26 Jan 2019
Harassing the US President
in America

Okay fine … don’t “collude” with us. As it is, we are “harassing” the President … isn’t it? Lol.

This is what you need to know … your chances for world leadership have dropped from 50% to 10%. You have got a whopping loss of 40% in leading the change for the world in 2019. Two years ago … the main key leaders for world change were:

  1. President Trump
  2. President Putin

Trump didn’t do anything against the Establishment … instead Putin took the lead. He knocked out ISIS and eliminated terrorism from the world within a few months that America could not do since the past 16 years. He put Israel under check … repeatedly controlling Netanyahu. In the second year, Putin moved to the first position and Trump moved down to the second position. Not only Trump took no action against the Establishment but he has been 98% in favor of the Establishment. The only way to change your lead position was to change your track and change your policies … which you did not do.

With the onset of 2019 … 4 fantastic anti-Establishment leaders from the Democrats have taken the lead … namely:

  • Elizabeth Warren
  • Kamala Harris
  • Kirsten Gillibrand
  • Tulsi Gabbard

The above “Fantastic Four” have repeatedly stood openly against the Establishment … in policies and action. And all of them are running for President. The common thing in Putin and these Democrats is that … both of them have shown “real time leadership” in taking action against the Establishment. There is going to be great friendship and cooperation between Russia and the Dems. The only reason a few Dems speak against Russia is because of local party politics. Otherwise, there is going to be great cooperation between the two.

Your 50% chances got distributed among these 4 leaders as well … which gives you only 10% chance as of now.

While you have been sitting there and doing favor after favor for a criminal Establishment and making a new excuse not to work with us … to the extent of calling our invitation to do good things for your people and become a great President … you have been sitting there calling this “invitation to do good” a Presidential harassment. This is the level of Establishment puppetry that you are showing.

Technically, you are not a puppet … but you dying hard to be a hardcore Establishment puppet. We are simply inviting you to:

  • Do good things for your people
  • Save your people from debt based malicious and criminal systems
  • End the systems of exploitation and abuse setup by criminals
  • Become a great President
  • Go down in history as one of the greatest modern leaders of the world

But your response to this invitation is:

  • This is Presidential blackmail
  • This is Presidential harassment
  • This is unconstitutional
  • This is collusion and bla bla bla

Your response is only showing how you are dying hard to remain at the feet of the Establishment that wants to kick you out of the White House and is also working hard to put Trumps in jail. What you don’t know is that … the Establishment is using your favors as a reason to gain momentum to put Trumps into jail. Every single day and week … supporters for “jail for Trump” are being multiplied. There is already huge support for impeaching Trump … now they are building support for jail for Trumps.

The Establishment is using reasons like:

  • Shutdown for Border Wall funding
  • Blowing up trillions in defense spending
  • Spending billions in a scam “Space Force” that is not necessary
  • Spending hundreds of billions in “city defenses” which is again not necessary

“The country is burning in debt and the only thing that the guy is doing is blowing up trillions of hard earned tax payer money in unnecessary ridiculous stuff … and this is what he calls a great America … let’s toss him in prison.” This is the argument that the Establishment is using to “justify” jail for Trumps. Details later.

So … no problem … if you think that … “doing good things for your people, saving your country from debt and becoming a great leader” … is collusion, harassment, unconstitutional and a crime … then no problem. As a policy, we keep our doors open for any leader who wants to do good things for the people. And the doors will remain open for you as well. But you should also know that … with time … you are losing big … you are losing the chance to other people-centric leaders. As of now, your chances to lead are only 10%.