21 Apr 2019
America in Transition A time when not doing what is right is a crime
in America

Trump was celebrating the end of Collusion. There were no criminal charges against any Trump and no crime had been committed. But still there is enormous aggression against Trump and moves are in motion to terminate his Presidency. Why? Because this is not a time when you can sit there doing nothing. America is like a burning building … not doing anything and sitting in front of a burning building is seen as a crime … especially when you are the President of the country. America is in transition … it is in a time when not doing what is right is a crime.

This is what Trump needs to understand. He keeps saying that … “I didn’t do anything wrong … I didn’t do anything wrong” … but what everyone else is saying is that … “you are not doing anything right … you are not doing anything right”. The scene is of a burning building … you don’t have to be a criminal to be removed from the scene. All what people see is … can you handle the job or not? If not then they move on to the next most eligible candidate.

America in crisis
What you should understand is that … there is a crisis in almost every field in America.

  • From education to healthcare
  • From infrastructure to cost of living
  • From gun violence to drug epidemics

There is a crisis in almost every field in America. It is literally a burning building and one of the major visible factor is the $1.5 Trillion National Debt being accumulated every year.

The Debt Crisis and Establishment Monopoly
What you should understand is that … all of the below were carried out owing to the debt crisis via Establishment Monopoly:

  • War on Terror … where trillions of taxpayer money were spent
  • Half a dozen countries were destroyed
  • A major anti-Russian propaganda was waged
  • We were on the verge of a conflict with Russia
  • A massive anti-Trump agenda is being run
  • And now Churches are being attacked in several countries … to start a new anti-Semitism propaganda

When we say “debt crisis” … all of the above are just “side effects” of the same. The majority of them were deviation programs and now the Establishment is trying to protect itself via an anti-Semitism propaganda. Understand how critical this issue is … that its side effects resulted in the loss of trillions of taxpayer money and the lives of millions of people … and left several countries destroyed … while we are plagued with bogus propaganda inside the country.

Creation of a Leadership Vacuum
When you sit in a crisis filled country, doing nothing and not making any major change to address this crisis … then you create a major leadership vacuum. When you don’t take the lead then everyone sees you as a guy not fit for the job and several others jump to take the job. This is the major issue that you are facing now … “lack of leadership”.

Your lack of leadership on these major issues will create several issues for you … like:

  • Leadership Vacuum. Everyone will see that … “hey, there are so many issues out there and this guy is not doing anything at all. He is making no major change. He is not fit for the job.” Now, the hunt for the next most eligible candidate will begin. (This already began in your second year itself, by the way).
  • Democrat Challengers. Many people in the Congress know that these are “victories on a platter” … all you need to do is make the right moves and you will win. Seeing Trump’s lack of leadership … they are incredibly eager and keen to take the leadership role … and go down in history as the greatest reformers ever.
  • Republican Challengers. You are leaving such a huge vacuum that … forget about the Democrats … even Republicans want to challenge your leadership in 2020.
  • Loss of Network Support. Major American Networks will pull support seeing your lack of leadership and seeing the potential of other potential candidates.

Its not about Collusion. The bigger picture here is about “saving the American people and saving America”. Yes, there was no crime committed in the collusion theory … but any excuse to remove a person who will not lead will be justified. Everyone looks at the bigger picture here … everything else is put into place.

Jail was the wrong thing to do
Yes, jail was the wrong thing to do. The Establishment had laid out several “jail traps” for Trumps and we vehemently opposed all of these moves … because we know that Trump doesn’t deserve jail … at least as per his current record that is. The good news for you is that … you are out of most jail traps. This is a good thing that Mueller did … he did not press charges on any Trump … this was good … now is the question about your leadership. Impeachment and removal from office is all about leadership.

Not Establishment Malice
This is not Establishment malice. It is all about what is right for America and the American people … and who is most suited to lead the country in the current times and crisis. This is not malice but actually good for America. And almost all Major Networks support this competition. Its Trump’s mistake that he allowed this competition to crop up in the first place. If he had taken the lead then he would be so far ahead in the game that no one would even think of competing with him or challenging him. This is 100% Trump’s fault … he was made President and now he is not leading … when in reality, he is actually just a hairline away from winning. Just a hairline away. But only God knows what he is up to.

