship is a good thing. Removing unexploded mines from a ship is a good thing. It is actually a life threatening task to remove unexploded mines. Countries should be thanking Iran for the good job and not blame it for the mischief.

The question that you should ask is … if Iran genuinely planted those mines then why will they show up in broad daylight with a boat full of people to remove the unexploded mines? There is no reason for them to show up there while they are being watched on camera, if they were the genuine culprits. If they wanted to blow up the ship and the mines did not blow up then they would add additional mines and bombs to blow up the ship and not remove the mines.

It is totally a wrong interpretation to assume that Iran carried out the attack only because they were removing one or two unexploded mines. Trump should look for video evidence of Iran planting the mines … then this would be genuine evidence of mischief … not the other way around. We should not jump to war, threats and suspicion anywhere the name “Iran” pops up. There are wonderful, helpful and very positive people in Iran as well.