11 Jun 2019
Democrat Blunders will help Trump win Re-Election
in America

Dems don’t realize that they are already on a path of helping Trump win his re-election. Every blunder that Dems will come up with will become a re-election tactic for Trump. Dems don’t know that Trump has already learnt a lot about Establishment malice since the past 3 years and his moves are far more intelligent and calculated than Democrat’s.

There are two major blunders that Dems are coming up with:

  • LGBTQ and
  • Drugs

Both of the above are Establishment led, designed, promoted and facilitated malice. The key promoters of the LGBTQ movement and the legalization of drugs like Marijuana and Pot are Establishment elements. If Democrats had learnt about Establishment malice in various spheres of life and the layers that they work under … then they would not be making moves to support the massive promotion and marketing of LGBTQ and Drugs in America.

Some facts about LGBTQ that Dems should know is:

  • LGBTQ groups have the highest crime rate
  • They have the highest number of Atheists and unreligious people in the their groups
  • Rejection of religion and God is the highest in LGBTQ groups
  • Satanic Jews have been the key pioneers of LGBTQ groups around the world
  • LGBTQ concept got widespread promotion in Communist countries
  • Satanic Jews and LGBTQ groups share the common belief that God will burn them in hell … therefore the majority of both of these groups reject and dislike God
  • Establishment elements are fiercely protecting gay rights only because they are their “brothers in hell” who don’t like God and do stuff against God
  • Christians who refuse to serve LGBTQ groups are being condemned and being punished legally. This is being done only to show the superiority of Satanic Establishment elements in America and Europe over the Christian masses.
  • Just like saying anything against Jews is widely condemned across America … in the same manner, this tactic is also being used to protect the LGBTQ community. If you say anything against Gays then you are widely marketed as homophobic.

The whole thing is a “deviant, decadent and malicious Establishment propaganda” carried out in the name of love, sexual orientation and human rights. Democrats are used in this as partisan politics … to get the votes from the LGBTQ community. And our lovely Elizabeth Warren is wearing rainbow colors and marching along with gays on the road … showing them support and hoping for their votes.

Warren does not realize that all major Networks in America are already well aware of this group … this group is a tiny minority in America. The majority of the groups are seeing that Warren does not know what is going on and that she does not understand Establishment malice. In order to please a tiny minority, she is pissing off the majority.

Managing LGBTQ – Don’t suppress, don’t promote
If I go in details of LGBTQ … it will take a book on its own. The simple tactic that you must follow in dealing with LGBTQ is … don’t suppress, don’t promote. Solving the LGBTQ issues are complicated just like most Establishment issues are. But the simple temporary solution of this is … don’t suppress them, don’t be aggressive against them … give them the basic human rights. But at the same time … don’t promote them, don’t support them and don’t provide marketing for them.

Trump already won in this issue
Trump was already informed on this issue and he got an easy victory. The Establishment wanted to use billions of taxpayer money to create separate “gender neutral” bathrooms for transgenders in the military and government. The Establishment was looking at a massive national level marketing of this deviance and decadence using billions of taxpayer money. We informed the root cause of this issue to Trump and he simply banned transgenders from serving in the Military. Trump got a 3 fold victory via one simple move:

  • He killed a malicious and decadent mass marketing program of the Establishment in America
  • He saved tens of billions of taxpayer money
  • He gave a massive failure to the Establishment, saving his country from decadent marketing

Drugs – Marijuana and Pot Legalization
This is another blunder that many Democrat candidates are coming up with. This is another field where Trump already won. Establishment elements wanted to legalize Marijuana under Trump as well. We informed him about the malice behind this. The Establishment was actually shocked when the American people did not revolt after being informed that there was $10 Trillion of debt after Bush. The Establishmet expected mass protests and the overthrow of the Bankers. But to their surprise, no one protested … no one came after the bankers … and all Establishment exploitation systems simply continued. The Establishment believed that this was owing to the success of the:

  • High cost of living in America where people have to work 2-3 jobs only to survive and they have no time for other things
  • High crime, drugs and decadence in the society

The people were either too busy to act or they were occupied in crime, drugs and decadence. They saw this as a “winning formula” and under Obama, they went ahead with the legalization of same sex marriage in many states and they came up with ideas of legalizing drugs to supply even more drugs in the society. About 60,000 Americans die every year owing to drugs … that is 5000 Americans every month … that is a 9/11 happening every single month in America right in front of our eyes. And what the Establishment is working on is … “how about we supply even more drugs and multiply this catastrophe even more? Let’s keep Americans busy in drugs, crime and decadence because it is helping us.”

Israel – the largest producer of Marijuana in the world
Guess who is going to supply this “Marijuana” in America once it is legalized? Yes, Israel is the largest Marijuana producers in the world. Israel will supply these drugs that destroy the lives of your children and youth … and destroy your society even more.

