06 Apr 2019
Understanding the Elements and the Work
in America

Trumps should not freak out on this page. This page is supposed to be strictly technical. It is not an anti-Trump page. Leave out the “plus and minus” thinking. The objective is to show you what is going on, what’s the issue that you are facing and to show you how it can be resolved. Hopefully it should help.

The Main Elements in the Work

  • Active Democracy. We are something like the brains of the work. We have designed the entire project … we show ways of moving forward, dealing with obstacles & show Establishment misleading. We also show the roles that key elements can play in the work.
  • SM Networks. This is the most powerful and the widest Network that exists across America, Europe and the World. It is the most powerful in America. They are everywhere … but we tend to activate points in the legal, intelligence, political and media fields. They are Christian based and tend to do what is right for the people.
  • The Establishment. This is another powerful entity in the game. Their powers and control is withering day by day. They mainly form the bankers, media, weapons industry, oil companies and corporations. They operate on the basis of corporate ownership and tend to mislead and exploit people.
  • The Presidents and Political Leaders. To manage the Establishment and to deal with its malicious systems … apart from SM, the Presidents & Political Leaders form key elements in the work. We are dealing with criminals and the thing that scares them the most is the government coming after them. Here is where Political leaders get a fantastic role.

Obama’s First Term
What Trump should know is that … this work did not begin under him. This project began during Obama’s First Term. During this term … it was all about understanding what the Establishment is … what needs to be done … activating SM Networks to manage & oppose the Establishment. During Obama’s First Term itself … SM Networks started overtaking the Establishment.

Obama’s Second Term
Here is where the Presidents came into action … namely Obama and Putin. Russian world leadership began and we started defeating the Establishment in several spheres. It led to the defeat of ISIS and led to the stabilization of countries.

The project is all about rooting out Establishment puppets and promoting people-centric leaders who will eliminate the exploitation systems that have been setup by this criminal Establishment. Some of this may seem vague … there are some contact points for the Establishment … like the Federal Reserve and the Israeli Government. But where is SM … who do I contact? That’s the best part of SM … it’s a leaderless movement … there is no point of direct contact.

You can bribe the Establishment and do favors for them … but as far as SM is concerned … it is like the Ocean that holds your boat afloat. All of the points of water are interconnected with a common purpose and you cannot bribe any point in the water. All you need to do is … what is right for the people or your boat goes down. Some examples will help you understand:

  • Hillary GodDamn Clinton. What happened to her? She was the Presidential candidate in the last election with the most experience and with the senior most status in the American government. Why has she quit politics? She didn’t quit politics … she was kicked out and pushed away from any kind of leadership … via SM Networks.
  • Francois Hollande. Mr.Socialist was removed within one term … SM doesn’t want Socialists or Communists in power in the West.
  • Emmanuel Macron. I wrote just one page about him showing that he is an imposter and an Establishment puppet. Look what is happening to his leadership in France.

We are already in an era where we are rooting out Establishment puppets and kicking the Establishment’s ass. The Establishment is an entity that owns tens of thousands of media outlets in America and it is composed of trillionaire bankers. SM is able to kick this type of entity’s ass. Now, imagine the scale and reach of SM operations.

Dealing with malicious politicians is very easy. Look at Netanyahu … if SM tosses a few criminal charges then he will be kicked out of office. Eliminating politicians is pretty darn easy work. The challenging part here is dealing with the Establishment and its tens of thousands of support points … and then revolutionize the entire system. And that’s the focus of our work.

The Trump Presidency
While we were already defeating the Establishment and kicking their ass … we brought Trump into power … an outsider who is not an Establishment puppet. You were supposed to be a key element who would be made a fantastic world leader via our work. All SM Elements knew that you were new in the game … which is why they gave you support despite your blunders of mass deportation, Muslim ban and border wall racism issues. The Guardians of Trump also went about toppling anti-Trumpers from media and politics. All of this was done to see a new era being launched under Trump.

