12 May 2019
The Establishment may mislead Trump into using “war” as a re-election strategy
in America

Here is an important thing to keep in mind … the Establishment may mislead Trump into using “war” as a re-election strategy. Trump thinks that Bush won his re-election because of his wars and Trump was actually openly expecting Obama to launch wars in order to get re-elected. Somehow Trump has an idea that wars help in re-election.

False Assumption
Firstly, it’s a false assumption. Bush did not win his re-election because of wars. The Establishment rigged the election in his favor in order to continue the War on Terror. The War on Terror was a huge priority for the Establishment then … because America was sinking by $1 Trillion every year since Bush’s first year. The War on Terror was the deviation strategy of the Establishment from the massive debt. If Bush did not get re-elected then the War on Terror would have been failed and the massive debt would be exposed very very early. It was a desperate Establishment that rigged everything and maintained Bush in power … only to use his Presidency as a cover-up for the debt.

Now, the War on Terror has been vaporized … the massive debt has already been exposed. Massive SM Networks have come into play … the Establishment has lost control of the process. Obama did not get his re-election because of wars. But he got re-elected because he started winding up wars and started campaigning for internal reforms … “healthcare” was his biggest marketing card for re-election … not wars.

Why is the Establishment suggesting wars?
Owing to the change of the dynamics in American politics … the Establishment has lost control of the process. We are able to move in Establishment independent candidates in powerful positions. Trump’s election is one such example. The Establishment is pissed off at Trump’s election … which they clearly declare every single day via their own media channels. SM Networks have made a major power move against the Establishment … the Establishment is now trying to outsmart SM Networks and show the world that this “outsider” is full of blunders, a total disaster and that he will destroy the world. Trump’s blunders will give an excuse to impeach him or even put him in jail.

The Establishment wants the failure of the leadership of SM Networks in America. Its become a too powerful force for the Establishment to manage. The only way it can establish its authority again is via failure of the new leaders and the new movement. We have not yet launched any policies but they will try to fail the policies as well. This is their way of “failing change” and continuing with their exploitation systems.

Bogus carrots being shown to Trump
Blunders from Trump will help the Establishment in failing his Presidency. This is why they are pushing for war by showing bogus carrots. They may try to attract Trump towards war by showing two major incentives:

  • Re-Election. “You don’t get impeached when there is a major war going on. And it will help you get re-elected”. This is a bogus carrot and a fallacy. The Establishment itself created a huge outcry over the Muslim Ban and created lawsuits against Trump’s every single move possible. Do you actually think that they will sit and do nothing while Trump bombs other countries?
  • Cash Incentives. Trillions were spent on previous wars. They will send in defense contractors who will provide Trump with a lot of cash incentives for the continuous wars. Its all about using more and more of bombs, missiles and aircrafts provided by the defense contractors … keep giving them business and keep making more money.

What the Establishment will try to do is … show re-election and a lot of cash on this path. But it is actually the opposite … the Establishment hates Trump and this is what they are planning.

  • Remove Security Shields. The Trump Presidency is actually on a good track. The wars have come to an end. Everyone is focusing on policies. Trump is running an America First agenda … putting Tariffs on China … working on building American economy … all of these are working as “security shields” for Trump. To add to all of this … he is also planning to send billions of agricultural products to Africa to help the poor … this will also be loved and function as a security shield for Trumps. But wars, destruction and death will remove all of these security shields for all Trumps. SM Networks will no longer be protecting Trumps from impeachment or jail.
  • War Crime Trials. The Establishment is not planning for Trump’s re-election but they are trying to remove security shields and planning for war crime trials in order to terminate his Presidency and also put Trump in jail for life. They are planning the opposite of what they propose.

Potential Issues of a War with Iran
The second ship is sailing towards Iran and this what Trump needs to know of how the Establishment will play its cards and justify impeachment and jail for Trump.

  • Nukes. It is highly probable that Iran already has nukes. Seeing the destruction in the neighboring countries, Iran would not sit there idle. It is an extremely rich country and it might have already purchased nukes from North Korea. Only because they are too expensive to buy, Iran is working on its own nuclear programs for mass production. Iran will never disclose that it has nukes fearing an attack on the location of the nukes. You will know for sure only when the war begins. There might be a reason why Iran calls Israel a “one bomb country”. They might already have something with them.
  • Thousands of missiles. Starting a war with Iran … will not only give you a surprise that your opponent has nukes … but they already have tens of thousands of missiles mass manufactured to attack all American allies in the region. American allies include Europe and the Middle East. Iran is not another Iraq … they will shower missiles everywhere.
  • Backlash from Europe and the Middle East. An attack on Iran will instantly spread the war in Europe and the Middle East. Russia will defend Iran … while Europe will respond. It is an easy path to a third world war. This is the main reason why European countries are sticking to the Iran Nuclear Deal … no one wants a potential war with Russia.
  • Post World War III for Trumps. If Trump becomes the guy that started a nuclear world war in order to just get re-elected and make some money … with the destruction that this war will create all across America, Europe and Russia … it will create enormous hate and enmity towards Trumps from Americans, Europeans and Russians. Everyone will be literally hunting down the Trump Family that destroyed the world. Your only survival option will be to live in China under a different identity.
  • Establishment gets what it wants. Amusingly … with all of the above, the Establishment gets what it wants. It gets to destroy America, Europe and Russia via a world war … and also eliminate the Trump Family. They are literally using you to destroy your countries and eliminate your family for good. Vicious, isn’t it? Yeah, that’s how they are.

Forget about the days where Bush and Hillary were bombing countries and the world was sitting and watching. Everything is changing … there are massive changes within America … and Russia is providing fantastic world leadership. All of the current wars … it might be Venezuela, North Korea or Iran … all of them are being designed to impeach Trump and terminate his Presidency … and if they can pull it off, they want to bring in a broad level of destruction.

Right now, Trump is in a good phase … where we have peace and stability … wars are winding down … people are liking the job growth … tariffs will help support Africa by the billions which is a great thing. This is an excellent track where it will be very difficult for the Establishment to put any Trump in jail. All of the good things that Trump is doing … they are working as security shields for him. Trump should not allow the Establishment to mislead him from this path. They will not only unleash the worst on the world but they will also unleash the worst on the Trump Family.

Look what they did to Bush … they used him for the War on Terror and then humiliated and blamed him for everything. The War on Terror was a cover-up for the Establishment’s debt based policies … not for Bush’s policies. They used him, humiliated him and blamed everything on him … what makes you think that they will be any different to you? These guys should never be trusted. Never, never, never trust the Establishment. Always decide based on reason and logic … and do what is best for your country and keep your family safe.