01 Jan 2019
Dems launch the knock out games
in America

So, Trump wants a 2 term Presidency, is it? This is what you should know about Elizabeth Warren.

  • Matrix Support. She has the support of the Matrix. Even if the Establishment hang themselves upside down … even then they cannot do anything to her. She has literally been calling for jail for the largest bankers in the country. She is fully protected.
  • Your inaction. She was put into action mainly because of your inaction. It’s been two years and you basically did nothing for the people and offered them no major policy change. She is being chosen to lead only because you have not taken the lead position.
  • Launch of the knock out games. We have been telling you since several weeks that 2019 is going to be very hostile and by year end your Presidency is planned to be terminated. Even then you took no action. Not only this … we have been telling all year round that … if you don’t lead then Warren will lead … if you don’t lead then Warren will lead. You just called us Fake News and mocked us. Well, Elizabeth Warren saying that she is running for President is the official launch of the knock out games for the Trump Presidency by the Dems.
  • Impeachment First. And the fact, that she announced her Presidential bid “2 years” in advance … only confirms that they are planning to impeach you first and then take the Presidency. If she wanted to be President then she could have waited till the end of 2019 and then competed with you in the election year … like regular candidates. But no, she has started her work 2 years in advance … which means that the first year will be used for your impeachment and then she automatically gets to be President in 2020. Dems get a double victory. And since they impeached a Republican President … they will easily get two terms … which makes it a triple victory for them.
  • A mountain of investigations. The major issue for your Presidency is that … Elizabeth Warren will not be just one candidate campaigning to impeach you but she will have the support from the majority of the Matrix, a mountain of investigations against your Presidency and the full force of the Democrats to impeach you.
  • Standing up to the Corporations. Her launch message is technically what we want to do in our project … which is standing up to the Corporations and fighting for the people. She literally wants to take our work forward. And since your moves have been 98% in favor of the Corporations … her movement automatically becomes a movement against Trump as you have been mostly pro-Establishment. She is not just knocking out the Corporations but indirectly she is also knocking out the Trump Presidency.

How to manage this?

  • Everybody loves her. The first thing that you should know is that … everybody loves her … including us. We love her stand against the Establishment and the Bankers. And at this moment in history … if you have to move forward, then it is compulsory for you to stand up to the Establishment … without which no progress is possible. And she has already hoisted the flag against the Establishment … she is holding the flag up high.
  • You cannot defeat her. Based upon the current configuration that you are in … she has 95% chances of winning against you. You were brought into the Office only because we had Hillary GodDamn Clinton on the other side. You do not stand a chance against Warren based upon your current policies. She will get a sweeping victory.
  • A Major Dem’s Disadvantage. However, she is not perfect. She is an incredibly people oriented candidate … but she does not have the solutions for any issue. She knows that the Bankers and Corporations are ripping us off. But she has no idea what to do about them. She has no solutions, no laws, no policies, no systems … and she does not even understand the complete structure of the Establishment. This has been a major disadvantage of the Dems … which is one of the reasons why there was so much stagnation under the Obama Presidency. They know the problem is there but they don’t know what to do about it.
  • You can hold her off. You cannot win against her but you can definitely hold her off. She has just setup an “exploratory committee” … it is just one step towards the Presidency. If you act quickly and instead of her taking the lead … you take the lead … you start implementing the policies and solutions against this Establishment and corporations. The advantage that you have is that … you are the current President and you can start implementing stuff with Executive Order right now … without any waiting time. If you become the leader and the champion against the Corporations … then you just took over her Presidency from her. She will talk about Corporations but will not have any solutions. And you will be the guy who will actually provide all of the solutions. This will pressurize her to hold off her Presidency and let Trump complete his work.
  • Elizabeth Warren, the next President. She is simply excellent Presidential material. She has the fight, she has the balls and the courage to do what is right and she does not give a damn of who is standing in front of her. She will take the challenge and go for the fight. We love her and we need a candidate like this at this time in America. If you take the lead now … then she can hold it off … let you do the work in your tenure … and then she can run in 2024. This is a possibility. She can definitely be the next President. But it depends upon you whether she leads in 2020 or 2024.


Happy New Year!