30 Dec 2018
Understanding the Sharks, Democrats and Active Democracy
in America

Okay … you have done a good job in understanding the Establishment. Now, it is time to understand the Democrats and more importantly our relationship with the Democrats.

The Misconceptions
Since the Democrats step forward in protecting us and following our advice … some people get the misconception that:

  • Active Democracy is Democrat
  • This is an agenda run by the Democrats
  • The Democrats want to take down the Establishment
  • Therefore, being a Republican, I should support the Establishment

No, no … all of the above misconceptions are a “mash up”. It is not true at all. And anything you will derive out of it will be wrong. It will lead you into thinking that:

  • If I support Active Democracy then I should get the support from Democrats
  • If Democrats are aggressive against me then it means that Active Democracy is against me
  • All of the aggression that is happening against me is because of the Democrats and Active Democracy
  • If I support the Establishment then I will get support against the Democrats and Active Democracy

All of the above derivations are totally wrong. It’s a complete mash up and a misunderstanding of what is going on. Let me separate everything and show you how each entity functions … with their own objectives. These are the major entities at play.

  • The Sharks. These are the largest “network based” entities in America and around the world. Each of them have their own objectives.
    • The Establishment Family. They want the Trump Presidency terminated out of pure hate towards you. Anything anti-Trump is loved by them.
    • The Witch Network. These guys are pissed off at you because of your repeated favors for an Establishment Family that wants the expulsion and killing of witches at massive scales. They are not interested in having you in power.
    • The Silent Majority. SM Networks form the largest shark … they are also not interested in having you in power because you are doing absolutely nothing for the people and not creating any major reform in any field whatsoever.
  • Democrats. After all of the above 3 Network Sharks … then come the Democrats. The Democrats are not a Shark at all. They are just a few hundred politicians in the country … which is more like a dot in the Matrix. They are that tiny. The Democrats are not a shark but they are the “tools” with which the sharks operate. They are the means of getting things done.
  • Republicans. And there is a split among the Republicans as well who are waiting for the right time to remove you from office.

When it comes to Democrats, they can be used by anyone. Some Democrats are Establishment puppets … they will run Establishment agendas. Some Democrats are supported by SM … they will do what is right for the people. The same applies to Republicans … the movement of the politicians depends upon who is backing them and guiding them. Having understood that … now understand this.

Why do Democrats support Active Democracy?
The Democrats and Active Democracy are completely different entities. The Democrats do not define our operations and we do not dictate Democrat moves. But the Democrats actively support us, defend us and protect us because:

  • We have been protecting and defending America since the past 10 years
  • We have exposed many, many, many criminal, malicious and disastrous moves of the Establishment over the past years.
  • It is because of us that “private war contractors” ran out of business … otherwise America was pouring in trillions of tax payer money to these contractors who would never end any war. They were openly maintaining both sides of the conflict with money and weapons. American soldiers were literally facing guns Made in America being used by their opposition. Our children were being killed using our own guns on the battlefield … that was the level of bullshit going on in the war zones.
  • When we changed that … it evolved into the financing of “rebel groups” … which was again a catastrophe. We got involved again and showed how these rebel groups were being literally run directly by Israel and how they were using our tax payer money to buy weapons from Israel. Israel’s weapon industry was doing a booming business in these conflicts.
  • We helped the Democrats understand this as well and encouraged them to cooperate with Russia in eliminating all terrorist groups and stabilizing the countries.
  • Moreover, we activated the Matrix in knocking out Mitt Romney from the Presidential race.
  • Dems understand very well that the moment we get involved in something then several networks come into action … in knocking out the malicious ones and help in doing what is right.
  • We have repeatedly guided Dems in doing what is right … we have saved America trillions in tax payer money and saved millions of lives … again and again over the past 10 years. They know that we are a force for good.
  • They know that we are standing up to a bunch of criminals because of which our protection is even more important.

This is why Dems protect us. We do not get instructions from Dems on these works … but we took the lead and showed them where the malice is and how to contain the malice … which led to the elimination of private war contractors … elimination of rebel and terrorist groups … the stabilization of countries and brought peace in the world. We took the lead and the Dems followed us. That’s our relationship. It is of mutual friendship and common goals of doing what is right for the people. However, we are not the same entity.

