01 Mar 2019
Most Dems don’t realize that 2020 is about defeating the Establishment
in America

Many Dems are jumping into the race because they think that they can easily defeat Trump. And this is such a big mistake … because they don’t know what Trump is actually about. Trump was tactically brought in the race and given the help to win the elections only to eliminate the Establishment puppet Hillary GodDamn Clinton. Helping Trump win … was in reality … defeating the Establishment.

This is exactly what the track of American politics and leadership is … this is exactly what all major networks are working on … rooting out of all Establishment elements and placing people centric leaders. Owing to this change in the American political spectrum … we saw Trump coming up with policies like America First, Tariffs and peace & stabilization of war torn countries.

The 2020 race is about defeating the Establishment and keeping the people first. It is not just about being anti-Trump. Being solely anti-Trump will not lead anyone anywhere. If anyone wants to win against Trump then they need to be better than Trump … better in policies and action. Policies and actions that will defeat the Establishment in much better ways that Trump has done yet.

Warren needs help
We know that Warren needs help to rise and win … she needs to understand what she is facing and she needs to learn how to win. But like we said before … there is very little we can do with just one website. For us to help Warren … we need our team … to get our team … Warren needs to work with Obamas … and coordinate with us.

We know that Warren has been brought in the race so that we can train her. We talk more about Trump because:

  • Warren is not causing any disaster out there. With one website, the only thing we can do is prevent disasters or show Establishment malice. Warren is not facing any Establishment malice right now.
  • Trump is the active President. He has already been very active in containing a lot of Establishment malice … like in Syria, North Korea, Catalonia and he himself is facing enormous amounts of Establishment abuse.

We write more about Trump because he can take immediate action to stop disasters. If we hadn’t helped him then only God knows what kind of shitshows the Establishment would have unleashed. Warren is fantastic Presidential material with balls of steel … she can be a phenomenal President … no doubt about that. But schooling goes both ways … the student goes to the school and the school does the training.

Trump turning out to be the Peace Champion
To be honest … we like all 3 candidates … Trump, Warren and Putin. Trump is already proving himself to be the “Peace Champion” … no new wars and peace & stability in the world. Trump deserves recognition and credit for that. If you look at what was happening in the past two Administrations … we were at war in about half a dozen countries … Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen and bla bla bla. Almost all of these wars have been vaporized.

Wars will not be the topic of 2020. It will be all about knocking out Establishment’s Systems from the country. Everything will be about internal affairs. And the guy or lady who is most capable in taking up the Establishment and ending their malice in education, healthcare, cost of living, monopoly in corporations, infrastructure, banking, media, politics … the candidate with balls take up this task will win 2020.

Waiting for Trump’s Fall
Another major mistake the Dems are doing is … “waiting for Trump’s fall” … which is quite unlikely to happen. Yes, Trump is under a lot of Establishment abuse and pressure. All of these Cohens, Muellers and Stormys are nothing but “Establishment noise”. These activities were already expected. Trump’s drawback is that … he did not address any Establishment monopoly issue at the domestic level … which is the only reason why the Establishment is able to make so much noise. Otherwise, all of this noise would have been taken care of a long time ago.

Dems should not wait for Trump’s fall because with every passing month … Trump is proving himself to be a key world leader for peace and stability. Owing to this “peace and stability” many networks are willing to protect Trump’s from jail. The Establishment will make a lot of noise using investigations and their media channels … but eventually nothing much will be materialized from it. Because everyone is seeing that Trump’s leadership is resulting in good things for the world.

It is very possible that Trump himself may rise with fantastic people centric policies. But if Dems want to take the lead then they have to show much more than only capitalizing the Establishment’s anti-Trumpism. You need to show that you can do far better than Trump and address many more key issues that concern the American people.

Warren is an excellent candidate who can hit the ground running with the right training. All Major Networks want to see “real change”. Trump has already taken the lead in bringing about real change. You can look around the world and see it for yourselves. 2020 is going to be a race between good, better and best. Prepare to be the best.