30 May 2019
Warren doesn’t realize that Trump is miles ahead in the game
in America

Let’s start with the good news. The top witch’s government failed on Christmas Eve before and it fails again during Ramzan just a few days before Eid. This is hilarious … am I the only one who is loving this? Someone should wish “Eid Mubarak” to Netanyahu.

Coming to the main topic …


Biden is surging only to lose to Trump
We are getting a lot of complaints from some SM Networks about the help we gave to Trump. “The Guardians of Trump only asked you to save Trump from jail traps. The call for help was only to save him from jail. But your help is not only saving him from jail … but also saving him from impeachment, getting him re-elected and also create a dynasty for him. You want to create a dynasty for Trump? Seriously … for Trump? Based upon your recommendations … Biden is surging … and he is surging only to lose to Trump. Groups are working to already activate your plan. How is Trump’s re-election justified? How is a dynasty for Trump justified? Just a month ago, everyone wanted Trump out of the White House … you are changing the tide … what is going on? We brought Warren in the game just for you and you are helping Trump?”

The Fallacies and False Expectations
All of the above are genuine questions … let me show you what is going on. There are several wrong assumptions and expectations about Trump that the people have … that the Democrats have … which may not come true. Standing there and expecting Trump to fail may not help the Democrats and it may even backfire. These are some of the false assumptions.

  • Choosing the right profile. Till date, it was about choosing the right profile for President. Between Obama and Mitt Romney … Obama was the right choice … between Trump and Hillary … Trump was the right choice. Chosing the right profile helped in eliminating the Establishment puppet. It brought a people centric candidate in the White House which has helped in better decision making for the country. Trump is already an Establishment independent candidate … between Trump and Warren … it is not about picking the right profile. Both candidates are Establishment independent. If Warren is thinking that the country will move in her favor because she has a better personal profile than Trump … then it is a mistake.
  • Facts and Logic. Whether to remove Trump or not … who to select in 2020 … it is not about the profile of the person … it is about using facts and logic to determine which candidate is better for the country and the people. Merely the profile is not going to get the Presidency for any candidate … because the Presidency is all about the people and the country.
  • Immoral and Unethical. Democrats marketing the fact that “Trump banged a few pornstars and playmates … makes Trump immoral and unethical … and therefore he should be removed from the White House” … this argument will not help. Trump was already vetted by SM Networks before giving him the Presidency. They already knew about all of this … still they gave him billions of free media coverage, got him the votes and support to become President. SM Networks don’t give a damn of how many women Trump has banged, is banging or will bang. Because this is his personal life and it does not affect the people or the country in any way. Personal life is off limits and doesn’t matter how much you dig into his personal life … it will not help you to remove Trump from office or get you elected in his place.
  • Sex Scandals. Trump is an adult and he can have consensual sex with whoever he wants and whenever he wants. Sex scandals are an Establishment tool used to demonize good leaders and leaders with great potential. How do you know that Bush and Obama did not have their fair share of women? Just because Bush and Obama did not have a sex scandal popup, it does not mean that they were totally squeaky clean. Sex scandals were designed for Bill Clinton because of a fantastic job growth during his Administration and the country was going in debt despite the job growth. The Establishment needed a blame donkey to keep the attention of the people occupied so they unleashed Monica Lewinsky. Bush was running the War on Terror, a major deviation program of the Establishment, no sex scandals were required for Bush. Obama was busy blaming Bush for all of the wars and bad economy … which is exactly what the Establishment wanted … they wanted Bush to be blamed for everything, which is exactly what Obama was doing unknowingly. There was a huge mountain to climb under Obama which is why there was no requirement of a sex scandal for Obama. Obama climbed that mountain and brought a huge job growth again for America … but we still have the massive ongoing debt … which is why the Establishment needed another blame donkey that should be routinely demonized and thus we have sex scandals for Trump. It is a “systematic creation of scandals” by the Establishment as per their needs. Don’t assume that any Establishment aggression against Trumps will be successful as he is already under protective shields. These bogus programs of the Establishment against Trump will be failed.
  • Corrupt. This is a punchline being used by some Dems that “Trump is immoral, unethical and corrupt”. I already showed you why the “immoral and unethical” section will not work out … now let me show you about the corrupt part. First tell me who is not corrupt? Clintons were not corrupt? They went on a speaking tour and made $200 Million via speaking fees. What do you think that this “speaking fees” is? It is the Establishment channelizing “white money” into the accounts of politicians who do favors for them while in office. Obama spent billions in creating the ObamaCare website … don’t you see anything fishy in spending “billions” in creating one website? Hundreds of billions of weapons sent to Libya and Syria simply disappeared … there is no account for it. Do you think that the Democrats are totally squeaky clean? Dems should think twice before calling Trump corrupt. As far as all politicians are concerned … this is simply routine. We are never going to get a Jesus Christ for President. We have to leave some margin for the “self-benefiting” activities of the politicians. This is the realistic way of dealing with real life. What matters is what are these leaders doing for the people apart from some self-benefit on the side.
  • Mueller and Russia. This is another bogus propaganda by the Establishment to show Trump in bad light … when in reality Trump has not committed any crime and Russia is a great world leader. None of this is going to succeed and it will not help in taking down the Trump Presidency.
  • Tax Returns and Personal Business. Dems going for Trump’s tax returns and personal finances is taking the political vendetta beyond limits. What you should see is … how is Trump affecting the lives of 330 Million Americans and the world … instead of digging in his personal life and past personal history. The fact that they are going for his tax returns and personal finances shows that they have nothing on Trump.
  • Trump’s Support for Israel. Another misconception is … “Israel is a major Establishment element and Trump is blindly supporting Israel. Why are you supporting a guy that is crazy after Israel?” We actually gave him this strategy. Israel is a complicated subject and managing Israel will come in the later stages. Things are already too complicated for Trump and he cannot afford to have more on his plate by standing up to Israel. So, we told him to speak in favor of Israel and act in favor of America. This way he removes one issue from his plate and has less to deal with. Yes, giving Jerusalem and Golan Heights should not have been done … Trump got carried away a little bit … but Israel costs America only $2-3 Billion per year … which is tiny peanuts when compared to the trillions that we are losing owing to Establishment Monopoly. The monopoly back home is a bigger issue than Israel. Support for Israel is one way of detecting Establishment puppets but it doesn’t apply to Trump. We already know that he is not a puppet.

