12 Apr 2019
Assange is not the target, Trump is the target here
in America

Seems like it is raining in traps this year for Trump … poor fellow. Let’s help him out … this is what Trump needs to know. Right now, Julian Assange is not the target … Trump is the target. This is what’s going on:

  • Presidency Shock. The Establishment got a major shock at Trump’s victory despite the sex scandals being unleashed. They thought that the sex scandals would definitely kill your chances of being President. But you still won.
  • Lawsuits & Demonization Failure. They are shocked at the fact that your Presidency has entered its third year. They thought it would be terminated in the first year itself. Despite all of the ridicule, demonization and lawsuits … your Presidency shows no sign of stopping. This is another shocker for them.
  • Mueller Failure. The latest major shock that they got was that … Mueller winds up the investigation without any charges on any Trump. The biggest investigation against Trump has been failed.

The Establishment is repeatedly being failed by SM Networks … mainly because all of this is nothing but malice and bullshit that is only consuming time and keeping the country occupied with bullshit.

Continuing the Mueller Propaganda
Since Mueller was the biggest noise maker against the Trump Presidency, the Establishment is trying to revive as much as possible to continue this propaganda.

  • Demands for the Full Report. Which is why they are pushing the Dems to demand for the release of the full report from Mueller … so that they can continue the propaganda with the bits and bytes that they can scratch from the report.
  • Asylum revoked for Assange. Note the timing of this event. Since 7 years in Ecuador Embassy … nothing happens … but when Mueller winds up with no indictments against any Trump … then asylum is revoked for Assange. This has nothing to do with Assange not following rules or Britain or anything else. This was done mainly because Assange is the missing link in the Russian Collusion propaganda.

Assange is the missing link in the Collusion Propaganda
President Putin and Russia are invincible. The Establishment or American authorities cannot do anything to Russia or President Putin. They cannot reach out to the other side to make the Collusion story add up. But Julian Assange is the one who released the emails from DNC. These documents were reportedly supplied by Russian hackers. The story that the Establishment is going for is this:

  • Russia hacked DNC servers
  • These hackers gave the documents to Assange
  • Assange released these documents
  • Assange is the collaborator in this collusion with Russia

Since Assange will provide proof and witness that this was done via Russian hackers to damage Trump’s political opposition … it will be proven that Russia colluded with Trump and adversely affected the Democrats during the election. This is Collusion … this is Election Interference … and Trump and Russia are responsible for this. This is exactly what the Establishment is going for. It has nothing to do with Assange not following rules or Wikileaks publication of war crimes in Iraq. Assange is not the target … Trump is the target here.

Making Assange flip like Cohen
The main reason why Assange has been charged for “conspiracy” in releasing war crimes materials is so that … they can use this to pressurize Assange and make him flip against Trump. With conspiracy charges … they will show Assange jail time of 10-25 years and then use that pressure to obtain information on Russian hackers to go after Trump.

They ran the same gimmick with Cohen, Manafort, Flynn and all others. They use other charges to pressurize the target and make him flip so that he starts talking about Trump. They are trying to pull Assange in this particular setup. “Talk about Trump to get reduced jail time” … this is the deal.

What to do about this?
This is plain politics. The Establishment is only trying to consume the next two years of the Trump Presidency with garbage propaganda that has absolutely no use for the people. It is just a plain deviation tactic and keeping people occupied with bullshit. Trump can easily pull strings to change this from happening.

Don’t go against Assange or Wikileaks
The first thing that Trump should keep in mind is that … he should not make any public statement against Assange or Wikileaks. The Establishment will be the first ones to use these statements in order to flip Assange. You will be doing exactly what they want and you will end up helping them to create the trap for you.

Don’t go against Assange … don’t make any statements against him. Publicly, remain neutral … if you show support then they will claim conspiracy … just remain neutral in the public sphere. And then … help him from the backend. Pull strings from the backend to save Assange. Obviously Assange will do the same:

  • He will not make any anti-Trump statements
  • He will not make any move against Trump
  • He will not work on releasing your tax returns or whatever
  • Trump will never be the target of Wikileaks works

Formulate this kind of a deal … and make sure that Assange knows that “Trump is the one who is helping him”. Helping Assange is helping yourself. If you help Assange save himself from this situation then you will protect your Presidency from this Collusion curse for the next two years. This is how you can pull strings to save him.

Extradition Phase
Right now, Assange will go through the Extradition Phase. US Authorities will try to get him extradited to America from UK. There will be a lawsuit on this. Help Assange win this.

  • Pull political strings in the UK … call Theresa May, saying that you are not interested in getting Assange extradited and that Assange should win the extradition case. The moment Assange is released in the UK … he will catch his next flight to Russia where he will remain safe for good. Assange can continue his work in Russia and target other world leaders while remaining under Russian protection. He will be forever grateful to you.
  • Attorney General of the US … pull backend strings in the Justice Department as well … so that they cooperate in getting Assange released.
  • Sweden … make sure that Sweden doesn’t jump and come into action. They also have some bogus lawsuits.

