09 Feb 2019
Network Basics
in America

Let me show you some Network basics. This is how it works.

  • Step One. Identify Potential. I show them some potential … in a leader, politician or activity. When I show something then the Networks are all ears … because they know that I will show something really good that will bring great change for the people.
  • Step Two. Protect & Support. The Networks come into action to protect and support the person … whoever it might be. Because they believe that I might have a great plan for him or her and it will result in beautiful things for the people.
  • Step Three – Create Change. Then comes Step Three … where all Network groups wait and see what “great change” this person is going to make. Why are we protecting this person? And what great work this person is going to do? How do we have to help and support this person in his work?

If you have been observing … I have been saying … “Trump has great potential … Trump has great potential … look at this work … look at that move … he can create phenomenal reforms”. All of this is to initiate protection and support for “good candidates”. This is NOT an approval of what you are doing right now … this is in no way support for your current policies or work. Its all about your role in the next phase where real change is created.

But the moment we say that … “Look at this step that Trump has taken … it is so great and beautiful” … President Trump goes on cloud nine … where he is the greatest President of all time that man has ever seen or witnessed. And he enters a non-stop cycle of blowing his own horn. All Network Groups that have been activated to protect you and support you … are like:

  • So, why are we exactly supporting this guy?
  • What is he doing that he requires our protection and support?
  • The only thing he is doing is blowing his horn and blowing up public cash … this is what we are supposed to protect & support?

And Trump actually thinks that this is an agenda by the Democrats … of standing up to the Establishment and changing the world. And he comes up with conditions like:

  • All investigations must be dropped
  • Demonization must stop
  • Lawsuits must end

And then he will work on this project … otherwise, it is simply Presidential harassment. And the Network Groups are like … really? Really?? Really???

We are telling you again and again … our work is party independent. All Major Networks are party independent … although they might have inclinations toward some candidates. But the Network as a whole functions as “party-independent”.

And when you fail to show leadership and fail to bring out reforms for the people … the Networks lose interest in supporting you or your Presidency. There was huge enthusiasm in the beginning about the Trump Presidency. The Networks had defeated the Establishment and brought an outsider in the game … and they had great expectations from the Trumps. But what you are doing out there is kind of a disappointment.

Now the support for Trump is being a drag. I am telling them … “hey, look Trump is pulling troops from Syria … he is stabilizing countries” and they are like … “okay fine, if you say so … let’s protect him for the 101th time again … and let’s see what he does”. Why do you think I came up with stuff like … “he is one of us … he is one of us … he is not a Satanist … he cannot be treated like an Establishment Element?” All of it was to put some energy in the failing support base for Trump.

Logic and facts work in the Networks. It helped save Ivanka from her email scandal. The Establishment was about to create an email scandal for Ivanka and treat her like Hillary. I wrote one page and they came to her rescue. With one page, the issue got resolved. Facts matter.

It is advisable to control the bragging a little bit and increase the amount of fighting for your people a little bit. Trumps still have potential … I know. But a “fight for the people” is what everyone wants to see. This is the need of the hour.

And by the way … your tactics in Venezuela are not right. You should understand that wars in Muslim countries are over. Venezuela is a Christian country. If a civil war begins in Venezuela, you will be pissing off both sides.

  • The Establishment will be pissed off because you are America trying to take down an oil rich Communist country. They strongly defend Communist countries.
  • The Networks will be pissed off because you are getting Christians killed in the war.

There will be enormous backfire from this. The media will go ballistic against you and it will create havoc for your Presidency. Whatever you are doing in Venezuela, do not start an armed conflict … it might be bombing them directly or via supply of weapons. The moment you start an armed conflict, it will actually consolidate Maduro’s rule in the country. Guaido and his base will become the terrorists killing people and destroying the country. Look at Syria … the same thing happened there. American intervention actually resulted in Assad’s consolidation. The right decision was to pull of the funding and troops from Syria. Venezuela is far more complicated than Syria. Make sure that a war is not created in Venezuela by any means.

Wars did not save Bush
Don’t think that Bush started wars to save his Presidency. The whole thing was masterminded by the Establishment. Bush did not win re-election … it was rigged for him. This Establishment has been rooted out from many many key positions. The scenario is not the same. The Establishment was running an anti-Islamic propaganda since 16 years … but the moment you spoke against Muslims, there was a huge outcry against you. Why? Because the Establishment has already lost control in many places.

Just speaking against Muslims is backfiring … imagine the outrage for creating a war in a Christian country and getting thousands of Christians killed in a civil war. Be very cautious in Venezuela.