04 Jan 2019
Moving On
in America

Moving on and not waiting for Trump does not mean that we become anti-Trump. Active Democracy is party independent and it always has to remain that way. We cannot afford to become Democrat or Republican. If we become either then it means that:

  • We will create phenomenal reforms during 4 years
  • And then if the party changes, our work stagnates for 4 years and we become the opposition party
  • We cannot afford to lose chunks of 4 years or 8 years by aligning ourselves to any party
  • Mainly because people need positive change at a continuous pace

I will give you an example to explain this. Kim Jong Un was pissing off Trump and Trump was ready for a nuclear war. If we had not got involved then it would be a catastrophe in the Koreas. The measures that Trump has taken based upon our guidance has resulted in record breaking peace meetings, deals and negotiations that never happened before. If we just sat back and allowed Trump to create a disaster because we are Democrat … then it would be a catastrophe.

We knew that Trump will be in Office at least for a few years and we wanted to make some good use of this time. And look … the developments that took place in the Koreas are fantastic and definitely much better than a nuclear war in the region.

Managing SM and Witch Networks
I know the majority of the SM and Witch networks are keen to see direct cooperation between politicians and Active Democracy. Everyone is waiting for the work to move on. It is true that … it is a must for direct interaction from at least one of the below:

  • Trump
  • Democrats or
  • Putin

All of these 3 elements can easily lead the world and create a new era. But just waiting for one of these leaders to take the initiatives is not the solution. If one leader is not interested then move on with the next … start organizing and building coalitions to suit the next phases of the work. That’s the meaning of moving on.

If someone is not interested then why waste time? We cannot remain in an endless cycle of requests and no action. The better option is to pull in leaders who are interested and who will play their role.

As far as the current leading party is concerned … let’s see whatever he wants to take up … and that will create his legacy. For example … till date what Trump is doing for the peace in Koreas, troop withdrawal from Syria and reorganizing deals with other countries … these are a few okay moves. They don’t change anything much for the American people. But this is what he picked up and he chose to act on it. And that’s how its gonna be … a leader’s legacy and image will be defined by his accomplishments. This is the only thing that Trump could do as of now.

Knocking out the sharks
The next phases of the work will involve in the knocking out of the Establishment sharks … dealing with the Corporations. This is going to be the major major section of the work … this is what is going to revolutionize the world. Trump has shown little initiative in this section. So, no problem … pool in who is interested. This is incredibly important and a major part of the work. The leader that will take up this work … will create history.

The Establishment is already contained … they cannot do much malice now. We have to work on systematically creating laws and policies to restructure the system. “Restructuring of the system” is a must … not just removing Trump or this guy or that guy.

Just knocking out Trump is not going to change anything
Don’t allow the Establishment to justify knocking out Trump for his inaction. The Establishment will use multiple reasons to justify what they want to get done. They want Trump gone … they will use multiple reasons for that. They don’t want political cooperation with us … they will use multiple reasons for that as well. Simply knocking out Trump and putting Democrats in power is not going to change anything. This is nothing but a waste of time being designed by the Establishment … by pitching Democrats against Trump. Making two parties fight with each other is what these Satanists enjoy. Pitching an American against American … an Indian against an Indian … a Christian against a Christian … a Muslim against a Muslim. They enjoy these lines of friction where one of us is busy fighting with another.

This is a silly “stall and hammer” cycle that the Establishment has been using since a long time on Trump to turn SM Elements against Trump. On one side, they stall Trump and then go to SM Elements telling them … “hey, look Trump does not respond even now … how shameless is this guy? Let’s hammer him.” Just working on an anti-Trump agenda is not going to help anyone.

Politics, Finance & Technology
Our priorities should be this … the distribution of politics, finance and technology among the people.

  • How many politicians did we get to coordinate with Active Democracy?
  • How many people centric leaders did we get?
  • How many politicians understand the malice, the crisis and what needs to be done?
  • How many solutions have we promoted?
  • How many new laws and systems have we created?
  • In how many States and countries we have established these systems?

These are positive and progressive steps that actually help the people. Removing Trump from office is no big deal. Wasting the next two years in just removing Trump from office is a total waste of time. Trump is on an auto-decimation path. No one needs to make a major effort in removing him from office. That is something that is going to happen automatically … everyone knows it … the Establishment is already doing the needful. We don’t need to waste our time on that. It is going to take a lot of work from Trump to stop that … and I am not sure if he is ready to go the mile.

So, it is better to put your time and energy in doing something “positive for the people” … rather than just remaining focused on knocking out Trump. Move on … connect with leaders … get together and organize to create people-centric systems. That’s a better use of time.