13 Jan 2019
The Border Wall Crisis Trump Presidency termination tactic
in America

We are in complicated times.  The Border Crisis is not actually about the border at all. To understand what is going on … you have to understand the multi-faceted activities of Establishment Elements. This is actually a Trump Presidency termination tactic being pushed by the Establishment. Let’s take a look at a few angles so that you know how the game is being set against Trump by the Establishment.

Fake Tweets don’t help anymore
Firstly, the Establishment has been actively running a “stall & hammer” cycle to use SM Networks against Trump. They stall Trump in working with us and then they go to SM Elements … infuriate them into hammering Trump. Seeing the hammering, Trump used to make some “fake tweets” that he supports our work … he is ready … he wants to sign all of the policies into law and bla bla bla. Seeing such cooperative Tweets, SM Elements not only used to stop the hammering but they also used to knock out anti-Trump Establishment elements.

What the Establishment basically saw here is that … this guy is posting supportive Tweets which are actually fake and he has no real intent of working with Active Democracy. But SM Elements are knocking out our guys just because of these “fake tweets”. So they moved up their game a little bit and started telling SM and Witch Network elements that … “this guy has absolutely no intention of working with Active Democracy. Those are blatant lies. Those are just fake tweets … mostly posted out of fear or pressure. He is just fooling you. If he had real intentions of working with your main guy then he would already have. He is just misleading and fooling you.”

This is the information that the Establishment is giving within the SM and Witch Networks … to infuriate these networks against Trump. So that SM Elements don’t go out there and start knocking out anti-Trumpers. They are getting a double victory with this approach … as they are able to safeguard anti-Trumpers and also infuriate the Networks against Trump.

All American politicians are advised not to make any “fake tweets” in support of our work. If you are genuinely interested then step forward and join us. Not only fake tweeting will not help you but it may also backfire. Along with your Tweets, “real follow up action” is also tracked.

The Establishment desperately needs Trump to make a blunder
What is basically happening in America is that … Establishment puppets are being knocked out of key positions and non-Establishment elements are being placed in the top positions. A major victory in this process was Trump himself. Placing Trump in the White House was itself a major victory of this process. But how the Establishment installs its systems and people is by showing that “Goyim” systems and people are a total failure … by showing that systems and people supported by “non-Establishment” elements are a total failure. If Trump fails then it means that Goyim failed … as per the Establishment’s calculations that is.

The Establishment wants a “Trump owned blunder”
This is the main reason why the Establishment wants a Trump owned blunder … a blunder where Trump himself made the fatal wrong decision. And this is why:

  • The Establishment was pushing for the deportation of 11 million illegal immigrants
  • The Establishment was pushing for the deportation, ban and surveillance of all Muslims in America
  • The Establishment was pushing for a nuclear war in the Koreas
  • The Establishment was pushing for a war in Syria

If Trump would fall for any of the above … which actually he was about to do and we moved him to the right track … but if he would fall for those blunders then the Establishment would get Trump exactly where they wanted him, to terminate his Presidency. They would get a “Trump owned blunder”.

And this is exactly what the Border Wall Crisis is about. Right now, Trump is in an Establishment trap by going for a government shutdown … and by prolonging it and making more desperate attempts to secure funding for the wall … he is only creating a Trump owned blunder that the Establishment wants.

Border Wall Basics
Any one can build a damn wall … any contractor can build it.

  • You don’t need a construction guy in the White House to build a damn wall
  • You don’t need threats against neighboring countries to build a wall
  • You don’t need sanctions against other countries to build a wall
  • You don’t need a government shutdown to build a wall
  • You don’t need 800,000 American workers losing their paychecks indefinitely to build a damn wall
  • You don’t need to risk health and air safety of millions of Americans to build a wall

These are some basic common things that anyone knows. There is a security issue at the border and a wall will help … but scaling things to such a drastic extent by putting millions of Americans at risk … it is simply unwise. The issue is genuine but Trump’s tactics and strategies are dead wrong.

Establishment pushing the Democrats
While the Establishment has turned massive networks against Trump … and pushed Trump into a trap … this is what they are telling the Democrats.

  • The guy is a thief who only cares for himself
  • He knows that he cannot win the next election and he is trying to get full funding for his construction projects
  • He is just trying to steal the biggest bag of cash and walk out of the White House in 2020
  • He doesn’t give a rat’s ass about American safety or security, all he cares is about his money
  • Don’t give him a single penny
  • The more desperate he gets, the more mistakes he will make
  • Use all of those mistakes to initiate lawsuits against him, we will provide you with full support

Personalize all losses to Trump
As we speak, Establishment elements are advising the Democrats to “personalize all losses” owing to the shutdown to Trump.

  • Trump should bear the responsibility for 800,000 Americans losing their paychecks
  • Trump should bear responsibility for the untidy National parks, unattended air safety and no health checks for foodstuff
  • Prepare to sue Trump for everything. He should pay for everything, personally himself

This is the advice that Dems are being given, as we speak.

From the Dems perspective
Moreover, if you look at it from the Democrats perspective … this trap is a gift for them. They have nothing to lose. Its Trump’s blunder. Millions of Americans are being adversely affected. They are getting to sue and penalize the sitting President. This is a wonderful gift for them.

How it works out in the next steps
There are going to be lawsuits against Trump which would push him to pay:

  • The salaries of 800,000 workers
  • Pay for the cleanup of National Parks
  • Pay for the shutdown of air and health safety

And Trump will be standing there and saying … “no, no, no … I am not going to pay. Everybody is going to lose their paychecks unless I get the funding for my wall! Everything is going to remain shut down … unless I get funding for my wall!” Just imagine making that argument once the lawsuits begin.

Dems will come off as the Party that cares for the people … that wants everyone to get paid and functions smoothly. While Trump will come off as the bad guy who doesn’t want anyone to get anything. What is Trump going to do? Take things to the Supreme Court and make sure that no one gets their pay, unless he gets his wall? It is just ridiculous.

It is actually the job of the ruling party to make sure that everything is good and smooth running for the people. Out here, Dems would end up playing the role of the ruling party … while the actual ruling party would be bent on keeping everything shut down.

When that happens … till date, the impeachment calls were from only some Dems and some Establishment puppets … but when Dems start fighting for the people using lawsuits against Trump’s shutdown … then guess who the people will support? Obviously, the people will join Dems and call for Trump’s impeachment.

These are “knock out games”
These are knock out games. There is no more cycle of “blunder and management”. This cycle happened repeatedly over the past two years. But now, no one has interest in having Trump in the White House. These are direct knock out games. The Establishment is trying to portray Trump as a thief who cares for no one but himself. The earlier he gets out of this trap, the better it is for him. Just use any reason and get out of this trap.

The Establishment has lost the White House
The Establishment has already lost the White House. Doesn’t matter what Trump will do in the next two years … there are far more highly people oriented leaders entering the 2020 race. It is quite unlikely that any Establishment puppet will enter the White House in the next few cycles. Yes, Trump was a victory against the Establishment but as far as the White House is concerned … we will continue to win again and again. Getting rid of Trump is not getting rid of our work … we will only consolidate our work more and more and more. The only thing that the Establishment can do is sit under one rock in China and make some noise using its hollow network.