11 Apr 2019
Libya is a potential “jail trap” for Trump
in America

Of course, you can breathe … take your time … but this is why Libya has been activated right now. It is designed to be a potential “jail trap” for Trump. This is what’s going on … Establishment elements have been pushing for criminal charges and indictments against Trumps. But SM Networks are thwarting these attempts citing the “peace & security” established under Trump. SM Networks are resisting jail for Trumps saying that … Trump is good for America and world peace.

This is the main reason why the Establishment pushed for:

  • Government Shutdown for Border Wall Funding
  • A Potential Civil War in Venezuela and now
  • A New War in Libya

All of these moves are being designed to bring out the “monster in Trump” … a guy who will bomb countries ruthlessly … who is a mass murderer … there is no difference between Trump and Hillary … quit protecting Trump … Trump deserves jail. This is the argument that the Establishment is trying to make with all of these moves. They want to see an end of the Trump Presidency ASAP.

Thankfully … you are dodging all traps successfully.

  • You have moved away from the government shutdown move
  • You have not started a civil war in Venezuela and now
  • You have to rectify the issue in Libya

All of these are traps. The Libya trap is a smart one.

  • On one side you can lose an oil rich country and be seen as careless guy who didn’t know what was going on
  • On the other side, you can start a civil war which will justify the “monstrous image” that the Establishment wants to create

I know … you might be busy and caught up with a lot of stuff. But we already told you this before that something like this would happen. If you had played your moves right in the beginning then you wouldn’t be occupied so much with ridiculous and bogus stuff … such as Mueller. However, note this.

Libya and Iraq have a potential of $400 Billion per year
Libya has a GDP of $50 Billion ... which was $80 Billion at its peak. Iraq has a current GDP of about $200 Billion … which was about $230 Billion at its peak. With the right strategies ...

  • Libya can easily move beyond $100 Billion
  • Iraq can easily move beyond $300 Billion
  • You are looking at a total of more than $400 Billion every year in your hands

We own Libya and Iraq … these are our territories … we control them and we run them. We don’t call them a part of America or as our colonies because that would be politically incorrect. But they belong to us a 100%. The politically correct word is “ally”. We will refer to them as our allies in the respective regions … but we own them a 100%. We have fully conquered these countries and they belong to us.

Win-Win Solutions
We are not going to run these countries as our colonies as in the Colonial Rule times. But we are going to create win-win strategies with these countries. So that … their people get a rule that is 100 times better than their current or past leaders have provided … and it also takes care of American interests in the country as well as in the region.

You can’t say that … “hey, I am too busy with Mueller” and lose countries worth $400 Billion for the American people. We have spent trillions in these wars … every cent of it belonged to American taxpayers … we have lost thousands of lives in these wars. We owe it to every lost American soldier … to make sure that something good came out of these wars … that we got good allies that supported America for generations to come. Try to look for what is good for America and your people.

Very easy to do
It is incredibly easy to do. Do not go on a bombing spree mainly because:

  • You will directly fit in the “jail trap” that the Establishment is designing
  • And secondly, if you bomb and destroy the country for so many years … it will create enormous hate for America and Americans … getting cooperation from them after such hate will be a difficult task to manage

Play smart and win

  • Use more intelligence than bombs. Screw the war policies that were run till date. They were a total disaster for America and the target countries. Lead intelligently with smart strategies.
  • Starve them out … instead of blowing up trillions of taxpayer money on your opposition. All you need to do is … setup a small group of military intelligence officers, who will find out … who these rebel groups are and simply use political strings to starve them out. It will take a few hours of your time to organize the group and give them the right strategy.
  • Use most economical means … if required, then use the most economical means to stomp them out. Use the bombs and missiles that are rotting in our warehouses … instead of disposing them … use it for a good cause. But use them minimally causing the least damage to the host country.

Just play smart and you will come out winning. How Libya and Iraq will help America in the long run … we will let you know that later on when the time is right. But this is no Syria or Venezuela. We already own and control these countries. We need a strong military base in each country … and we should fully manage and control the country.

The Establishment is just trying to show that Trump is stupid or he is a monster. Stupid because he lost an oil rich country right from under his nose … and monster because he started a civil war right where Hillary began her bombing career. This is their gimmick. You can easily show that … Trump is neither stupid nor a monster … Trump is freaking awesome and smart. Play smart and win.