23 Feb 2019
Trump or Warren?
in America

Some groups in the Matrix are surprised as to … “why the hell is this guy still supporting Trump when we got Warren in the race for him? He asked for Warren and we brought her in the game … why isn’t he helping Warren?”

Firstly, let me thank you guys for bringing Warren in the game. She is excellent material. This is what you need to understand about our work … we are not party dependent … the only party we focus is on the people. We try to work on the most effective ways of bringing out change for the people.

The issue is not choosing between Trump and Warren. The main issue is who is going to work with us directly? That’s what makes the difference. It is impossible to provide systemic change for America via one website. The solutions that we have are not just two paragraphs of text that I can publish on the website. Let me give you a preview of the solutions.

It is something like live action under various layers. If we suggest a particular move then we evaluate every possible move from several different perspectives.

  • Media. What will be the media response? How to manage the media?
  • Politics. How to pull politicians to support the move? Who will support and who will oppose?
  • Establishment. What will the Establishment do? What are all of the obstacles that they can put in the way?
  • Finance. How much funds are required for this change? How to arrange for these funds?
  • Technology. Which technologies will be used? Who to collaborate with? How to make everything accessible and feasible?
  • Legals. What are the possible legal issues? How to handle all possible legal glitches in the game?
  • Corporations. How it will affect the current corporations and owners? How to manage their response?
  • International. How will the world react? Which are the world partners we need in the project?

And on and on and on … there are several such layers. What you should understand is that … we are dealing with a World Superpower … an $18 Trillion economy … and 330 million people … we are about to change systems that run this country. The solutions are not just two paragraphs of text that I can publish. It is a massive flow-chart … that helps and guides political leaders of how to accomplish great things … in a “feasible and successful” manner … while handling every possible obstacle that can be thrown in their way.

The solutions function like AI … Artificial Intelligence … that guide political leaders through every step of the way and help them succeed. To formulate all of this … I need to work directly with specialists from the country from all of these layers. I need an entire team of specialists from the fields of politics, finance, constitutional law, subject specialists, media specialists … and brainstorm with them … for every possibility at every possible level. Its like a “Think Tank” operation.

Even before the leader faces any backlash for a move … we know what is coming and we are already prepared for it. Because we have prepared for almost every possible shit-show that can be thrown at us. This entire operation makes things feasible and successful. It is an entire team of super specialists helping political leaders win through every step of the way. This is what’s needed to solve the current debt crisis and eliminate the Establishment’s malicious systems. It is not just two paragraphs of text that can be published online.

Can only prevent disasters via one website
I have told this several times before. The only thing that I can do is prevent disasters and wars via one website. Now, when it comes to helping Warren … firstly, is she carrying out any disaster for the public? No, she is just a Senator trying to run for President. There is no disaster that needs to be stopped when it comes to Warren. The only way I can help Warren is when she connects with us directly and helps us form our team.

Two possible modes of operation
There are two possible modes of operation for our work:

  • Via one website. Or two websites … this is where neither politician has got in touch with us. We like all three candidates … Trump, Warren and Putin. All 3 have the potential to change the world. But the only thing that I can do via one website is prevent disasters. “Structural reform” is complicated business and it required detailed planning and study before you make any move. For example … take a look at Trump’s tariffs. Tariffs was a good move but since he made no detailed study of the several other layers involved … he made no prediction model of what will happen under various circumstances … tariffs did not do much good for America and he is back to the discussion table with China. There are tens of billions of agricultural products being piled up … because there was no detailed study and planning before a move was made. This is why I say … Trump has only one move and he does not have the full solution. A full solution would guide him in every possible scenario that we could predict. That’s why Trump got stuck with just one move.
  • Via the entire team. Now, here is where the actual work begins … where we can actually work on the main structures of the country. It provides fantastic “successful” solutions that will take political leaders to great heights. If Warren works with us … then Trump will build the wall and Warren will build the world. If Trump works with us … then Trump will not build only the wall but he will also build the world. That’s the difference of change between one website and full team work.

I know … Warren is talking about healthcare for children as a “structural reform”. She wants to finance this by taxing the rich. But this is not a structural reform … taking money from one hand and giving to another is not structural reform. It is just placing one brick on the same structure. What “structure” is she addressing with the healthcare for children? I am very happy that she is ready to fight the corporations and bankers … and be the champion for the people. She is excellent material with balls of steel that can win this fight. But then if she doesn’t work with us … then the only thing we will be able to do for her is that … point out a mistake here and there … while nothing changes and the same shitshow drags on.