When we informed Trump about this … with just one phone call he told Netanyahu that “this Marijuana bullshit is not coming to America”. With one simple move, Trump again got a 3 fold victory:

  • He cancelled the mass distribution of drugs using the law by malicious Establishment elements
  • He saved the lives of thousands of innocent American children and youth which would have otherwise been a victim to Marijuana and Pot
  • He failed the Establishment again and saved America again

When Democrats don’t learn, they end up making blunders and these blunders will help Trump. Not only Biden is leading only to lose to Trump … but most of the Democrat Candidates are making massive blunders where Trump has already won. Dems are unknowingly designing Trump’s re-election using their own hands.

Trump is miles ahead in the game. The first thing that Dems should understand is what Trump has accomplished … understand where he is stuck and then show ways of moving ahead of Trump.

Trump’s Plus Points

  • American Energy … he can easily create $5 Trillion of new wealth in the energy sector.
  • Tariffs … Trump does know that he is standing on a treasure mountain that will revolutionize the agriculture and manufacturing industries … and create another $5 Trillion in this sector.
  • Swamp Drain … Trump has been actively kicking out Establishment puppets from the Legal Departments and the White House till all the way to the Supreme Court.
  • Drugs, Crime and Illegal Immigrants. He has been working on measures to combat the issues of drugs, crime and illegal immigrants in the country.
  • World Peace. This is not totally his doing … but we have peace in the world under Trump.

All of these are very good measures happening under Trump. Now, understand why “exit strategies” where created for Trump despite all of the above.

Trump Minus Points

  • Inaction on Monopoly. Trump made several moves against Establishment elements … knowingly and unknowingly. But these moves were not fruitful to their fullest extent … where he was supposed to create $1 Trillion of wealth … he was not able to create even $100 Billion. There is a huge gap in what he is supposed to accomplish and what is he is actually getting done. And this gap is mainly because, he didn’t muster up the courage to break monopoly.
  • Stuck in the race. Trump is miles ahead in the race … but he is stuck and cannot move forward. The wealth drain continues and trade deficits are at their highest … all depletion systems and structures remain unchanged.
  • Establishment favors. To add to the above, he has a list of favors for the Establishment instead of breaking them down.

It is because of these minus points that Trumps are continuously surrounded by chaos clouds. We can stand up and protect Trump from jail in these chaos clouds but we cannot remove the chaos clouds … because the chaos clouds are a result of the monopoly that he has not broken down. Trump is a victim of his own inaction.

Chaos Clouds and Warren
It is a mistake to think that Trump will be taken down via any chaos cloud. Because this is what the Major Networks see about putting an untrained Warren in the White House:

  • No Wall. Since Dems have been against the building of the wall … they will probably not continue on the wall … which means that illegal migration will continue to be a major problem for America.
  • No Tariffs. Tariffs is a Trump initiative … Dems will undo this as well … because Europe is our ally and Biden does not see China as a problem.
  • No American Energy. Dems were against coal and drilling operations as well … which means that the progress made in American Energy will be nullified. America will collectively lose $10 Trillion of potential initiated via Trump under the Democrats.
  • LGBTQ and Drugs. Dems are pro-LGBTQ and pro-drugs … which only means that Dems will nullify the highest revenue generation policies and promote decadence, drugs, crime and death in America?
  • Chaos Clouds. To add to that … since Establishment Monopoly is not broken down … Warren will be surrounded by her own chaos clouds and noise making.

Warren has shown zero initiatives of generating new wealth for America … she is only moving cash from one hand to another … which means that we will be moving from $25 Trillion to $35 Trillion of debt under Warren. Choosing an “untrained Warren” over Trump only means choosing more debt, drugs, decadence, crime and death for America.

Trump – Excellent Resilience
Trump has already shown excellent resilience to all of the aggression levied against him. Why should America choose to get rid of a leader who is maintaining peace in the world … who is fighting against drugs, decadence and crime … and who is creating new wealth for America via Engery and Tariffs? Why should we go in the reverse direction under Warren and undo all of the positive steps made till date?

Dems are making a major reversal
Dems don’t realize that in being anti-Trump, they are making a major reversal of policies and initiatives … and taking us back into debt and death. If Dems want to win against Trump … it is not by being anti-Trump … they need to be ahead of Trump. Right now, Dems are actually paving the way for Trump’s re-election. Seeing the “National level of legalization of Marijuana” from the top Dem Candidates … Trump can easily market that:

  • A vote for Dems is a vote for Drugs
  • A vote for Dems is a vote for destroying our children, youth and society
  • A vote for Dems is a vote for debt, crime and death

And he would be perfectly right to run that campaign based upon the policies that Dems are coming up with.

Breaking Monopoly – Winning Card
Understand this … Trump has already made fantastic moves via tariffs, energy, draining swamp, on drugs, crime and wall. His only and major problem is that “he did not act to break monopoly”. Here is where he is stuck. It is because of this that he is not able to succeed in his major initiatives. If Trump makes the moves to break monopoly then it will be nearly impossible to stop his re-election. But if Democrats want to win then “breaking monopoly” is the winning card … because it will give you all of successes that the Trump Presidency has not accomplished. Trump has moved miles ahead in the game … but he is stuck and he has stopped. It will help you to easily overtake Trump.