08 Feb 2019
Try to go with the flow
in America

You should try to go with the flow sometimes. Sometimes, we write stuff to protect you … to protect you from jail that is. We create a great, glorious and fantastic role for Trump … so that you are respected valued and protected. We give a lot of credit and show your moves as great milestones in moving the country forward … only to increase your value in the work. So that Major Networks realize that Trump is good and needed.

If you go around stomping wild … going against our very work … then you just add another major reason to remove you from office. There are a lot of arguments in the Networks to impeach Trump and put Trumps in jail. Your support base is a tiny slice of 10% … while 90% are against you. You are sitting there and screaming:

  • This is harassment
  • This is blackmail
  • This is bla bla and bla

You just ruined a fantastic positive image that we created recently for you. We were against jail for Trumps and suggested a Nobel Prize for Trump. Do you know what’s the response from some groups in the Networks?

  • So this guy wants a Nobel Prize for bringing peace in Syria, Afghanistan and Koreas … is it?
  • He wants credit in the elimination of ISIS and the War on Terror?
  • Does he even know what ISIS was? ISIS was a group created by the very Establishment that he sucks up to today. He did everything possible to support this War on Terror and to continue the ISIS propaganda.
  • He went on National television saying that “the Quran preaches hate”.
  • He went ahead with a Muslim ban in America. He wanted to put Muslim communities on surveillance in America.
  • He dropped the Mother of all Bombs in Afghanistan and attacked Syria two times.
  • He wanted to expel all Syrian refugees from America
  • He was openly promoting the politics of fear the moment any incident happened via a Muslim.
  • The guy was neck deep in his hateful racism against Muslims
  • To the extent that he doesn’t even wish Muslims on Eid properly and cancels Iftar parties in the White House.
  • And this hateful racism extends to Latin Americans whom he calls rapists and criminals.
  • He praises and supports policemen when Black people are killed by them
  • This hateful racist should be given a “Nobel Prize” when he did everything possible to continue and promote the War on Terror?
  • The only reason the War on Terror came to an end is because of Obama, Putin and Intervention Forces getting involved and taking the initiative to end this monstrosity.
  • He cut off funding in Syria only because he hates Muslims and did not want to finance any group there … not because he was keen on ending wars and creating peace.
  • The only reason he went for sanctions on North Korea is because he was threatened with “war crime trials” for a nuclear war in the Koreas. His work in North Korea is nothing but eye candy to blow his own horn while no progress has been made at all.
  • A few good things happened under Trump only because his disastrous moves were contained and he was pushed to do what is right. There was already a huge momentum in this direction and things came to fruition when Trump became President.
  • The guy goes around shamelessly taking credit for other people’s works while he doesn’t do shit. He brags himself as the greatest President for the jobs being created … what on earth has he ever done to create jobs? He brags about peace and ending wars … when the entire war was already over. When everything is done and accomplished … he goes out there … hoists his flag and starts blowing his horn … calling himself the greatest President ever.
  • He is a hateful racist who doesn’t do shit for his people when they are in a crisis and the only thing he does is blows up trillions of people’s money and brags about himself endlessly.
  • This is the guy that deserves a Nobel Prize?? Where is the “noble” part in him or his work?

This was the response from groups who don’t see a reason for Trump to get a Nobel Prize yet. They say that Trump has not taken any initiative or started any work where we can justify a Nobel Prize for him and he has a lot of racist baggage.

And about the investigations, lawsuits and humiliation. They say that this is the side-effect of Establishment Monopoly. Asking for all lawsuits and investigations to end so that you can start the work is something like … telling the doctor, first cure me from all of these ailments and make me healthy & strong … and then I will meet you and take the medication. What is the point of taking medication when you are healthy and strong? First meet the doctor … take the medication … so that the medicine will fight off the ailments … and then you become healthy and strong. That’s how the sequence works.

Lastly, we already told you that … this is a major “anti-Trump year”. We informed you this right in the beginning of the year itself. No one wants you in the White House because you don’t give a shit about your own people. Everyone is pissed off at you. And I also told you a long time ago that … Dems will want 2020. The time is ripe and they are making their moves. This is basic opposition politics. We told you this in your first year itself. You are sitting on a burning house doing absolutely nothing.

This is the situation that you have inherited … it is your job to fix it. Obama inherited wars, hate and fear … and he fixed it. He played his role and he took the necessary initiatives … and he fixed the crisis that he inherited. The 2008 Obama can be proud of himself … he promised his country “Yes We Can” … today he can proudly say … “Yes We Did” … hell yes, we did it. Obama had promised an end to wars, the end of politics of hate and fear, peace for America and the world … the 2008 Obama has succeeded today. He can be proud of himself … for remaining consistent, doing what is right and bringing success to America.

The situation that Trump has inherited is “internal crisis” … domestic issues, debt based systems, high cost of living, wealth drain, income inequality, exploitation systems … a country of white collar crime run by Bankers and Corporations. This is the crisis that Trump needs to solve. Take the initiative and your country will love you and support you. Don’t blame me … it is your fault for being inactive and it is because of your fault that nobody wants you in the White House.

We praise you sometimes … not because you actually deserve it … but to create a protective shield for you. There are many groups out there campaigning for “jail for Trumps”. They are getting more and more support every week and every month. If we praise you a little bit … don’t sit on a flying horse and don’t start flying in the clouds calling yourself the greatest President ever. There are many groups out there who call you a total fraud and a scam … they want to put you in jail. That is, after you are impeached. They are working on the technicalities as we speak.

Taking credit is something and “owning” something is different. As President, you can take credit … but don’t try to own it. The moment you try to own it … then people will want to see your role and contribution in that activity. People are laughing when you say stuff like … “the stock market will crash if I get impeached”. How on earth will the stock market crash if you get impeached? What is the connection between you and the stock market? Are you the electric grid that powers all companies … if the grid is switched off then companies cannot operate and the stock market crashes? What connection are you trying to show here?

You are not President because of the jobs or stock market … both of them were doing fabulously during the Obama Presidency itself. You are President only because Hillary was on the other side. People were tired of Obama because they were not seeing change or progress despite job growth. You came in and didn’t do anything. Nobody wants a guy who doesn’t do anything. You have to initiate your own reforms … put them in action … and then take credit for it. Your taking of credit and bragging endlessly for other’s works … is not helping at all.