14 Feb 2019
Surpassing the threat of Howard Shultz
in America

Understanding Howard Shultz
Let’s first understand what the hell is Howard Shultz. For this, take a look at what happened recently in Germany. The Establishment is in shock as to how the hell their monopoly is not working in world leadership. They are finding a new world where people-centric leaders are rising. Their misleading is not working … their media is being contained … their events are falling on deaf ears and they are finding a new world that is out of their control.

For this, what they did in Germany is … weaken Angela Merkel’s party. They gave massive positive publicity to an anti-immigrant party that was controlled by the Establishment.

  • They used crimes committed by immigrants to demonize them as much as possible
  • They used their media agencies to ridicule Angela Merkel and
  • They heavily promoted an anti-immigrant party

This was done to such an extent that neither parties won enough votes to form the government. Angela Merkel’s Party had to rely on the support of anti-immigrant parties in order to form a coalition. To form this coalition … this anti-immigrant party started dictating what Angela Merkel could and could not do.

The Establishment is rattled and they are resorting to desperate measures to control world leadership. America runs via a Presidential system. They cannot pull off the same gimmick here. In America, only one President can lead … there cannot be sharing of the Presidency. Thus the obvious target of the Establishment is Trump. This is how it works.

Is Howard Shultz a real threat?
It all depends on his policies and how much media attention will be given to him. There is every possibility that he withdraws or he loses miserably like other third party candidates from the Green Party. But assuming that he is pushed ahead by the media … just like Bernie Sanders was … then he obviously becomes a threat. Bernie Sanders is another Jewish politician who almost beat Hillary Clinton … Bernie could have become the Democrat nominee.

No one knew Bernie Sanders before and given the right media mileage … he almost became the Presidential candidate of a major party of the United States. Yes, if Howard Shultz is given the right media mileage then he can give both parties a run for their money.

Shultz is a major threat to Trump at two levels

  • Impeachment. The Establishment is already promoting that Shultz will take away Democrat votes and ensure Trump’s victory. This activity is designed to give the Democrats the necessary motivation to go ahead with Trump’s impeachment.
  • The House Decides. And at the second level … just in case, Shultz pulls more votes where neither party has enough majority votes … then the voting goes to the House of Representatives and they will vote who will be the next President.

All Shultz needs to do is pull about 5-10% of the votes … and if Democrats and Republicans stay around 45% of the votes each … then none of them can be President. The House will vote and decide who will be the next President.

And guess what … the Democrats already have a whopping majority with more than two dozen Democrat seats in the House. Now, you understand why the Establishment helped in Democrats taking more seats in the House. Actually, the Establishment and the Major Networks worked on this … seeing Trump’s current path. The info that was pushed in the Networks was that … Trump is on a disastrous path and he needs to be controlled … thus Dem’s victory in the House is a must.

Now with Shultz in the game, you get a clearer picture of their planning. Howard Shultz can take the decision making to the House … and since it is a Dem controlled House … obviously, there will be a Democrat President.

It is false information in the media that “Shultz is a threat to the Democrats” … it is actually the opposite. Shultz is a double threat to Trump. Not only he can take away Republican votes but he can also move the decision making to the House. On top of that, right now, he is motivating the Dems for an impeachment.

Trump thinks that he got more seats in the Senate and that is a victory which was not recognized. He does not realize that the Senate does not matter in the next steps … it’s the House that matters.

The race to gain the majority
Introduction of Shultz in the race, automatically creates a race to hold the majority of the public support. If you command over 60-70% of the voters in your favor … then the rest of the candidates share 30-40% of the votes. If you get anything above 50% then you are automatically the winner … doesn’t matter how many candidates are there in the race. Thus, both Republicans and Dems will race to gain control over the majority of the voters.

Key tools to pull public support
There are two very easy tools available out there to pull massive public support in your favor.

  • Impeachment. This works as an advantage for the Democrats. Trump cannot impeach the opposite person because that is not an option for him. This tool is available only for the Democrats to use. Trump’s impeachment will lead to a huge wave of voters towards the Democrats. They don’t need to bother about Howard Shultz. They can simply impeach Trump … which is exactly the main purpose of the Establishment introducing Shultz in the race.
  • People-Centric Policies. Another easy tool that both parties can use are “People-Centric Policies” … change the systems … do stuff that was never done before … launch a new era and pull massive public support. This is another way of nullifying the opposite candidate.

Trump’s current scenario
Let’s see how both parties can use the above two tools. Trump is already a beneficiary of people-centric policies. He put America First. He stood up to Europe, China and other world nations by putting tariffs on them. People saw that here is a guy that is doing stuff that no other politician did before.

  • He is standing up for America and putting tariffs on so many countries
  • Along with that he got to reap the benefits of Obama’s key efforts … jobs, economy, elimination of ISIS, peace and stability.
  • And Trump is able to say that … “hey, I am the guy that is keeping America First … creating highest jobs ever, fantastic economy, no new wars, elimination of terrorism, peace and stability. All of the other politicians couldn’t do it. They were all talk. Look at me … I did everything for you.”

Keeping People First is already reaping enormous public support for Trump. When in reality, he took only two moves … tariffs and cutting off funding in war zones. He got several benefits from Obama which were materialized under his Presidency and he is able to show himself as the people’s champion.

And if you look into his audience … he gets 20,000-30,000 people packed in stadiums wanting to listen to him. What you should realize from this is “keeping people-first works” … people-centric policies work … standing up to malice in favor of people works.

Trump’s weaknesses
Trump’s weaknesses are that … he is still at the skin of it. When it comes to people-centric policies … he has just touched on tariffs and then he has done nothing else. And that too his efforts on tariffs have not materialized much because he had no idea of how to carry out the next steps with tariffs. The American National Debt is about $22 Trillion now.

To add to his lack of knowledge of people-centric policies … he has investigations, lawsuits and possible impeachment to manage. Now, he also has Howard Shultz who might move the decision making to the House controlled by the Dems. However, if Trump starts fighting for the people then his obstacles can be shown as nothing but malice to discredit a great guy who is doing great things for the people. An attack on Trump can be shown as an attack on the people. But Trump is still not in that mode.

Democrat’s Current Scenario
If the Democrats pitch in using both of the tools … they can impeach Trump and they can also come out as the real champions for the people. They can manage Trump and Howard Shultz very easily using both of the tools. The Democrats don’t have any lawsuits or investigations to bother about.

Democrat’s weaknesses
However, there are some weaknesses that the Democrats need to manage:

  • Trump has already taken the lead. Trump might not have changed anything much but there are a lot of positive changes under his Presidency. It might be owing to Putin’s involvement or owing to the Intervention Forces … but it is still done under his Presidency. He can very easily show himself as the leader of a new movement with the highest job growth, economy, no ISIS, no new wars, peace and stability. To add to that … he always spoke about keeping America First and everyone saw him putting tariffs on China. Trump can hold a good amount of public support based upon the positive things happening under his Presidency.
  • Stagnation under the Obama Presidency. People saw that there was stagnation under Obama’s Presidency … mainly because Obama did no go around bragging about every little good thing he did … and most of the work was done in the background. Still the people see the Democrats as slow and inactive.

Yes, the impeachment tool remains as an option for the Dems to use. But if you don’t want to use impeachment … then you have a lot of catching up to do. Trump has been campaigning non-stop since he got elected … mainly to fight off Establishment demonization. But owing to his Twitter usage and campaign rallies … Trump has built quite a base. People don’t go with only mere promises. They saw real action under Trump. Don’t take 2020 for granted … there is a lot to do.

Seems like 2020 is going to be very interesting.