23 Mar 2019
Mueller winds up another Establishment setup fails
in America

Congrats on the winding up of the Mueller Investigation. Glad that there are no indictments against Trumps from Mueller. So now … no more Mueller … no more FBI chasing Trumps … no more threatening from the Establishment. Don Jr. must be the happiest Trump today. Lol. Poor fellow … he was freaking the hell out. Lol.

I like the way it was decided to windup the Mueller Investigation. They did it the day after Trump wipes out the last ISIS territory. You did a 100% job and got a gift from Mueller. It marks the end of two Establishment setups … one is ISIS and another is the Mueller Investigation. See … you do good works for the people and you get protection and rewards.

The interesting thing to note is that … the Establishment was planning to hit two birds with one stone. Mueller was being used to target Trump and Russia. But interestingly, we hit back … and ISIS and Mueller fall on the same day. Lol.

However, we already knew that Mueller was being managed and that he would not create any major damage to Trumps. The whole thing was malice at its core … it was targeted to:

  • Put fear in Trumps when they didn’t do anything wrong
  • Pressurize Russia and push them away
  • To claim election interference from Russia … to show that Russia is destroying our democracies
  • The whole thing was setup to target our project which needed cooperation from Russia and American leaders
  • It was nothing but a defensive shell being designed by a malicious Establishment to protect its criminal systems.

It was being done under all bogus and bullshit illusions with no real crime at all. This was the major reason why the investigation had to come to an end. The second major reason was that Trump was freaking the hell out and not taking a single move against the Establishment. The investigation was supposed to bring out the hero in you and you were supposed to come out swinging & winning. It was a bogus investigation … you could easily win with bravery and honor. Instead, you resorted to a long list of favors for the Establishment … which was kind of very very embarrassing for all. Lol.

No problem, the Establishment is continuously losing on many many fronts. It might be Mueller or Radical Islam or ISIS or wars … but the issue is that your Presidency is also losing on many fronts. Trump is turning out to be a failed President. Will give info on this very soon.

I don’t think that Dems should pursue any collusion or investigation against Russia. This is not good for America and it is malice designed by the Establishment. Being anti-Russia doesn’t do the world or America any good. Just because Trump is friends with Russia … we do not have to be against Russia. Dems are strongly advised not to pursue any kind of negative investigation against Russia … as Russia is providing fantastic world leadership and it will be critical in dismantling the Establishment’s systems. Being anti-Russia is helping the Establishment run its malice around the world.

Its great the Mueller Investigation has come to an end. If you note all of the terms coined around this investigation were nothing but malice:

  • Collusion
  • Fake News
  • Election Interference
  • Destruction of Democracies

All of this is nothing but bullshit. It was a cover under which the criminal Establishment wanted to hide. This cover has been blown up and come to an end. We have to move forward with more constructive and realistic works for the people. It is not worth wasting a single day more on these bogus agendas.