28 Mar 2019
Standing up to Russia in Venezuela is Establishment misleading
in America

Challenging Russia in enemy states is simply ridiculous and only facilitates conflict with a massive world nuclear power. This is very routine Establishment misleading … done via internal advisers … like Military Generals and other White House staff.

  • Stand up to Russia in Venezuela!
  • Russia is making America look very weak in Venezuela!
  • Russia is winning in Venezuela!
  • We should show leadership in Venezuela!
  • America is losing its world leadership to Russia!

All of the above is bullshit mental voodoo. And how do you know that this is “Establishment misleading”. There will be several media articles on these lines and politicians will be pushed to take action. Like we said before “media and politicians” are used by the Establishment as propaganda tools.

They said the same thing about Syria.

  • Stand up to Russia in Syria!
  • Russia is making America look very weak in Syria!
  • Russia is winning in Syria!
  • We should show leadership in Syria!
  • And bla bla bla

All of this was bullshit. It was a good thing to allow Russia to do its work in Syria. Today Syria is stabilized and millions of refugees who had left their homes … they are returning back to Syria. This is the real victory … this is victory for everyone … it is peace & stability for everyone … for Americans, Russians and Syrians. Trump has become a peace champion owing to his cooperation with Russia. A conflict would lead to total decimation for all countries involved.

  • It is simply ridiculous to pitch America against Russia.
  • It is simply ridiculous to show leadership or your strength in enemy countries
  • You are not even welcome in enemy countries let alone your intervention
  • Going and challenging Russia in an enemy country is beyond ridiculous

But Establishment misleading is about showing you something that is disastrous and destructive as if it is something great and glorious. It is simply ridiculous to go into enemy territories especially to Russian allies and try to show your greatness and power. It will not result into anything positive or constructive. In no way in hell is Venezuela worth a military conflict with Russia.

The Establishment knows this very well. However, these are malicious criminals … who will sit there and write articles calling for American leadership to challenge Russia in enemy territories. This is how the Establishment misleads and this is how they use their monopoly to mislead the world … and design destructive schemes.

Dealing with Communist Countries is complicated business
We already told you this before … dealing with Communist countries is complicated business. Especially in the current times … it can be terribly disastrous.

  • Venezuela is firstly a Christian country. The Establishment media will create a huge outcry against Trump for the bombing of a Christian country. They will turn against you saying … “haven’t you learnt anything from the War on Terror … now you will start mass killing of Christians?”
  • Venezuela is a Socialist country. The Bankers are themselves channelizing their gold to Venezuela … which is why China and Venezuela came up with petro currency backed by gold. Venezuela has very strong Establishment backing.
  • Russian ally. To add to that … Venezuela went running to Russia for support … making it a Russian ally.
  • Millions of Migrants. Any conflict in Venezuela will result in millions of migrants for America. Is Trump prepared to allow millions of migrants from a Socialist South American country in America? If you allow then you get millions of Socialists in your country and they will question what the hell are you building the wall for? If you don’t allow then they will question your purpose in Venezuela … if you don’t want to help their people then why the hell are you there in the first place? You will get trapped in both scenarios.

The whole Venezuela thing is a major trap. Do not pursue any military option in Venezuela. It might be via direct bombing or weapons support for rebels … all of these moves will backfire.

  • You will get millions of migrants into your country on one hand
  • And on the other hand, it may lead to a catastrophic war with Russia.

So, it will be chaos for the Trump Presidency or destruction of America via Russia. Both of them would be a killer for your Presidency. This is what the Establishment is pushing for the Trump Presidency as we speak. Care for some more favors for them? Lol. It’s a trap.

You should have planned out a proper strategy before making a move into Venezuela. However, your best option is to stay away from any kind of military intervention in Venezuela. Stick to sanctions for now … will let you know how to deal with them later on.