10 Apr 2019
Consolidate in Libya and Iraq
in America

Its great that we have peace and stability with ISIS and terrorism gone. All of that is great. But we cannot lose Libya and Iraq. In both of these countries … we need to have a military base and a government that follows our lead. We have spent trillions in these wars and we are not going to give up these countries to some stupid rebel factions. Hell no. We have business to do here.

Will supporting the government in Libya be seen as a new war?
No, this will not be seen as a new war. We need a government that follows us and represents our interests in Libya. Pushing back rebels is not starting a new war.

Why support governments in Libya and Iraq?
Oil rich countries, my friend … we have business to do here. We have $22 Trillion in debt and a lot of work to do in America. These allies will help. I will show you how later on. But we need full control over these two countries. This is not Syria that can be given up. It will be a major loss if we lose these countries. We spend 16 years of war and trillions in these countries and we get nothing in return? Its not gonna be like that. I will show you win-win strategies in these countries … maintain full control over them.

Establishment Malice – Challenging Trump’s victory against ISIS
What you are seeing here in Libya is “Establishment malice” that is challenging Trump’s victory against ISIS. Several Establishment elements have been:

  • Rejecting Trump’s victory against ISIS
  • Claiming that the President does not know the ground level situation
  • Claiming that ISIS will rise again and this fight against terrorism is far from over
  • They don’t like the extra mileage that Trump is getting via the peace and stability in the world

Which is why they have designed “rebel factions” in Libya … a country not closely monitored by Russia or America. It was an easy ground to pull rebel factions by using the greed for oil.

Establishment looking at a two-sided victory here

  • If Trump does not intervene … then America loses the richest country in Africa in terms of oil. It falls to rebel forces who will stand against American interests in Libya and in the region.
  • If Trump intervenes … then the Establishment will try to pull off another rise of ISIS like they did in Iraq. They used American funds and weapons to create armies of terrorists in Iraq & Syria.

In both scenarios, the Establishment is looking at a victory.

How to win in Libya without creating another ISIS or a civil war?
The Establishment has zero influence in the International Zone. The US President can easily win in these scenarios. Remember, the two major things that will help your opposition or the Establishment to create the rise of ISIS or to create a civil war are:

  • US Weapons. Hundreds of billions worth of weapons were sent to Iraq and Syria … these weapons were openly supplied to terrorist groups and opposition groups. Army vehicles, weapons packages, trucks and ammunition were “air-dropped” in terrorist zones. ISIS was literally using US weapons and vehicles to power its army. This is Establishment malice at the ground level. They tell you something in the White House and something else goes on at the ground level.
  • US Funding. The continuous flow of trillions of US funding in these war zones are openly channeled to terrorists and rebel groups. These funds are mostly used for buying weapons, recruiting ISIS fighters and supporting the armies of terrorists that keep on growing.

You can move in and support the current Libyan government … but it should be done:

  • Without sending hundreds of billions of US Weapons … because most of them will end up on the other side of the war.
  • Without sending trillions of taxpayer money in this war … because most of it will be used by your opposition only.

How to do it?

  • Warn the rebel groups. Send a warning to the rebel groups to back off or no one will buy oil from them, all weapon supplies will be cut off from them and they will face military action.
  • Air Power. If they continue their military action … then support the Libyan government will Air Power. Air Power that is “highly economical”. These bullshit terrorists are not worth million dollar tomahawk missiles. See which are the missiles that are outdated and rotting in your warehouses but they are usable … use such throwaway missiles on these rebel groups and terrorists. Use the cheapest fighter jets possible. Make the entire operation an economical as possible.
  • Starve them out. Find out who is buying oil from them and who is selling them weapons. Starve them out … cut off all weapon supplies and cut off all sales of oil. This move will send them shockers.
  • Do not give weapons or funding to anyone. We are not sending hundreds of billions worth weapons into these war zones again. We already lost hundreds of billions of weapons in Libya itself. Its probably what these rebel groups are using.
  • Instead, charge the Libyan Government for any weapon supplies request. Russia won in Syria because it did not shower trillions of funds and weapons in Syria. Russia’s cost of operation was zero … everything was paid by Syria and Iran. Syria had a budget and Russia worked within that budget. We are not going to spend billions of American taxpayer money again in Libya. We are going to bill the Libyan government for whatever weapons it needs.
  • Ensure proper usage. Once we make them pay for what they are getting … then they will make sure that it is protected and properly used. Otherwise, billions worth weapons were being distributed as candy in war zones.
  • Intelligence. Track all routes of support for the rebels … especially oil sales and weapon supplies. Tell all countries not to buy oil from these groups. No one should be selling them any weapons. Use Russian help for Intelligence if required. Starving out these rebel groups from funds and weapons is how we defeated ISIS.
  • Training and recruitment. Instead of terrorists doing the recruiting and training … you should work with the Libyan Government in training and recruitment for their army. You can send in a team to train and guide them in military operations.

Winning factors for Trump
These will be the winning factors for Trump.

  • Zero cost to America. The entire operation will be of zero cost to American taxpayers.
  • Consolidation of Libya. We are not starting a new war but we are consolidating an important ally. Remember, we need stabilization of the country and not a civil war. We have to work with these countries later on.
  • Elimination of rebel and terrorist groups. You are stabilizing the country by suppressing the rebel and terrorist groups.
  • No civil war or rise of ISIS. You are not supplying hundreds of billion in cash or weapons for free. There will be zero supply of any funds in cash which will ensure that the opposition will run out of cash and weapons very soon. It is only the US weapons and funds that keep the opposition alive … when there is zero US cash and US weapons are bought by the Libyan Government … then there are extremely less chances of the opposition surviving a conflict with America.

Trump can win with a reverse strategy. Till date America was fooled into spending trillions in war via funds and weapons. But using the reverse strategy you can win. “Starve out” your opposition from funds and weapon supplies … they will automatically fall. This should be a part of your initial warning. Rebel groups need to back off and be a part of the country via proper Democratic process … or no one is going to buy their oil or supply them with any weapons.

Don’t sit back and lose in Libya … we need Libya … win with the right strategy.

Things to be careful about

  • Establishment objective is to create a new war … create a new rise of ISIS … start draining trillion in funds from America … take away Trump’s glory for peace & stability … show that Trump cannot handle anything … show that no good has been accomplished under Trump. It helps them in their anti-Trump agenda. You have to play it right to win properly.
  • Establishment Misleading. It might be military generals or other advisers that will be used to push you on a track that the Establishment has already planned for you. Do not get misled … do not spend hundreds of billions in cash or weapons in Libya again. Make sure to keep it super-economical and make sure that Libya will pay for most of the operations.

Hope it helps.