20 Mar 2019
Helping Trump is a headache
in America

No, no, no … I am not ignoring Trump. But you should understand that helping Trump is a headache now. He didn’t follow anything much … he has been 98% in favor of the Establishment that is backstabbing him. In fact, we already made a few moves in order to help him. Why do you think we recently said:

  • He is one of us.
  • He is not a Satanist.
  • He is not running any malicious exploitation system.
  • He is not the Establishment.
  • He is a peace champion.
  • He is creating peace and stability in the world.
  • He is 100 times better than Hillary.
  • Hillary would have destroyed the world. Trump is saving the world.
  • Trump deserves a Noble Prize and not jail.

The main reason we put these arguments out there in the networks is because … we already got several alerts that Trump is going to get hammered out and there is also a possibility of jail for Trumps. Its not that we are ignoring and not helping Trump … we are already helping him. We have already put more than a half a dozen arguments out there in his favor.

Our support for Trump is there but it is partial … we are mentioning only the “nice and positive” things. If we have to provide the full support then we also have to show all of the bad shit that he is doing … who is pissed off at him and how he is planned to be removed from office. We put in a few arguments out there just to decrease the aggression towards Trumps and save him from some traps for jail. But if we have to show him the entire network activity … then the problem is that:

  • Trump starts going crazy
  • He starts yelling at us
  • He starts threatening to shut us down
  • He starts calling politicians from Russia, Turkey and other countries to shut down our work
  • He starts screaming … why the hell am I writing about all of the wrong things that he did?
  • He starts calling me a “leaker” and a “harasser” and what not.

Further help means that we have to tell him … “see, these are the wrong things that you are doing … you need to stop this and do so and so things.” This is seen as “harassment” by Trump. Telling him to stop bad things and do good things for his people and country is called “harassment” by Trump.

I already put in the “nice and positive” things that I could out there in favor of Trump. Now, you guys are telling me … “Trump has done a lot of wrong things. There is going to be a lot of trouble for him. Please help him.” I hear you … trust me … I hear you. But Mr.President wants to hear only nice and positive things. If Mr.President gets to know that some Networks want him out of the office then he gets aggressive … thinks that I am one of them … and starts stomping on us. He starts biting the hand that wants to help him.

Helping Trump beyond this point is quite a complicated task. Especially when he doesn’t give a shit about changing anything. He thinks that he is the greatest President till date … who has done more than any other President in his first two years and America … a country in $22 Trillion debt … is in the greatest form ever. This is his mindset … where the possibility of making change in the country remains very limited.

On the other hand, we have Major Networks that are pissed off at Trump because he is not making any change. They say that the main reason they got Trump in the White House is to bring change in America. Since Trump refuses change … they see no reason to maintain Trump in the White House. They are working on ways to knock out Trump from the White House as we speak. The guy in the White House is like this. And the Major Networks that run his country are like this. Since, Trump is not big in change … I used nice and positive arguments to calm down the Networks a little bit.

Give me a few days … we will figure out something for Trump. I think that he is dead scared of the Establishment and expecting Trump to break down the Establishment is a long shot. The only additional thing that we can do for Trumps in order to change their fate is to show them a few policies and tactics … where they can make change without breaking monopoly. If Trump initiates changes in a few segments then the Major Networks will also be happy. This way at least he can get a decent exit from the White House. At least he will be known as a good President who made a few good changes.

While we figure out the policies for Trump … support Warren. She has balls of steel … she is the perfect material to break down this malicious Establishment and its exploitation systems. She still doesn’t know the structure of their systems or how to break them down … but I am sure she is more than ready and will be very very happy to do so. Elizabeth Warren is your next President of the United States with extremely high potential. Change under her will be enormous … not only in America but also all across the world.

The US President that will initiate these changes … will not only be the best US President but she will be one of the best leaders of the modern times in the world. She will be renowned and followed all over the world for her policies. Help her on all fronts … from security to finance and media support. She is excellent material. The first US Woman President … is probably going to be the most fantastic President ever! Women power is going to change the world!