13 Feb 2019
Howard Shultz is another push for Trump’s impeachment
in America

This is what you need to note. Howard Shultz is a Jewish Billionaire trying to run for President. Will he become President … no chance. But that is not his main intention either. The Establishment knows very well that the votes will be divided if Shultz runs. And this division can work both ways … it can divide Republican votes or it can divide Democrat votes. It can lead to the victory of either party.

But the Democrats are thinking and it is being promoted that … Trump will win if Shultz runs. They see that this is a higher probability. Because till date … either party has not taken people-centric policies and either party does not have a massive lead. Shultz is being shown as one element that will push Trump towards victory. But this is just step one of the plan … which is already in play.

Now, with Shultz in the game … if Democrats have to consolidate their chances of winning … then their best option is to impeach Trump or even put him in jail. If Trump is totally knocked out of the game via an impeachment … that’s how Democrats can easily win. This is exactly what the Establishment is facilitating via Shultz. They are pushing for Trump’s impeachment via the Democrats.

Senior Dems themselves are pushing away impeachment calls. One of the reasons why they are ignoring impeachment calls is because they know that nobody likes Trump and they see an easy victory in 2020. Now, when the 2020 Presidency is itself at risk because of Shultz in the game then Dems will get the necessary motivation for impeachment proceedings.

This is a direct push for Trump’s impeachment by the Jewish Establishment. Just like Tom Steyer, who is another Jewish Billionaire being used to continuously campaign for Trump’s impeachment. In the same manner, Howard Shultz is a Jewish Billionaire brought in the game only to push Democrats for Trump’s impeachment.

These are the things that you should note about Howard Shultz.

  • Vote Dividing Strategy. He is not running on any platform or offering any solution to the people. Like Trump ran on the basis of keeping America First … Democrats want to provide Medicare for all … this guy is not addressing any problem or providing any solution to the people. Which clearly indicates that he is not in it to win … his aim is not to be President at all. The only thing that he is saying is … “both parties are bad … vote for me” … it is an open vote dividing tactic.
  • Votes can be divided in any way. America is a Democracy and people can vote any way they want.
    • He can pull more Democrat votes
    • He can pull more Republican votes
    • He can pull equal number of votes from both parties
    • Or he can be a total loser like the Green Party candidates and get a tiny fraction of votes that don’t matter at all. All options are possible.
  • The Establishment is promoting that “Shultz will help Trump win”. The Establishment is using the media and their control points to promote that Shultz will guarantee Trump’s win. Shultz pulling more Democrat votes is only one of the 4 possible scenarios. The question is why is the Establishment promoting this option?
  • Push Dems for Trump’s Impeachment. They are creating fear of failure among the Democrats so that they agree for Trump’s impeachment. That’s the gimmick they are playing.

The Establishment is using one of their puppet Jewish Billionaires to tactically divide votes, put fear in the Democrats so that all of them unite for Trump’s impeachment.

This is the Establishment’s “third stab in the back” for Trump. This is their third attempt to push for Trump’s impeachment in the same year. Seems like they have done a lot of thinking and planning for this year. Realize who you are friends with President Trump. You are friends with the snake … remember your snake story?