22 Dec 2018
And Trump falls for the trap - The Government Shutdown Blunder
in America

The Democrats will take the House on Jan 3rd … it’s a last minute strategy to strong arm Dems in the Senate. This is open marketing for a construction project … literally tweeting "DESPERATELY NEEDED" in all caps. You are providing open and clear evidence to the Establishment for their lawsuits.

Questions that Prosecutors will ask are:

  • Okay Mr.President … so what was the "DESPERATE" need for the funding?
  • Why was the Border Wall the top priority … when you just tweeted that there are no more caravans entering or forming towards the United States?
  • Exactly who was "DESPERATE" for the funding?
  • Shutting down the government which led to chaos and havoc in people's lives … isn't this misuse of power for your own benefit?
  • Isn't this open marketing and coercion to get funding for your construction project?
  • Haven't you held the country hostage only to get funding for your project?

It is a blunder at so many levels

01. Hypocrisy

  • "Border Security" … is supposed to be about securing America and American lives
  • How is shutting down the government securing America or American lives?
  • How is canceling the paychecks of tens of thousands of hardworking Americans securing America?
  • How is canceling the services and security for millions of Americans across the country securing America?

What you have done is something like … shut down schools to promote education. If this project was truly and only about "security and safety" for the American people … then why would you shut down the government that secures Americans?

02. Cast a shadow over your troop withdrawal glory
You could proudly make speeches of the victories in Syria and Afghanistan ... of how you won over terrorism … something that was not done in the past 16 years … is accomplished under the Trump Presidency. Our soldiers will be coming back home for the holidays … people would love it. The Establishment is already covering up your troop withdrawal move with the "Mattis resignation" … the only thing they are covering is that Mattis resigned ... and how it would supposedly create chaos … which is total bullshit, by the way. Mattis was not the one maintaining the peace in America … Ivanka was. It was Ivanka's coordination that brought about peace in America.

If you would not have gone with the border wall based government shutdown … the only topic in the media would be the "safety and stability" achieved under the Trump Presidency. It would build your support base to a great extent.

03. New Reasons for lawsuits
Now, not only there is going to be frustration and dislike towards your Border Wall because tens of thousands of American government employees are not going to get their paychecks. But if anything goes wrong because of the shutdown … you could look at new lawsuits. Just hope that no American gets hurt, no American dies because of lack of services or security and there is no damage to American property … all of it will be blamed on the shutdown ... the shut down will be blamed on you and you will be directly targeted in these lawsuits.

04. Misuse of power and funds - putting American lives & property at risk
This is the bigger plan that the Establishment is creating with this shutdown. There are planned to be many lawsuits and investigations to show that "Trump benefited himself from the Presidency". They will try to prove that you misused your power and public funds for your own personal gain … to add to that … you also put American lives and property at risk. And this Government Shutdown will give the necessary events for them. So, just pray that nothing bad happens during the shutdown. Otherwise, it will turn into a nightmare for you.

05. You did this over Christmas
Among all things … it had to be over Christmas? You should do good, beautiful and lovely things during Christmas … and hold off any shitty stuff for later.
It only shows a cold heart and a lot of hypocrisy that you care for American security when you just held off the paychecks of tens of thousands of Americans during Christmas.

It’s a multi-level blunder. Keep this in mind … I know, you get all nasty, negative and aggressive when I show you Establishment gimmicks designed to terminate your Presidency. But that's exactly where we are … we are in the advanced stages of the termination of the Trump Presidency. This year is going to be extremely critical. You cannot afford to make such mistakes. The termination of your Presidency is already decided … now they are actively working on "jail time" for Trumps. They will design events that will help them in the same.

This is how they function.

  • First, they decide what has to be done … they decide on the end result that has to be achieved.
  • And then they start putting the required elements, events, media and politics into place to get it done.

You should know that they have already made enormous preparations to terminate your Presidency. This year they are planning to actively work on pulling elements, events, media and politics to design "jail time" for Trumps. We already knew that this would be their next step … which is one of the reasons why we pushed you for peace in the Koreas. These peace initiatives will help you dodge jail designed by the Establishment.

Why they are working on jail time?
Because it will put these options for you on the table:

  • 20 years in jail
  • No, no, no … not 20 years … make it 10
  • No, no, no … not 10 years … make it 5
  • No, no, no … not 5 years … I will just quit

They will put you in a more advanced stage of threat … the easiest option on the table will be something that they want you to take. All other options will only be worse for you and each of them will serve their interest. This is where you are headed. The moment they get you in this state … that's when it will be checkmate.

You do not have the time or scope for any blunders now. Be very very careful in all of your moves. Just use "Christmas" as an excuse to end the shutdown. Democrats have everything to gain from this Shutdown … it will only lead to lawsuits and the successful impeachment of Trump. They don't have any reason to give in. This is a major "Establishment trap" designed to target the Trump Presidency.

It is either you or them
This is what you have failed to understand about the Establishment … this is the choice that you have:

  • Either you root them out or
  • They root you out

I will give you examples … look at the entire War on Terror … it was the Ruler or Them. Saddam failed … Gaddafi failed … but Assad won. They ran the same gimmick on Assad … they wanted to root him out … everyone wanted him gone. But Assad worked on "coalitions" … he pulled in world support. He pulled the support of Iran and Russia … the moment Russia entered the scene, his position started to consolidate. We provided him further support from America by allowing Russia to do their job.

Now, look at Syria today … almost all Establishment forces of destruction are gone … Assad has most of his country in control. Assad rooted out the Establishment and he won. The Establishment had America, Europe, the most advanced military and trillions in revenue … all of that failed and Assad won. A simple ruler of a barren desert country won against the Establishment … he is kicking ass and standing tall and strong.

Iran has won against the Establishment
Netanyahu is trying to create a threat against Iran since the past 10 years. He is desperately trying to find an excuse for war with Iran. He failed … why? Because Iran is closely working with Russia and European countries against a war being designed on its country.

Russia has won against the Establishment
They wanted to isolate Russia and cripple its economy. Russia has created many allies, rebuilt its economy and becoming one of the fastest growing economies in the world. The demonization and isolation of Russia has failed. 

Syria, Iran and Russia have won because of "coalitions". They won because they took the necessary action … they pulled the right strings. They did not pester the Establishment … they did not flood the Establishment with favors. They stood tall and strong … took the right steps … created coalitions and did what is right for their countries.

A simple ruler of a barren desert country won against the Establishment … he is kicking ass and standing tall and strong. You are the President of the United States … you are the President of the most powerful country in the world with the best technology, military and intelligence … if Assad could win … don't you think you can also win?