08 Apr 2019
Policies working as Security Shields
in America

Thanks for remaining calm … my wonderful lady. I have to write what is going on … so that you know the parameters at play … so that you know what is coming at you and why it is coming at you. Now, I will show you how to create “security shields” to protect yourself from any adverse action.

The Network Show
The whole thing is a show. There is such enormous connectivity in the Matrix that your entire life around the White House is nothing but a show. Everyone is playing a role … the whole show can be turned into being minus or plus. This is how Networks function in America.

Don’t waste a lot of time fighting what you see on the frontend. It might be media, lawsuits, investigations, politicians or whatever. If you keep wasting time in responding to every media article or lawsuit or investigation … then your life will be consumed with it. Look at your first two years of the Presidency … you are allowing the frontend to consume your Presidency.

Peace & Security as a Security Shield
We were seeing that you were failing in your battle against Establishment and SM Networks. We had to pitch in to use the current “peace and security” as a security shield to defend all Trumps. When I write … Networks come into action because they know that I write in the best interests of the country and the people. And removing Trump via Mueller was allowing Establishment malice to succeed. The “verifiable factor” that we could show to protect Trumps was the peace and security under Trump.

You were busy fighting the investigation, yelling at the Democrats, responding to media articles, calling it a witch hunt and bla bla bla. All of that was mostly a waste of time. The bigger and better way to secure you was by using a bigger blanket and showing how the Trump Presidency is better than the previous Administrations and how it is better for the people and the country. And this helped us ward of Mueller with no indictments against any Trump.

Remember that you are in politics … aggression against you will be mostly politics. The impact of your mistakes, crimes and faults will be multiplied when you don’t do anything for the people. If you are good then many groups will try to cover your mistakes. But when you don’t do anything for others then everyone looks for ways to move you out of office. This aggression might be via the Dems or the Establishment or anybody else. SM Networks will come to your rescue and create protective shields for you as long as you are providing “verifiable actions and policies” that you are good for the country. As long as you are good for the country then screw everyone else. It might be the media or lawsuits or investigations or the Establishment or political opposition … no one is going to harm you. SM covers all segments … you will remain safe and secure … and you will be given the help you need to do your work.

Peace and Health
Right now, the major issue that your Presidency faces is that they say “he is doing nothing for the people”. You have no activities or policies to show that you are good for the country. Screw jobs … jobs is not helping the economy … we are still going down by a trillion dollars every year. Relying on jobs is a big mistake. You have to fix some of the issues that are creating this wealth drain. You have to fix some issues that are creating this high cost of living in America.

And one easy section for you is “health”. The good thing about fixing the healthcare system is America for you is that:

  • No involvement of any major Establishment element
  • No bankers involved
  • No oil companies involved
  • No defense companies involved
  • And the media won’t oppose it … they will love it

It’s an easy move that will face minimal resistance … some insurance companies may sit and cry … but it won’t make much difference for you. You can move ahead and fix the healthcare system for 330 Million Americans … young, old, adult, children, employed, unemployed, pre-existing condition or not … every single American can get fantastic healthcare under your plan. You can easily breakdown the cost of healthcare and make it incredibly easy & affordable for everyone.

Major benefits of revolutionizing healthcare

  • Security Shield. Firstly, it becomes a fantastic security shield for the Trump Presidency. All Major Networks and the people will see that Trump is actually doing great and good things for the people. They will defy and ignore aggressive moves towards Trumps … reducing the aggression that you face to a huge extent.
  • Seamless Accomplishment. It’s an easy and seamless accomplishment for the Trump Presidency. Why do you think Obama was all about healthcare? It has zero Establishment influence and it helps to reach the entire country’s population. That’s one of the reasons why Dems focus on healthcare. Lol. This zone has minimal resistance.
  • Creation of a Legacy. What you don’t know is that … you are already creating a legacy with the “peace & stability” under your Presidency. All Democrat Presidential candidates are following your lead and saying no to the “never-ending wars”. They are respecting what you have done and they are following your lead. And it is your opposition party that is following your lead … which is proof that it is a great accomplishment.
  • Peace & Health – the hallmarks of the Trump Presidency. Just like Dems are following Trump’s lead in peace & stability … similarly, they will follow your lead on the health platform as well. We showed you what is good for the people in terms of war & peace … your opposition party is following your lead. In the same manner, when you will revolutionize healthcare … there will be nothing better than the healthcare that you will launch. There will be nothing like repeal of TrumpCare … because it will be revolutionary and it will be great for the people. Peace and health can be the hallmarks of the Trump Presidency.

Peace at other world locations
To add to that … we will show you how to create peace at several other world locations. You haven’t made much progress in North Korea … we will show you how to win in North Korea. You can be the leader that will stabilize the world. Some locations that you can stabilize are Yemen, Libya, Iraq, Kashmir and North Korea. You can get a complete victory when you have the full program. You can easily be nominated for Nobel Prizes … not once but several times.

World stability is also an incredibly easy job where the Establishment has minimal influence. You are the President and the Commander in Chief … the Establishment has no powers in the International Zone. You can easily win. You are already seeing some moves to be successful along with President Putin’s cooperation. With the full strategy, you can kick ass.

Peace and Health … have minimal Establishment influence. Victories are incredibly easy … both of them are great for the people and they will help to create fantastic security shields for Trumps.