25 Mar 2019
No Collusion!!
in America

Bingo … that’s good. Good job from Mueller and the team that managed him. This is how it would impact our work. Firstly, the term itself was totally bogus. Secondly, under this bogus pretext if charges were made … by putting a negative image of Russia in the heads of the prosecutors … then it would literally push away Russian cooperation with American leaders. Trump was already afraid of moving forward with more cooperation with Russia on Establishment issues and international politics. Not only it would rattle Trump but it would also put fear in the other politicians who would follow Trump.

Vindication of Trump in any collusion charges is the defeat of an Establishment gimmick. We had to crush Establishment malice. And this collusion, fake news, election interference and destruction of democracies by Russia … all of it was nothing but malice. There was absolutely no real time evidence or proof for this. It was just ridiculous made up bullshit by the Establishment.

With the defeat of Collusion allegations and the winding up of Mueller’s Investigation … the biggest Establishment move against Trump has been defeated. It also safeguards our work and does not take away any energy from fantastic leaders like Elizabeth Warren.

Now, the remaining opposition forces for Trump are the media, the Democrats, the House Committees and a few investigations. But the biggest force that is going to hammer Trump is not an opposition force but it is the supporting force that has brought Trump in power, managed Mueller and controls most of the other guys. The only thing I will tell SM Networks is that … wait, don’t impeach Trump yet. Do not knock him out of the White House yet.

I know you see me protecting Trump as protecting a thief and a fraud in the White House. The more we protect him, the more he blows up taxpayer money to benefit himself. But what you should understand is that there is no appropriate replacement as of now. And Trump doesn’t have the courage to do anything against the Establishment.

In fact, he blames us for all of this … “the collusion, fake news and election interference” that the Establishment designed to stop our work. The entire Mueller Investigation was designed to investigate collusion. The Establishment’s trap to stop our work enveloped Trump and his family. And these guys are used to 5 Star comfort who panic the moment anything goes wrong. One bad media article is enough to rattle these guys. And they got … showers of media demonization and the FBI raiding houses and investigating all of their family members.

This is why Trump flipped against our work, did a long list of favors for the Establishment and also tried to stop our work as a favor for the Establishment. Trump did not understand that this whole thing was bogus … all he had to do was come out swinging and winning. His two years of Presidency were nothing but an embarrassment for all. He went down on his knees doing everything that a bunch of criminals wanted him to do via a bogus investigation.

Trump doesn’t have the “fight” in him. The guy is terribly weak and scared the moment he sees a powerful opponent. He shows courage only when the opponent is weak and small. The fact that he is just standing there and putting up with all of this media demonization and lawsuits is itself great. It is because we already have him in a basic protective shell where nothing eventually bad happens to him. This basic protection is helping him.

But we are getting repeated news that this protection is going to be removed. SM Networks are going to hammer the shit out of him and make him face the consequences for his actions. This is what worries the Guardians of Trump … the main networks are planning on pulling the support for Trump.

The news that we get is that … “Trump doesn’t give a shit about leading the country or doing anything for anyone. He just wants to grab a big bag of cash for himself and get the hell out of the White House. He doesn’t give a damn about re-election or staying in politics. He is in just for the cash and wants to grab as much as he can while he can.” This might be quite upsetting for the Major Networks … which is why they want to hammer him out.

To add to that … we also get the report that … “he doesn’t care for anyone until and unless his ass is on fire. Until and unless he is going to get hammered real hard … he is not going to do anything for anyone. He doesn’t care about the debt crisis or any Establishment malice whatsoever. If the Establishment is looting the country then let them loot. He doesn’t give a shit. Trump wakes up and comes into action only when he is hammered and when its his ass on the line.”

Well, if you have seen Trump’s last two years then it is true to a great extent. Trump fights for Trump … Trump works for Trump … Trump is for Trump. Well, you should have checked this out before you put him in the White House. Lol. Does the guy care for people? Don’t you think that this is a basic check you should have made before you pulled him in the Presidential race and gave your full support for him? Why are you blaming Trump for being Trump?

It is not totally Trump’s fault … it is also your fault … this is the best that you could get. Don’t regret it now. Trump is not a no good guy. He does come into action where things are easily feasible and where there is no risk for him … where there is no Establishment involved … where the obstacles are very less. In such scenarios Trump does what is right for the country. He is not all bad.

Its not a good idea to impeach him yet. The new President will get two years of time to build their case for wars. You cannot risk so much time in the hands of an Establishment puppet. We will show some easy policies to Trump and he will do a few good things for the people.  

Yes, yes, yes … Elizabeth Warren can get in touch with us. We are waiting for her … quite eagerly actually. She has a lot to prepare for. But so should Trump. You should understand that … by the time Warren comes into action, its going to take the whole of 2019 and 2020. She will come into action in 2021. Why waste two years doing nothing? Just because we are getting a phenomenal leader after two years, we should not waste the current two years.

Everything that we are planning is working out. The elimination of Establishment malice in all spheres … the winning of Trump in jobs and ISIS … shutting down of Mueller … rise of more anti-Establishment leaders … getting rid of Hillary. All of our elements and initiatives are falling in place. Look what has been done in Trump’s first two years … he has successfully carried out Obama’s initiatives in jobs and security. He can do many more good things. Focus on the good that can be done with the time and leaders that we have in place. That would be a much more fruitful use of time, resources and leaders.

Both, Trump and Warren, are our candidates. Let’s help them be their best and let’s help them offer the best that they can for the people. Take this approach. This approach is better for the people.