Protecting Trump was protecting the work … that was the idea behind the protection being given to you. You were supposed to be the main lead in the work on US soil. However, this how your years enfolded:

  • Year One. Even before you entered the White House, we were informing you of what you were going to face. The Establishment … SM Networks … the malice … we gave prior warning for demonization, ridicule and lawsuits. We told you everything one year ahead. And what did you do? Instead of dealing with the Establishment … you went on a long spree of favors for them.
  • Year Two. We spent an entire first year … just warning you … showing you everything via added simulations but you did not make a single effort to combat the Establishment. Here is where SM said … “okay fine, times up … Trump can’t handle it … we have to look for another leader”. We told you about this as well … SM is looking for alternate leadership and many SM groups are joining the Establishment in moves against you. You didn’t care and did nothing.
  • Year Three. Now, take a close look at several Democrat Presidential Candidates … many of them are anti-Establishment. All of this is being done because you didn’t have the courage to lead. We told you about this one year in advance. And now we are telling you that … “exit strategies” have been activated to remove you from office. Nobody wants you in the White House. This is also something we are telling you one year in advance.

Trump Presidency – Fraud, Favors and Emoluments
The main reason to remove Trump from the White House is something like this. We argued in your support that … “hey, the guy is facing so much pressure. He has the FBI after him … so many lawsuits … look at the demonization and ridicule of him … he is scared of the Establishment”.

The response from SM Networks for this argument is that … “okay fine we understand that Trump did not initiate moves to break the Establishment monopoly … because he was scared. But tell us who pressurized Trump to do all of these favors for the Establishment?

  • Tax Cuts for the Corporations and the Rich. Trump was scared and did not want to break monopoly. But who pressurized Trump to give massive tax cuts to the corporations and the rich? Which company pressurized Trump to do this? Nobody pressurized Trump to do this … he did this himself.
  • Defense Spending. You say that the guy is scared … then why is he spending money by the trillions on defense? Which defense company was threatening him or pressurizing him? While he was under investigation … while he was being demonized and ridiculed … Trump was busy blowing up trillions of taxpayer money. Because he thought that his Presidency is going to come to an end very soon … and he had to make money off it asap.
  • Highest Borrowing and highest spending. It is because of this that Trump got involved in the highest borrowing and highest spending ever. Trump wanted to encash his Presidency before he is removed from office.
  • Trade Deals. This was his very platform that America is getting ripped off by the world. After Trump’s trade deals we are having the highest trade deficit than ever. Reportedly, along with Defense Spending … Trade Deals were also a means of self-benefit for Trump. He sold his country. You are arguing that “Trump is a scared girl under the table” … but he is doing all of this while under investigation and worldwide humiliation.

These are just a few of Trump’s major fraudulent activities as President. There was absolutely no pressure from anyone or any company on Trump to do this. He did this completely on his own. Yes, all of this was while he was under investigation and ridicule. So, your argument that … “Trump was scared … he is the most ridiculed President … he is afraid … he is hiding under the table” … Trump was involved in fraud despite all of that.”

Trump – Issues
These are the issues that many SM Networks see about Trump:

  • Did not play his role … bringing Trump in the White House was mostly a waste till date.
  • Refused to do what is right … it’s not that you did not know what is right or what had to be done … but you refused to do what is right. Bush had no freaking idea what was going on. Obama was incredibly eager to do everything nice and great possible … but Trump chose to refuse to do what is right.
  • Trillions in favor and fraud … within two years of the Trump Presidency, we have $3 Trillion of additional debt and trillions spent in favor for the Establishment.
  • A new problem to manage … instead of becoming a great leader … Trump has become a new problem that has to be managed.
  • Misleading people … to add to all of the above … you are bragging that jobs, economy, peace, stability and ISIS are your accomplishments … when in reality, we had to oppose your moves to make sure to get done what is right. Intervention Forces had to literally come into action to stop your chaotic moves and nuclear wars to get this job growth and peace. It is not your work … it is the work of the Intervention Forces of SM. And when you go about taking credit for all of this … you become a fraud that is misleading the people. You are someone who is blowing up trillions, not changing anything, allowing criminals to exploit 330 million people and bragging that you are the greatest President ever. This is a fraud misleading the people.

Trump’s inaction is costing America $6 Trillion
We were $19 Trillion and within two years it is $22 Trillion in debt. Trump added $3 Trillion of debt within two years … which means by the end of the term it will be $25 Trillion of debt. Trump’s refusal to do what is right and his current track will cost America $6 Trillion in additional debt.

