26 Mar 2019
Celebrate the End of Collusion
in America

Using Defense funding via the Pentagon to build the wall is a good move.

Secondly, celebrate the end of Mueller Investigation … celebrate the end of Collusion allegations. Don’t just party in the White House. This is how you do it.

  • No illegal activities
    • Show that there were no “illegal” dealings or operations between Trump and Russia
    • Show that the whole propaganda of collusion was a hoax
  • Hammer out the propagandists
    • Hammer out anyone and everyone who accused you of collusion
    • Especially the media which was being used as a propaganda tool by the Establishment
  • Improve relations and cooperation with Russia
    • Show how Russia’s world leadership is important
    • Show how good relations with Russia are important for America and the world
    • Show that there is nothing “illegal or a Collusion” in doing this … but this is good for the world
    • Show that the world’s Nuclear Superpowers having good relations is good for everyone
  • Take a nice piss over the Establishment
    • The Establishment wanted to rattle you and scare you with these bogus collusion theories.
    • The Establishment did not want you to cooperate with Russia
    • Now, take a nice piss over them … improve cooperation and relations with Russia like hell
    • Every move that you take in good relations with Russia will be a piss over the Establishment
    • You put up with two years of demonization and ridicule for no reason whatsoever … now, its your turn to take a piss over them for the next two years.

Keep this in mind

  • You are always protected from Establishment malice doesn’t matter what shit show they run against you.
  • It might be lawsuits, media, investigations or political opposition … they will never do any real damage to you.
  • Because wherever Establishment malice penetrates, we activate SM Networks that hammer the shit out of the Establishment.
  • These are critical times and there is a high need to stand up to the Establishment … which makes it incredibly important to support and protect all key elements involved … and that includes protecting Trumps.

Understand SM Network’s upperhand over the Establishment

  • We can make these Trillionaire bankers run with their gold to South China Sea
  • We can end their wars and worldwide racism
  • We can make them crawl under the cover of anti-Semitism
  • We can make them reverse their demonization of Islam to hiding under the cover of Islam
  • We can make them end Mueller’s investigation

If we can make all of this happen against the Establishment and make them crawl under rock after rock … then you should understand that SM Networks can do pretty much anything to these criminals. This is the work at the highest level of the Establishment targeting their most powerful points. We have rattled them and made them crawl under a rock. And we are just getting started.

Quit being afraid and celebrate your victory. We will show you how to do many things systematically to move your country forward and the Establishment will not be able to stop you. Because all of the spheres that we will show you … the Establishment will be simply powerless in these spheres.