Observe the Dems
Observe how the Democrats changed in your first two years and then how they are now. In the first two years:

  • They were totally stagnant … very inactive and didn’t even care to play their opposition role.
  • This was mainly because of two reasons. On one hand, they thought that Trump would work with Active Democracy and he would become a phenomenal modern world leader and it would be impossible to defeat or challenge him.
  • And on the other hand, the Establishment wolves were very keen in taking down the Trump Presidency. In both scenarios, they had very little role to play.

But to their surprise, Trump does not work with Active Democracy … creates a huge leadership vacuum by not solving any of the country’s major problems … while the Establishment is busy trying to take down the Trump Presidency one way or the other. The same Democrats that were totally passive before, now:

  • They are actively standing up to Trump
  • They have launched Presidential campaigns at a highly unusual early time of 2 years before the next elections
  • They are incredibly keen to strike and take the opportunity to lead and be known as phenomenal world leaders. Trump’s loss is their gain … and in this case … it is everything … the entire Presidency and worldwide phenomenal leadership.
  • And to their luck, they have the Establishment as well as SM Networks who do not approve of Trump’s leadership. Almost all Major Networks want the Trump Presidency to end.

The impeachment and the termination of the Trump Presidency is not because of Russia or Collusion or Mueller or anything illegal that you might have actually done. It is mainly because Trump is not leading and he has created a huge leadership vacuum.

Benefits of Trump’s Impeachment for the Dems
Put yourself on the other side and take a look of how it would benefit Dems if Trump is impeached.

  • Leadership Vacuum. First and foremost, they get to be the phenomenal leaders that will change America and the world for good. The entire impeachment movement will show how Trump is lagging behind … not making any major changes and how Dems are ready to take the lead. We need heroes and champions in the White House … and Dems are openly screaming that they are ready to play the role.
  • Howard Shultz. Another push for impeachment is designed by the Establishment by pitching Howard Shultz, a Jewish Billionaire, as a third party candidate. A third party candidate creates the risk of votes being snatched from either party. But if Trump is impeached or even brought very close to impeachment … it will improve the Democrat’s chances of winning against Howard Shultz and Trump. The worse Trump’s situation is made, the better the chances of Democrat’s victory.
  • Easy 2020. Assuming Trump is impeached a few months before the election then it is an easy 2020 victory for the Democrats.

We have been warning Trump about this scenario since his first year itself … “Dems will want 2020 … Dems will want 2020 … Dems will want 2020”. And look, that’s exactly where we are right now … to the extent that they are calling for impeachment.

How will doing what is right help?
Like I said before … America is in a major transition time. There is a huge transition from authoritarian and corporate managed leadership to an Era of People Power. The movements and changes owing to the involvement of People Power in leadership is making phenomenal changes. This is not a time where you can sit idle. It will be impossible for you to run hotel politics. In the hotel business, you can buy a hotel and then make money off it. But you cannot apply the same to the Presidency … you cannot say that … “okay the Presidency is mine … now let’s make money off it … while doing nothing for the people”. This approach will not help you at all. It will backfire enormously.

There is no issue in making some money on the side … but “this is a Presidency” … people come first … you have to show some major reforms for the people. If you remain stagnant saying that “America is already great and nothing needs to change” … then what everyone hears is … “I have no idea what is going on or what to do … someone responsible, please step up”. And this is exactly what is happening … every time you are saying that America is great and offering no major changes … replacement strategies are being pushed ahead.

Keep your eyes on the bigger picture
Screw the calls for impeachment or Collusion theories or obstruction of justice allegations or whatever. The baseline here is that … Trump is not leading … he has no major reforms at hand. Step up with major reforms … I already gave one example … become the “Healthcare King” … offer fantastic healthcare … we will show you how … and surpass all of these replacement strategies.

Compared to other candidates … you have a lot of additional on the ground experience … experience like no other candidate has got till date. Lol. I sympathize with you. But use it … its time to use what you have learnt and start winning with reforms. Jail has already been thwarted … next major step is to thwart impeachment. Lead and win.