When Warren is concerned, the person is not the problem … the main thing is working with us to take things forward. And when she is not working with us … the only thing we can help her is avoid disasters. Which means that … under Obama, we stopped a war against Russia … under Trump, we have stopped a war against Russia … and even under Warren, we will stop a war against Russia. And that’s kind of pathetic to be called as an “accomplishment”. Well the race is on … and 2020 is all about policies. The guy / lady with the best policies will win.

Training Warren
Yes, I know that she has been brought early in the race so that we can give her the required training … so that she can hit the ground running in 2020. You need me to train her. Okay … let me put it this way … if you want to be a Harvard Lawyer … then you need to go to Harvard. The only thing that the Harvard University can do is … keep the doors open and accept you as its student. If you think that Harvard University should publish page after page … and you will sit there … reading online … and become a great lawyer by following one website … then that’s a mistake.

So, don’t blame me for not “training Warren”. There are two basic requirements for a proper training:

  1. Firstly, the University should be properly setup with the right team.
  2. Secondly, the student needs to be in direct contact with the University so that the training can be given.

If you don’t do any of the above and expect me to create a great lawyer that will change the world out of the blue … then it is simply asking for too much. I am in this game … moreover, we design the game itself as we move on … lol. I am sure Warren is also very keenly interested to win … she has balls of steel. Follow basic commonsense in making things happen in real time … rather than not doing what is required and doing everything else. Focus on the next immediate step and work your way up. That’s how you can make things happen and we can train Warren so that she is ready for 2020.

Like I said before … reading from one website was useful during the Obama Era because at that time … it was all about stopping the wars. Now, when you want to do different things … different configurations and setups are required.

A possible civil war in Venezuela
The only major oncoming possible disaster is a civil war in Venezuela … which needs to be averted. To avert this … the key world leaders are Trump and Putin. They can control the parameters at the ground level to avert the mass genocide of Christians in Venezuela. President Putin has been simply fantastic in maintaining world stability and peace. No country in the world will risk a war against Russia for Venezuela. Yes, I agree … Maduro and his Socialist policies are a disaster for the country but at the same time … putting an oppressed people under genocide is not the solution. Creating a civil war, bombing their cities, creating mass murder and displacing millions of their citizens is not the solution for Maduro or Socialism.

To be honest, Trump picked a wrong time to mess with Venezuela. These Socialist and Communist countries are complicated business. Creating a “peaceful revolution” in Venezuela might take several years to succeed. Trump should first focus on American crises … the country has hit $22 Trillion in National Debt. Once Trump solves the issues that plague his own country then he can focus on foreign countries using the same solutions that he implemented in his country.

All of the moves that Guaido is taking … he is just trying to provoke a civil war. Trump should encourage Guaido to take only “peaceful measures”. The moment Guaido initiates an armed conflict with Maduro … Russia comes into the scene and it will consolidate Maduro’s rule. The only thing that Russia will say is … “we are preventing the genocide of a Christian population … Venezuela will not be another Syria … we will not sit back and watch the decimation of Christian cities”.

If Trump wants to maintain his approach in Venezuela in positive light then:

  • He should support and encourage peaceful measures
  • He should not support or encourage any armed conflict
  • He should not look forward to start a civil war in the country
  • He should be prepared to follow a long term route to see the overthrow of Maduro’s rule

This is the only way Trump can justify his stand against Socialism and Maduro’s rule. The moment an armed conflict begins … then Russia becomes the winning party. They will simply say … “yes, we don’t support Socialism but at the same time … we don’t support genocide and civil wars in a Christian country”. Russia will take the limelight in stopping a civil war. If Trump wants to maintain his credibility and victory against Socialism and Maduro … then his path will be a peaceful path … just like he is doing in North Korea … it is a peaceful path.

The world respecting American leadership again
An interesting thing that you might not have observed is … yes, Trump followed a few instructions on our website on the war front … it led to a turning point … where the world is respecting American leadership again. Bush waged wars in Afghanistan and Iraq … shoes were thrown at him in Iraq … the American President literally got shoes thrown at him. Look at Trump’s approach in North Korea … it is about peace, stability, reform, unity, progress and success for the Koreas. Trump got an overwhelming positive response with love and adornment … he ended up creating historic moves between the two Koreas.

One President got shoes thrown at him and the other President got recommendations for a Nobel Prize. That’s the turning point we have created for American world leadership already using one website. America is being respected and loved in world affairs again.

Trump needs to stick to “peaceful measures” in Venezuela so that he can create a legacy for himself with changes in countries like Syria, Koreas, Afghanistan and Venezuela. Trump can follow all regime overthrow measures … but via peaceful means. And that would be a fantastic accomplishment that the world will love.