09 Apr 2019
Become the Healthcare King
in America

So, worried about Dems investigating your Presidency? Thinking that working with us will stop these investigations? No, it does not work that way. There are two mistakes in this assumption. Firstly, when you worry about Dems … then you are still focused on the frontend element. All of these are frontend elements:

  • Media
  • Dems & Republicans
  • Intelligence
  • Legals
  • Lawsuits & Investigations
  • Publicity & Polls
  • Positive & Negative News

You need to stop being hung-up only on frontend elements. And secondly …

Winners and Losers are Pre-planned
I will tell you something interesting about the era that you live in. The winners and losers are pre-planned. SM Networks decide who should be allowed to win and who should be failed … and what activities should move ahead and what activities must be terminated. All frontend elements are tools used to facilitate this. Examples will help.

  • Hillary was failed … because she was not good for the country. I literally told her during the campaign itself … “you have been chosen to be the face of the failing party … don’t expect to win … the whole thing is a show … you are going to lose.” Lol.
  • Radical Islam and War on Terror was failed … because it was disastrous for everyone.
  • American Energy & Tariffs were encouraged … no one opposed your moves on American Energy and Tariffs … because we endorsed it and it was good for the country.
  • Terminate the never-ending wars … you are creating peace & stability and even your opposition candidates are following the same … why? It is good for the world.
  • Russian world leadership is being encouraged … why? It is good for the world.
  • Mueller Investigation was failed to indict any Trump … why? It was the right thing to do. Doesn’t matter what lawsuit or investigation is coming at you … the bigger truth is what matters.
  • Trump or Warren … it will depend on who is better for America.

Look at all of the above moves … we are successfully surpassing the Establishment … failing them … and getting done what is right for America and the world.

Becoming the Healthcare King
Forget whatever you did till date … these are the good points out of that:

  • Pulling funds from war zones … this brought an end to ISIS … good move.
  • American Energy. You should actually publicize this much more because this is an exclusive Trump initiative … this move was initiated under your Administration. Tweet more about it and publicize it more … this move is good for America and it helped.
  • Tariffs … yes, you stood up to do what is right … but you didn’t succeed. We can give you the full strategy to succeed … but it was a good move.
  • North Korea … over here also opting for peace was good … not much progress … we can show you how to move ahead here as well. But this is also a good move.

Peace and stability has been achieved … and the only move where some progress is made is “American Energy”. What SM Networks note is that … you are already the Transition President … within two years we have America on a different track … where we are keeping America First. It’s a good thing.

To add to the above … if you succeed in healthcare … and become the Healthcare King … then you become one of the Founding Fathers of a Modern America. Yes, you move from being the Transition President … to becoming the Founding Fathers of a Modern America … where you will have fantastic healthcare for every single American.

Life is a balance of plus and minus
You know … the human being is a package. Everyone has a plus and minus. Some people will have more good things in them … some people will be in between … some people will have more bad things in them. But hardly anyone is all bad or all good. This applies to politicians as well. I always push SM Networks to support what is good and hold back what is bad.

There are a lot of complaints about the Trump Presidency regarding the huge amount of spending and no policy change for everyday Americans. Here is where being the “Healthcare King” balances out things for you. No one will agree to put the “Founding Father of a Modern America” into prison … for whatever mistake he might have made. They will have to respect your legacy, your work for the people and your accomplishments. Right now, you don’t have much in the accomplishments section … which is why, people don’t mind stomping on you. The moment you bring in major fantastic changes … then everyone changes around you. It will automatically create fantastic security shields for you.

The Advantages over the Democrats
You are worried about the investigations and lawsuits from the Dems … but what you don’t realize is that … you have several advantages over them.

  • Transition President. You have already become the Transition President who has already changed the track of America. We have accomplished peace and stability under Trump.
  • American Energy and Tariffs. You have already launched America First campaigns locally and internationally via American Energy & Tariffs.
  • Healthcare King. Only half of your Presidency is over and you still have two more years to go. You can easily become the Healthcare King … providing fantastic healthcare for every single American.
  • Democrats have no solutions yet. Well, Dems are saying that they want to stand up to the Establishment … but they have not got in touch with us yet and they don’t have any solutions. They are still talking about using healthcare as an element to win the elections. They don’t have any appropriate move or policy to dismantle any Establishment system. Democrats without solutions will be a repeat of the Obama Presidency where nothing changed and we tanked $9 Trillions in debt.
  • Healthcare will give you an upper edge. Becoming the Healthcare King will give you a fantastic upper edge over the Dems.

Options where Dems can get an upper edge
Democrats can get an upper edge only under these scenarios.

  • Trump makes no policy change. If you sit there making no policy change for the people and saying only “jobs, jobs, jobs” … then Dems get an upper hand. They are already trying to make an initiative using healthcare for everyone. If Trump launches fantastic healthcare … then chances for Dems reduce to a great extent.
  • Dems with solutions. You may become the Healthcare King … but if Dems work with us to dismantle Establishment Monopoly … they will be changing the whole of America as we know it. A new Era will be launched … this will surpass your accomplishment in healthcare … chances of Dems winning will be more.

The good thing about becoming the Healthcare King
In both scenarios … the good thing about becoming the Healthcare King is that …

  • Compete in 2020. You will remain safe from all investigations and you will get to fight in 2020 for re-election. May be Dems will win when they launch a new era … but at least you get a fair fight in 2020.
  • Chances to win 2020. If Dems don’t work with us at all … then your chances of success multiply … you are not only the Peace Champion fit for Nobel Prizes … but you are also the Healthcare King.

Moving into healthcare is easy work and chances of winning are fantastic. It will help you at a personal level … saving you and your family members from lawsuits and investigations … and it will also help your Presidency.

Where Dems are lagging
Let me show you where Dems are lagging. Warren and other Dems are just “saying” that they want to standup to the Establishment and want to break monopoly. But till date they don’t have any policy or program that will break monopoly. Take a look:

  • Universal Child Care. Warren is marketing Universal Child Care. She wants to tax the rich to pay for this program. This is not called breaking monopoly. It is simply taking money from one hand and giving it to another. She would end up simply feeding the same system. She is calling it a structural change but there is no actual change in any structure here. It is just a brick on top of the same structure.
  • Google, Amazon and Facebook. Its good that she wants to standup to Big Tech. But the Establishment Monopoly is draining more than $1 Trillion every year from our economy … how much money are we going to make by breaking these companies into two? Nothing absolutely. Breaking Amazon into two is not going to make any money. Coming up with ideas to break big companies is good … but she doesn’t understand the system or how the monopoly is designed. These moves will not change anything much at all.

They are talking a lot about breaking monopoly but they don’t have any proper action or solution to address monopoly or the debt crisis. None of the moves that they are proposing addresses the $1 Trillion that we are losing every year.

Healthcare is a start
The scenario for Dems will change once they start working with us. They will know what to do and how to do it. But until then … “healthcare” is a major start for you on this program. You can easily kill the cost in healthcare. It will be a major stepping stone in dismantling monopoly and keeping the People First.

You have very less to worry about the Establishment because there is no major Establishment element involved in the healthcare zone. It is easy work. You can easily establish yourself from being a Transition President to becoming the Founding Father of a Modern America.