Using Logic and Facts in favor of the People and Country
The above are all false assumptions that the people or the Democrats might think. They will not lead to Trump’s failure. Don’t bank on it and don’t expect to succeed in it. We are in a different people-centric era … where all Major Networks focus on logic and facts in favor of the people and the country. The above is just bogus mental voodoo bullshit that is not going to work or help anyone in any way. This is what you need to see about Trump.

To evaluate any leader … these are the two major factors that you need to see during this time of massive Establishment crisis.

  • Actions and Policies. How is this leader addressing this crisis via actions and policies?
  • Dollar Value. How much is the revenue generation for the country via these actions and policies?

In this time of worldwide debt crisis and Establishment malice … these are the two major factors that will measure the leadership of any candidate. We cannot remain blinded via bogus mental voodoo … we have to evaluate everything via facts and logic. This will take us in the right direction.

Facts and Logic on Trump Leadership
What you should realize is that … Trump has zero political experience … he is a new comer in the game and he is already doing things that have never been done before.

  • Drain the swamp. We don’t talk about this much … but Trump is getting rid of hundreds of Establishment puppets from legal and justice departments. We installed one good guy in the White House that is Establishment independent … the Establishment is using legal routes to attack him. And what this good guy is doing is … he is tracking down all Establishment puppets in the legal departments and the White House … and getting rid of them. This is helping in getting rid of hundreds of puppets silently in the background from the Administration and no one even notices. The Establishment is losing its grip and control points in the White House and legal departments by the hundreds … thanks to Trump. Trump is making pro-Israel statements on the frontend but in the backend he is kicking out hundreds of their puppets. This is something that was never done before by any Republican or Democrat President that this new comer is doing. This activity is simply priceless … you cannot put a tag on this.
  • American Energy. Countries in the Middle East solely rely on their natural resources and offer 0% income tax to their citizens because of this wealth. America is extremely rich in natural resources that were not being capitalized before. The export of American Energy has reached record breaking levels … thanks to Trump. Dems were against the use of natural resources … provided restrictions on drilling operations … but this new comer is breaking records and creating “new wealth” for the country. Trump does not know how to run this in fullswing … if he had the full strategy for this then he can easily target new revenue generation for America to the tune of about $500 Billion every year … that is an easy $5 Trillion in the next 10 years.
  • Tariffs. America was being abused as a whore by the world. No Republican or Democrat President stood up to defend American interests … but this new comer stands up to China and stands up to Europe and puts America First. He launches tariffs on hundreds of products coming into America. Trump still does not have the full strategy for this … but if he works on the full strategy then he will revolutionize America’s manufacturing and agricultural industries. He can easily target the creation of “new wealth” to the tune of $500 Billion every year via massive reforms … that is another $5 Trillion in the next 10 years.
  • The Wall. It is one of the most ridiculed element of the Trump Presidency … it is being called the wall of hate and division … which is kind of bullshit. Trump is demonized on the wall issue only because his tactics and rhetoric were incorrect … otherwise illegal immigration is a genuine issue in America. We spend tens of billions of taxpayer money in getting rid of millions of illegal immigrants every year … and all of these illegal immigrants pour right back into the country because there is no wall. It is repetitive cycle of taxpayer money depletion by the tens of billions every year just because there is no god damn wall. Trump is right on the illegal immigration issue and the wall will help. In the long run it will save America hundreds of billions of taxpayer money.