$6 Trillion in Trump-Lifetimes
Let me explain this to you in Trump-Lifetimes … so that you understand what you are doing. You claimed that you own $10 Billion. $6 Trillion is 600 Trump-Lifetimes. Which means that … if we took all of your worth to accommodate the $6 Trillion that we are losing because of you … then you have to be born again and again and again and again … 600 times … creating at least $10 Billion in each lifetime … and then if we take everything away from you through all 600 lifetimes … then we get $6 Trillion.

You were 70 years old when you entered office. 600 lifetimes means … 42,000 years of Trump-work. We are losing $12 Billion every 3 days … which means that we are losing one lifetime of Trump’s work every 3 days. And that is if you were truly worth $10 Billion … many say that it was a hyped up number.

Deciding Trump's Fate
The report is that … this is how Trump's fate is being decided as we speak

  • What will you do to a firefighter who stands in front of a burning building who does absolutely nothing?
  • Not only he does nothing but he is busy making speeches how great he is and how great this building is.
  • Not only that but his priority is building a wall around the building.
  • To add to that … he is defending & doing favors for the people who have set the building on fire.
  • And then he starts stealing from the building & starts filling his bags with cash & jewelry
  • He adds to the fire via exorbitant defense spending
  • And then he says that he is the greatest firefighter ever and this is the greatest building ever

What will you do to such a firefighter?

  • Will you simply fire him or impeach him?
  • Will you investigate every scam that he has run?
  • Will you put him through maximum scrutiny under law?
  • Will you make sure that he pays for everything wrong he has done while his people were burning?

Prepare for criminal charges and indictments
I have been asked to inform you to prepare for criminal charges and indictments. Got this news when Mueller winded up. But I thought it is better to let you breathe for a few days.

Areas that you should be looking at:

  • Tax Evasion and Tax Fraud
  • Financial Crimes
  • Hike in income and payments in all Trump owned companies
  • Foreign payments in Trump's companies abroad
  • Self benefit from:
    • Border Wall
    • Trade Deals
    • Defense Spending
    • Other contracts involving taxpaer money

The Establishment is loving it
And by the way, the Establishment is loving it … they made you one of them and they are loving to see you get terminated. They are gladly jumping and cooperating in all exit strategies of SM Networks. Care for some more favors?

Help Trump – The issue is with your profile
It is because of this track that we get alerts to help Trump from one or two groups. They like you and wanted to see you rise to great heights … but it is SM that has decided to remove you from office now. If it was the Establishment then we could have kicked their ass … but it is SM now and this is not malice. As per your current profile … this is what’s right for the people and America.

There is only one way to help you out … and that is … to change your profile. Your profile is the major issue … your current activities and policies are the major issue. Only half of your Presidency is over … you still have half of your Presidency left … and you can still make major changes … that is if you want to do anything positive for your people.

Options available to change fate
The good thing about SM Networks is that … they don’t decide malicious things for good people. If you are good then they are good. They are not like the Establishment who are hell bent on doing bad things for you. SM track can be changed … but it all depends upon your activities and policies. They will not change because I will tell them to … they will change if you change your activities and policies.

Changing Trump’s Fate
There are two available options to change your profile.

  • Option One. Break Monopoly … if you don’t have the courage to break the monopoly then I seriously doubt if they will let you be there in the White House. It is this monopoly that is creating trillions of debt every year and you are the third President under whom trillions of debt is being added every year. We cannot wait till it is $100 Trillion in debt … by the end of your term … it will be 20 years of deviation and stagnation of America with $25 Trillion debt. This is the best option of changing your profile. We were already kicking the Establishment’s ass even before you came into office. You were not supposed to be afraid of them … you were supposed to come out as the hero. However, if you don’t have the courage to do this even now then go for the next option.
  • Option Two – non-Monopoly Reforms. You can initiate other non-monopoly reforms that don’t affect the Establishment much. In this case, your chances of winning 2020 will be very less but at least we can try to stop the indictments and criminal charges. We can try to stop your impeachment. So that, you can be known as a good one time President and get the right exit.

If you want to remain in office then Option One is your best track … if not then at least choose Option Two. Its not a great idea to remain on a fraudulent track … it will invite trouble … especially when you are in the White House. Right now, they see you as a fraud misleading the people. Being a bad President at this time is not a good idea. Your profile is the key issue … change your profile and everything can change.

Relax and read this page again if required … and don’t tell me after one year that you were not informed or that you did not know. Anything can happen. If you remain on your current track then nothing can be done for you after one year … exit strategies are already in motion. Change your profile.