You are basically confusing 3 entities in the game … the Sharks, the Dems and Active Democracy.

  • If the Sharks attack you then you think that the Dems are attacking you.
  • If you are helping Active Democracy then you think that Dems should also help you.
  • If you are attacking Active Democracy then you are thinking that you are attacking the Dems.

The whole thing is a mash up. Keep this in mind:

  • The majority of the attacks come from the Sharks who have their own objectives
  • The Sharks are making it very easy for the Dems to take the office in 2020
  • And we, Active Democracy, can help you surpass all of the above … because the moment we get involved in something then we get 2 major sharks on our side … as we have common goals … and winning becomes very very easy for you

A dream come true for the Democrats
What you are basically thinking is that … if I support Active Democracy then I automatically have the support of the Dems and that they will start helping you. No, no, no … it does not work that way. Right now, with this government shut down over the Border Wall funding … you are in an “Establishment trap”. We told you that day itself … do not go for this shut down over the wall funding. It is a major trap and you did not listen. It is a mistake that you made knowing that it is a trap.

Teaming up with us does not mean that the Dems become your partners. The Democrats are the opposition party … right now, they are seeing their dream come true.

  • Half of your Presidency is over and you have made no major policy change at all
  • 3 major Sharks want to terminate your Presidency
  • Several impeachment traps have been planned for you this year
  • Within one year, the aim is to terminate your Presidency
  • All of the above was done without any major effort from the Dems
  • To add to all of that … you are stuck in an impeachment trap right now by shutting down the government over the wall funding.
  • The Dems have nothing to lose from this shut down and in fact, it is going to help in impeachment calls and proceedings against Trump

It is literally a dream come true for the Dems … without doing anything at all … they are getting the license to impeach the Republican President and come to power in 2020.

My dear lovely lovely lady … if you are relying on the Dems to save you from anything then you are so so so sooooo truly mistaken. This is not how basic politics function. Right now, you are in a big big mess with very very less time at hand. These are the friends that you will get to move forward and win successfully.

  • Active Democracy. Yes, we will be your friends who will help you design the right tactics and strategies to pull support by the masses. Not only your country, we will pull the entire world on your side.
  • 2 Major Sharks. The moment we directly get involved and start working with you … SM and Witch Networks will move their support in your favor.
  • International Support. I mentioned about “coalitions” with countries like Russia, Japan, Germany, Italy and Spain. But I did not mention the Dems because I know that they will be the last to join. Presidents and Kings of other countries will support you.
  • Massive Public Support. Our policies will create massive public support in your favor.
  • The Democrats. Once you reach this stage, then come the Democrats. First you need to lead in such a way that you become unbreakable and unstoppable. Dems will have no choice but to support you. And when you have 2 major Sharks on your side, the public by your side and the international leaders by your side … then Dems will have no choice.

This is the stage that you have to reach within one year … which is why we are saying time is very very less for you. You need to fast track everything. Don’t remain stuck on some cheesy $10-20 Billion for a wall. We will show you how to generate a lot of revenue for every field. Revenue generation is a must to change systems. Without the right funding, the work cannot be done properly. You need 3 key elements to combat all Establishment systems … finance, technology and politics. Here’s the info on finance for some major works:

  • Media Revolution. To create this revolution … we have to channelize tens of billions to make it happen.
  • Corporate Revolution. To make this happen successfully … we have to channelize hundreds of billions.
  • Infrastructure. Mark my words … the investment in infrastructure will cross more than a trillion dollars. Right now, you are stuck in getting a mere $10-20 Billion for the wall … we will help you generate more than a trillion dollars for infrastructure alone.

The first thing you need to do is get out of this government shut down trap and make your moves very very quickly. Time is a major concern for your Presidency. And try not to confuse all 3 entities.

  • The Sharks want you gone.
  • The Dems are loving the winning without making any major moves and dream to lead the world with great policies. It’s a crucial time in world history and they can’t wait to get their names in History.
  • Active Democracy is the only one who can pull everything together for you … other than God that is.

When we work with you … we will be with you and fight for you … even if it means managing the Dems. We are not party dependent … we are people focused and we are all about implementing the right policies. Take the lead and win.

Don’t be scared that you don’t have the support of the Dems. Don’t be scared that Dems have the majority in the House. As long as you are making the right moves, everyone will follow you.