To sum it up … Trump has 3 years of extensive Establishment experience, he is on a track of creating $10 Trillion of new wealth for America via his actions and policies and he is kicking out Establishment puppets by the hundreds from the US Administration. This is exactly what the Trump Presidency is when you eliminate all of the bogus noise of scandals, Mueller, Russia hoax and impeachment calls. Trump has done this in 2 years despite all of the aggression against him.

Yes, this is the reason why we are vehemently against jail for any Trumps and this is why we help Trump. This is just one side of  the coin of why Biden is surging only to lose to Trump. Now take a look at the other side of the coin.

Facts and Logic on Warren’s Leadership
Elizabeth Warren is the most suitable candidate that the Dems have that can lead the country during this crisis. But this is how facts and logic apply to her leadership as of this month.

  • Zero Understanding of the Establishment. She knows that the American Presidency is all about combating Establishment malice but she has zero understanding of the Establishment. She has absolutely no understanding of any Establishment structure … let alone dismantling it or creating an impact on it.
  • Handouts for Votes. As of today, most of her policies are essentially handouts for votes. She wants to rebuild the Middle Class because she wants their votes. She has a plan for healthcare for children which is another mass vote pulling strategy … she calls it a “major structural reform” but it is nothing but taxing American citizens and making them pay for it. It is not a structural reform or new wealth created by her … it is just an additional tax on the people and make them pay for it … and she wants the people’s vote for this deal.
  • Google A and Google B. She calls breaking monopoly as breaking Google, Amazon and Facebook into two companies. She calls creating Google A and Google B as the breaking of monopoly. The Establishment owns tens of thousands of companies … just picking 3 companies and creating special regulation for them is not called breaking monopoly. Even if she gets elected … she will spend a lengthy legal battle trying to break these companies while the country sinks in debt. And if we go at this rate of breaking 3 companies at a time … it will take hundreds of years to break Establishment monopoly.
  • Policies and Reforms. She knows that the next election is all about policies and reforms … and she is coming up with a plan after plan after plan. But her plans don’t even show an understanding of Establishment structures, let alone change anything. She is supporting all of the plans via additional taxes … with “zero new wealth” being created for the country.
  • Cycle of Bullshit. All of her plans are based on taxing one section of the people and giving handouts to the other section of the American people. What she does not realize is that this is a cycle of bullshit that the Establishment has designed. Republicans remove the taxes calling it great change … Democrats add the taxes calling it great change. Bush removed the taxes … Obama added the taxes … Trump removed the taxes and now she wants to add the taxes. This is a cycle of bullshit while the country sinks in trillions of debt every year. She doesn’t realize that … this is nothing great … this is not structural reform … but this is the same cycle of bullshit that has been repeating since several decades.

Comparing Trump and Warren
If you use logic and facts to compare Trump and Warren … on one side, we have Trump who is targeting the biggest Establishment exploitation systems that is draining wealth of the country by the trillions … he is on a track to generate $10 Trillion of new wealth for America … and revolutionize the agricultural and industrial sectors of the country. While on the other side, we have Warren, who has no understanding of any Establishment structure … her policies create zero dollars of new wealth … it doesn’ t affect the Establishment in any way and only taxes the American people.

