11 Feb 2019
Protect Ilhan Omar
in America

Protect Ilhan Omar. There should be a fierce voice standing up to AIPAC and Israel in America. There are several politicians in the UK who do the same. There should be an alternate view … an alternate voice … that will scrutinize and keep the actions of our politicians under check when it comes to AIPAC and Israel. Speaking against AIPAC or Israel cannot be condemned as anti-Semitism. This is blatant stomping of American politicians by the Jewish Establishment.

She is not speaking anything against the Common Jews. She is an American Politician and an American Citizen … she has every right to hold her views and scrutinize a foreign lobby on American soil. She has every right to hold her views and scrutinize a foreign country. A foreign lobby and a foreign country should have absolutely no right to stomp on American citizens and American politicians.

It is simply shameless that other American politicians are trying to put fear in her and trying to silence her in support of a foreign lobby. Ilhan Omar should be fully protected … her rights and views are American rights. Protecting her is protecting American rights.

But the advice to Ilhan Omar is to maintain herself in “info mode” … do not enter “fight mode” yet … especially against AIPAC and the Israeli Government. Your voice helps and your views help … but keep it lightweight … do not enter full force fight mode because the Establishment Monopoly is still intact. Establishment malice has been contained … which means that their false and misleading destructive propagandas of war have been contained. But all of their internal malice, monopoly, wealth drain and abuse is still intact.

You can be a useful voice in shining some light on the AIPAC issue. But keep it jovial … on the sidelines … as part time … so that your main career is not under attack. These are “Network based” issues and it requires the activation of several Networks to successfully work on it. Shining the light on these issues will help in creating awareness and building support for these issues. We have to dismantle Establishment Monopoly in a few spheres before we can work on AIPAC and the Israeli Government issues. Both of them are extremely complicated issues.

The strategy should not be to use only one candidate as “bait” to fight against AIPAC or the Israeli Government. You should network with many more similar minded leaders and distribute the fight among them. If you make one statement then it should be supported and complimented by another politician … and his statement should be supported by another … and there should be a long chain in this … that should cross more than 25 politicians at a minimum … a 100 politicians would be ideal.

And this is still working in “info mode” … the fight mode still requires many more elements and detailed planning in place. The advice would be … keep it light and keep it in info mode … for now.