The point in this is to make sure that Assange is released in the UK itself so that he can move to Russia. Assange should never step on US soil. The moment he is on US soil … the Establishment will pull him in several investigations and charges to make sure that he starts talking against Trump. He should not step on US soil.

Why Russia for Assange?
Assange does not know that he is messing with the Establishment. The moment he published information about war crimes … it was a direct attack on the Establishment’s malice in Afghanistan and Iraq. Staying in the UK is not going to keep him safe in any way. UK is a major Establishment stronghold. Assange will never remain safe in the UK. Russia will give him the right security and he can freely continue his work from there. Russia is very strong against the Establishment.

Conspiracy Charges Phase
Hopefully, you should succeed in the Extradition Phase itself. Assuming that you don’t succeed in the Extradition Phase … then Assange will be on US soil. The whole bogus Collusion propaganda will be restarted. The only thing that you have to tell Assange’s team is that … Assange will be given a Presidential pardon at the right time.

Obama became a hero when he pardoned Bradley Manning
Obama got great publicity and a very positive coverage in the media for pardoning Bradley Manning. This is not like pardoning Manafort. Assange is seen as a hero and a revolutionary. Pardoning him will not backfire at all … in fact, it will be seen as the right thing to do.

Reverse the strategy on the Establishment
The best way to fail the Establishment’s traps and games is to … reverse the strategy on them. They are trying to create ISIS in Libya by making you spend trillions in a civil war there. The way to win is to reverse the strategy … don’t send a single penny in the war & starve out the opposition. That’s how you reverse the strategy on the Establishment and make them fail. In the same manner, the Establishment is trying to pull Assange on US soil to revamp the Collusion propaganda. The way to reverse the strategy on them is to run a counter propaganda.

  • Run a major anti-war propaganda. There is no new war under Trump. There is peace & stability under Trump … you don’t need to worry about being pro-war. As of now, Assange has been charged on conspiracy charges for releasing war crimes materials. This is a fantastic opportunity to launch a major anti-war propaganda.
  • Use anti-war politicians. You will find anti-war politicians on both sides of the aisle. Rand Paul, Ron Paul and Jim Jordan on the Republican side. AOC, Ilhan Omar, Tlaib and many others among the Democrats. Pull backend strings to connect with these politicians … support what Assange had released and run a major anti-war propaganda.
  • 100,000 Civilians Killed in Iraq. Just in case, you don’t know. The conspiracy charge is on the release of documents that showed the deaths of more than 100,000 “civilians” in Iraq. This is a monstrosity that was being committed in the previous US Administrations. The guy who released this information is being charged on one password. What about the charges for the 100,000 civilian deaths in Iraq? Where is the accountability for this?
  • Do not allow the Establishment to control the propaganda. If you allow the Establishment to control the flow, to control the decisions and the media … then they will easily move to a major anti-Trump propaganda … by creating the image of a villain of Assange and show you as the bad guy as well. Instead be 10 steps ahead … and bring out the main villain that is hiding in plain sight. This propaganda will be much more useful for America and the American people because it will show major failures of the previous US Administrations and the atrocities that they have committed.
  • Assange and Trump come out as heroes. We already have fantastic peace & stability under Trump. If you focus on all of the atrocities that were committed in the previous Administrations … it will only help in the people realizing how great & awesome the Trump Presidency is.

Several benefits of a counter propaganda

  • Peace Champion. Firstly, running a major anti-war propaganda by using the materials that were disclosed by Assange will help in showing the American people how Trump is a true “peace champion”. The people will see the awful things that were done before … but they do not happen under Trump’s watch.
  • Hero out of Assange. Even before the Establishment tries to create a villain out of Assange … show him as a fantastic hero by shining enormous positive light on his work.
  • Give up Extradition. When you take this anti-war propaganda in full swing … the Establishment’s plan will fail to a great extent and they will be more than willing to allow the Extradition to be failed.
  • No revival of Collusion. If Assange moves to Russia successfully then there will be no revival of any Collusion bogus propaganda.
  • Presidential Pardon. Even if Assange is brought to America and he is convicted on conspiracy charges … showing Assange as a hero in the anti-war propaganda will justify a Presidential Pardon at the tap of a finger. People will want and love the Presidential Pardon.
  • Assange doesn’t flip. Showing Assange as a hero via the anti-war propaganda will make sure that Assange doesn’t flip and that we have his back.

You can easily kill the Establishment’s games by simply reversing the strategy on them. Don’t be afraid … you have done nothing wrong … remain neutral in the public sphere as far as the Collusion work is concerned and make sure to activate a major anti-war propaganda. Play smart and you will win.