This is the other side of the coin why Biden is surging only to lose to Trump. The most suitable candidate that the Dems have … knows nothing, creates zero dollars and only taxes the people.

Trump is a failure and a success
Yes, this huge momentum that has been created to remove Trump from the White House is mainly because of Trump’s inaction and because he left a huge leadership vacuum. When the Establishment is concerned at the whole level … Trump is still inactive and there is a huge leadership vacuum. Trump’s tariffs and American Energy initiatives have not generated even $100 Billion … let alone generate $1 Trillion. When the whole crisis is concerned and the output from Trump’s initiatives are concerned … Trump is still a failure.

But when you look at the other candidates … who know nothing, who create zero dollars, who only tax American citizens … Trump is still a success. Success is relative. When the Establishment is concerned … Trump is still failing … but when other candidates are concerned Trump is miles ahead in the game.

This is the reason why I say that … Trump is a hairline away from fantastic victories. Because he is already far ahead in the game … he is already kicking out puppets … he has already launched a couple of key policies … all he needs to do is understand the structures, implement the right strategies and win.

Protecting Elizabeth Warren
Biden is surging to lose to Trump … is a way of protecting Warren. We love Warren and many SM Networks love Warren. Everyone believes that she will be a fantastic President. But she has learnt nothing and she is not ready to be President. Warren needs to be protected because:

  • Losing both fantastic candidates. Let’s assume we allow Warren to win against Trump in a state where she knows nothing and has no appropriate plan. Then we lose Trump who is already far ahead in the game and we get another candidate who knows nothing. It would be a new comer Presidency all over again. No one wants to spend grueling years of managing a new comer in the White House from Establishment malice all over again. It took the entire country to keep the Trump Presidency safe and on the right track. Trump is already on a positive track … why lose him and get another untrained President? It doesn’t make sense. We will endup losing both good candidates then who are we going to bring into the White House after we have lost Trump and Warren?
  • Experienced Trump will defeat an unprepared Warren. Let us assume, we don’t allow Biden to surge and Warren gets defeated by Trump … then this is not good for Warren’s career. She will always be the candidate that lost to Trump. This will make her chances in 2024 very difficult. Look what happened to Hillary after she lost to Trump … the entire party abandoned her. Warren is not ready to be President which is why Biden will take the fall in her place. If Biden falls to Trump then Warren can freely run again in 2024.
  • The making of another Hillary. What the major networks want to avoid is the “making of another Hillary”. Do you know why the country hates Hillary? Because she promises the world to the people but doesn’t do shit when she comes to office. She is branded as a liar by her own people. This is what happens when you make a long list of promises but really don’t know how to actually implement them. Warren is promising great structural reform and great things for the people … but taking money from one hand and giving to another is not structural reform. Obama gave up his signature punchline of “yes we can” after the people were disappointed by his accomplishments. The major networks don’t want Warren to be another Hillary who is not prepared to lead. Warren is too good to be wasted.

Two major ways that will remove Trump
All of the bogus chaos cloud around Trump will not remove him from office. There are only two major ways that will remove Trump from the White House.

  • Major Bombastic Blunder from Trump. If Trump creates a major bombastic blunder that will adversely affect the lives of millions of people … like wars or shutting down of government for wall funding … then only he is looking for removal from office. Don’t expect the scandals or investigations or Mueller or Russia hoax or tax returns or personal finances to take down Trump. The White House is about the people and the country … it should be something adverse that Trump has done against the people and the country. And I don’t think that Trump is going to make that blunder … as several networks out there are guiding him and helping him.
  • Be Better. Dems should quit expecting Trump to fail … instead they should try to be better. Learn, educate yourself, formulate the right strategies and then create a plan to “be better” for the country and your people.

This situation is something like … there are two guys in a race. The first guy takes 3 steps ahead and the other guy starts shouting “foul, foul, foul” … and his strategy is to disqualify the first guy from the race in order to win. In order to win the race, you need to take more steps … better and faster steps and cross the finish line first. You can’t just stand at the start line … cry foul, foul, foul … try to disqualify the other guy in order to call yourself the winner … while you are actually going to take 3 steps behind the start line.

How is it fair to disqualify the person who is 3 steps ahead in the race when you are actually 3 steps behind the start line? Trump has not done any foul … this whole thing is foul play. Play fair … play better … show yourselves as better leaders via real facts and logic.